Mt Cook


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Mt Cook

 Mt Cook is located in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand. I went to see Mt Cook last school break. Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in NZ. Lake Mathison is famous for having a reflection of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman. (Mt Tasman is the second largest mountain in NZ)The town closest to Mt Cook is called Mt Cook Village. There are few houses, but The Hermitige Hotel takes up most of the space. The main building in Mt Cook Village is The Hermitage Hotel's main building. 

The Main Hotel has been built 3 times! The first time it was designed by Frank Huddleston and was built in 1884. But it was damaged by floods.

2 months later it was destroyed by a flood.

The second Hermitage was build by the goverment. It was finished in 1914. But was destroyed by a fire in 1957.

The third Hermitige is still going, and is keeping tourists happy.

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