The Hopper Pot


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The Hopper Pot

Once there was a man who had a Hopper Pot. A magical creature that could annoy anyone. Accept one man. He had a hopper pot  for a pet.

It's name was Hop and it liked to play fatch. A game where you throw food in the air, and if your pet catches it midair they get it. (This only works for dogs and hopper pots) Crowds of people came to watch. But soon the hopper pot got bored of playing fatch. But still more crowd came. And the hopper pot demonstrated so well

that he was bored. But the man kept making him

play, it was boring for everyone who had come to every show, and

for the hopper pot.

So the hopper pot decided to not jump for the food. Instead the hopper pot stayed completely still.

The man was angry.

The hopper pot didn't have any food for a day. The next show the hopper pot didn't care about the food he could have.

This made the man even angrier. Every show the hopper pot wouldn't budge. Until the man decided to let the hopper pot free. 

The hopper pot rewarded the man for this, by giving the man a pot. But this pot was enchanted to act like a hopper pot. So the man was fooled by this. The man never knew that it was just a pot with no living properties.

                                                    THE END

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