The Tale of Meristem


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The Tale Of Meristem

 There once was a land, called Meristem. It was in the middle of England, but only those who could preform magic could see it. However, a foolish man allowed a non magical woman in. But she could not see what he could see. 'Where are we?' She asked. But the man didn't reply. 'What's so special about this place?' Asked the woman. 'You'll see' said the man. The woman obeyed but then she pulled off. 'No' she said. 'What? Don't you see this town' said the man. 'No, there is no "town"' said the woman. The man opened his mouth to speak but the woman was far away by the time he could speak. The man was determined to get someone non magical in. His next victim was a small orphaned boy. He too pulled away. What the man didn't know, was that a spell so powerful nothing could stop it, kept the people from coming. After the fith try, the man went to Gabriela. The most powerful witch of all time. 'Why won't non magical people come in?' He asked. 'There is a spell, that no one can penetrate, it will keep the non magical safe from being killed by wizards and Witches' said Gabriela. But the man hadn't given up. He tried everything to penetrate the spell. But nothing worked. Until A girl came over to him. 'Stop trying, it won't work' she said. 'I have had enough to of people saying that' said the man angrily, stilly trying to penetrate the spell. The girl looked taken a back. The next day a warrior approached the man. 'stop trying' said the Warrior. 'Never!' said the man. The warrior raised his wand 'Last chance to stop' he said. 'I will never stop trying!' Shouted the man. Then the man lay dead. The warrior walked away, the man had to learn that somethings you can't have, that's what imagination is for.

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