Oh, Life


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This book is the collection of Shengbin's diary.

Shengbin, with the family name Meng, is an IT man living in China. His life is nothing out of common. However, it's cool.

Shengbin began writing a diary from January 2014, when he came across the website: https://ohlife.com. This site provides a service which allows the user to write something about the day by simply replying an email. This is a lovely service, and Shengbin began to write about his life then.

Life is miserably short. So it deserves a record. Other than benefit for the person himself, let's hope others will also get something by reading this.

Shengbin feels more comfortable to delay the life exposure a few months. Meaning, the diary of several months ago goes public now, and the diary now will be public several months later.

So this book will update as time goes by. Stay tuned!

(ohlife.com is shutdown, so this books stops updating. Sorry, but that is life, right?)


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January, 2014


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.


The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


God said, Let there be light; and there was light.


God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.


God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.


And the evening and the morning were the first day.


The preceded few sentences are quoted from "Genesis" of the Bible. My diary will start tomorrow.


OK, I will try this OhLife thing. I will keep writing in English here. Today is the first day.


I am struggling with the problem of outputting audio on Android. The PCM given by FFmpeg is in float format, and needs conversion before writing to Android audio track.


An usual day.


The dinner we roommates had planned is cancelled because one of us got sick. What a pity! So I decide to eat dumplings for supper. Last night I bought a dress for my girl. She looks beautiful in it.


Good news! One of my papers has been accepted by IEEE ICC 2014 ( http://www.ieee-icc.org/2014/ ).


I went skiing today. It was fun. After that, we had fish for dinner. Then I spent the night with my girl. A perfect day, isn't it?


I asked Intel for some x86+Android devices, which are used to develope and test apps for them.They said they would send an ASUS tablet and a BayTrail FFRD tablet. Looking forward to those toys.


I received the tablets from Intel. The development of three apps is in process. Another two folks are working on them, too. Hope we can end all of this as soon as possible.


Before noon, a phone conference with Intel; after noon, cooperation with others on Android development. At about 3pm, I walked to the library and borrowed a book for a friend of mine. Had supper with a lab guy. A boring day, and no girl with me tonight(my girl will spend the evening at their company’s annual party).


I called home and told my family the good news that one of my papers had been accepted. They were happy about this.

One more thing, I am planing to watch the movie "Despicable Me"


Today is a movie day! I watched "Despicable Me"(1&2) on my computer, and then watched "Olympus Has Fallen" at the university's Hall. It would be a perfect day if the following tragedy did not happened.

At about 11:00 pm, my girlfriend logged into my Medium account and deleted it! She tried to log out, but she ended up deleting. Oh dear, all the data was lost! I got really mad about this. Hope the Medium team can help me restore my account.


Last week before my vacation, continued the development of the three apps.


My friend's girlfriend came to Beijing. We had dinner together.


Had launch outside. Also because of my friend's girlfriend. But not like yesterday, my girl was not there.


Nothing special today. Android development continued.


Finished alpha version of the three apps and sent them to Intel.


Go home by train! The train leaves BeijingXi Station at 10:33 pm.


I went to my girlfriend's home, and met her family.


Today I lived in my girlfriend's home, and slept in her room.


Gone Home! Also the name of the game I recently started to play.


I played pool with my friends, and was beat hardly. :( My little brother came home today.


Chinese New Year's Eve! Watched TV till midnight.


First day of Chinese New Year. What a foggy day!

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February, 2014


I drove a car to my grandma's home and had lunch there.


Went to visit my relatives today.


Waiting for the result of my paper submission, but nothing came out. At sunset, I was told that the paper was accepted.


Today I played pool with my brother and earned 240¥ from him.


First snow this year!


My brother went to work today. Vacation will end tomorrow.


My girl came to my home and we will go to Beijing together.


On the train to Beijing.


First day after arriving at Beijing. Cleaned my Mac and did some laundry.


Apply for the travel grant to ICASSP 2014 in Italy.


Had a phone meeting with Intel's people. Registered ICC 2014. When paying the registration fee (720$), there was no enough dollars in the account of my credit card. So I called the bank to increase my credit limit.


Begin preparing my passport.


Finished applying my passport, which will be mailed to me several days later. And finished preparing a gift for my girl, which will be given to her tomorrow, at the Valentine's Day.


It’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s also the Lantern Festival in China. Cuicui and me invited two of my friends to cook YuanXiao (sweet dumplings made of glutinous rice flour) in my dormitory. I made a gift and gave it to my girl today. It’s here: http://blog.shengbin.me/posts/cuicui-and-me-for-the-valentine-day .


I bought some dollars today to recharge my credit card account.


I got up at about 2:00pm, then went to Tsinghua to eat two hamburgers. In the afternoon, I posted some advertisement for the "Beijing SanGuoSha Club" on Meetup ( http://www.meetup.com/beijing-sanguosha ).


Today I paid 702€ for ICASSP 2014 registration. But I didn't find how to obtain the invoice of that payment. So I sent an email to ask them. Still waiting for the reply.


Bad day! I found that both me and my supervisor had registered for the same conference ICASSP 2014. So I have to cancel my registration and go to attend the conference in the name of him.


Submitted the camera ready version of my accepted papers. In the evening, I will date a girl, have dinner and watch a movie with her.


Normal Day. Nothing to say.


Today I met an English guy in Beijing SanGuoSha Club. We talked in WeChat (Weixin). Both English and Chinese were used and the conversation was a pleasure.


We went skiing at night. My girlfriend also came with us. She never skied before, so it took me sometime to teach her.

It was fun anyway.


We had the SanGuoSha meetup today. It was really fun! The English guy is very friendly, and we all had a good time playing and talking with him.


I accepted a job of teaching a boy computer science. His goal is to pass the AP(Advance Placement) exam. I will be paid 200RMB per hour. A good salary, isn’t it?


I received my passport this morning.


I taught my first AP class and earned 400 RMB.


In the evening, I watched the movie “The Hobbit 2” with my friend. The movie is about three hours long. Wearing the 3D glasses for such a long time is really a pain! The movie itself is fine.


Today we went to Intel’s office to have a meeting with some of its employees.

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March, 2014

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April, 2014

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August, 2014

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September, 2014

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