My Enemy Park Jimin


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Part1-The Terrible Encounter



                                                                     * Buzzzz Buzzz*



Yahhhh!! Lettt meeee sleeeep u dumb alarm!! *you reach out trying to turn it off without opening your eyes but you fail*. Ok FINE I'LL GET UP YOU WIN!! *punches alarm*



Mum: Honeyyy!! Who are you talking to darling? 



Y/N: Oh uhh no one mum 



Mum: Okay silly girl but come down stairs quickly or you'll be late for your first day!!



Y/N: coming!



​I put on a hoodie, jeans, trainers, glasses and put my hair in a messy bun. I don't care about makeup and dresses just to give that casual and kinda nerdy look but that's just me. Hmm I look quite good actually hmm I'm pleased. Your a very pretty girl (but you don't show it). You go downstairs to find pancakes with cream and strawberries *Yum*



Y/N: Oh wow these look nice thanks mum. 



Y/N: By the way mum where's Tae? *Your brother*



Mum: Oh he's gone on a trip he'll be back soon. ok so hurry along after you've finished okay.



Y/N: Yes mum. Love you bye *kisses mums cheek*



You hurry out of the door and on down the road until you reach a building



Y/N: No way! *looks at the name* hmm yes way Y/N this is your new school it's really big tho. *enters*



You feel lots of eyes on you literally staring into your soul, girls and boys whispering to each other  . But you ignore them walk to the office you collect your timetable, visit your locker then your walking to you class when outta no where.          






Y/N & ???: Oww! 



Y/N: Oh I'm so sorry!!



You say while picking up some books not looking and the person. 



???: You should be sorry and watch it next time! 



Your about to say something to that rude person. But when you look up to him and he looks at you. you both are stunned..



Y/N: P-park J-j-jimin?!?!



Jimin: Y-y/n??






Yep there it is, the moment you have feared - meeting that person again, even after 2 yrs you remember what happened as clear as day. You know it was cowardly of you to try to stay away from the deal and everything but what can you do now?



Y/N: *God plz tell me this did not just happen!* X(




Ok so some of u r obviously gonna be new to this style of writing also since I'm writing it mixed with some Korean so I'll make some things clear to u guy.


Oppa: what a girl calls an older boy for respect


Noona: what a boy calls an older girl for respect


Hyung: What a boy calls an older boy for respect 


Unnie: what a girl calls an older girl for respect 


Aish: it's just a Korean expression which means something like "Oh no" or if your fed up, annoyed or stressed. "Aish will you stop!?"


Yah: it's also an expression which means "hey you!" To grab someone's attention informally.


Eomma: mum


Appa: dad


So yeah there's your mini dictionary 

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Part 2-How it all started



                                                                                          *Flashback 2yrs ago*


Y/N: So I guess this looks good enough, I hope art teacher likes it waaaah! I want her to like me soo bad!arts my fave subject so I gotta try to get to her good side. Hmm I wonder if I have anything else to do... WHAT OMG I FORGOT I HAD FLIPPING MATHS HOMEWORK NOOOOOOO!! Plz I don't wanna do it it's 75 Questions as well!! Yah! But I'll have to! Fudge my life! X( X( X(



After another hour of homework I went to sleep then after waking up u did your routine and went to school.



*In school*

When I got into your class you went and sat down but it was a bit weird since everyone was staring at me. Before the teacher came in i thought i forgot something in my locker and i was about to get up when.


Y/N: *Yahhh I can't freaking get up why?* 


Then i used all my might and..


Y/N: What? My chair is stuck to me! My bottom and my back. WHO THE HELL DID THIS!!!


Everyone laughed at my stupidity


Y/N *Maybe I can guess it's probs that Jerk Jimin a.k.a "Prankster". He's done these types of things to a lot of people yet girls still go crazy for him! Also to make matters worse he's in my class!* 




Jimin: Oh looking for me? *acts innocent* 




Jimin: Woah woah someone needs to calm down *quiet giggling spreads across the room* Oh and why would I do such a thing huh? *pouts and makes a sad puppy face, all the girls go "Awwww"*


Y/N: Yuck what an ugly face don't make it! and you caused this so you BETTER FIX IT NOW GET ME UN-STUCK RIGHT NOW! 


Jimin: Do you really think I'm gonna actually help you huh? Well I'm not because I don't want to. Also don't try to tell on me cuz guess what? *whispers but loud enough for everyone to hear* You ain't got no proof that I did it Y/N! *smirks and walks back to his seat with a crowd of girls following* 




Everyone just laughed then the teacher came in and I continued class like nothing happened and once she left I used my scissors to cut myself free from that damn chair I ran to my locker and got my spare clothes and quickly changed in the bathrooms before someone could see me. I then walked feeling miserable to the canteen to see my brother Tae I love him a lot I couldn't ask for a better brother even tho we get into fights some times it's ok I guess.


Tae: hi Y/- Heyy what's with that sad face huh? What happened


Jungkook: Yeah what happened? *This is Tae's best friend*


I told them everything I even started to cry after recalling the embarrassment. Tae and Jungkook tried to comfort me until, my Tae being Tae came up with a sneaky plan. 



Y/N: I knew you were evil but Wow that's a lot of evil.


Tae: YAH! I'm just trying to help my dumb sister! *Jungkook giggles*


I playfully hit him on his arm then said 


Y/N: but it's the prefect revenge I guess and I gave him a evil grin. Okay so plan in action right after lunch I guess bye guys! Also Thanks!


Tae & Jungkook: K Bye!


My dear Park Jimin YOUR GOING DOWN! XD

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Part 3-The Revenge

                                                                                                     *still part of flashback*

Okay so now all I have to do is simple, remember the maths homework I nearly forgot? Well its important and everyone's sheets are on his desk ready to mark and Mr Kim is a super strict teacher so if we don't have it in you get 4 after school detentions in a row. So that's basically my beautiful plan ill go and hide Jimin's worksheet also ill leave a whoopee cushion on sir's chair for good measure...  XD


So at lunch I quietly crept into the room I found the keys to the homework cupboard underneath his coffee mug *ikr what a great place*, then I opened it slowly I went through all the names until I found his name I took the sheet *hmmm y/n this is wrong girl doing these questions was a lot of effort hmm ill do something else and maybe ill get the same outcome* so I grabbed a red pen from his desk went to the last page and wrote something in his handwriting *Hey sir like the whoopee cushion? yuck I can still smell it!*  I put the whoopee cushion on his seat, put everything back, leave the keys under his mug and perfect! I ran out of the room and into the canteen.


Y/N: Hey Tae and Kookie! *waves*


Tae and Jungkook: *waves back*


Tae: Wait! did you just call him "kookie" *says with a surprised but slightly amused face*


Y/N: Yeah so? Its a good nickname and I think it suits him as well *both look at Jungkook*


Jungkook: Hmmm....


Tae: Wow so its settled then JUNGKOOKS NEW NICKNAME IS KOOKI *shouts at the top of his lungs* 


Jungkook: TAE WHAT THE HECK MAN! *whispers while some girls are still giggling at the new discovery*


Tae: WHAT I thought they should know as well *smirks and Jungkook hits him* Yah! What was that for? Anyway y/n did you do it? *both turn to you*


Y/N: Well kinda.. *explains the slight change*


Tae: Ahh well its still fine I guess *bell rings*


Y/N: Okay bye guys *its drama time you smirk*


*In class*


Jimin: Hey look there's the ugly nerd girl! *you ignore and walk to your desk this time and checking the seat before sitting*


he walks over and stands at your desk




Y/N: Just look at yourself and you'll find the idiot your looking for. *the boys sniggered at my comeback, Jimin's face maddened but then calmed again*


Jimin: Wow look who we have here a new version of the dork y/n? *girls giggle I start to boil but show a calmed expression* Oh you really don't know who your messing with baby girl


y/n: Oh I agree.. *everybody gave that confused look* 


Jimin: *smirks* see I told you she's such a los-


Y/N: I said I agree and thanks for helping me realise I mistaken a chubby cow for a human. So I guess I really didn't know who I was talking to oops sorry did I just make you mad? *everyone's facial expressions changed and Jimin's was the best* XD


Whole Class: Ooooohhh BURRRNNN!!! *the girls had there mouths covered and the boys were falling back in there seats laughing and Jimin's whole face was red with anger and embarrassment.


Jimin: YAAAHHH HOW DARE YOU! I'm NOT DONE WITH YOU YET YOU NERD GIRL! JUST WATCH OUTTT! *walks back to his seat and I sit there smirking*


then Mr Kim walks in and sits in his seat when... *sound of whoopee cushion, Everyone bursts out laughing* 



Mr Kim: EVERYONE SHUTUP! *the class falls silent and Mr Kim's face is red with anger* WHO DID THIS?! *picks up the whoopee cushion from is chair and holds it up to the class* Someone better own up to this TERRIBLY DISRESPECTFUL ACT BY THE END OF CLASS! OR THE PUNISHMENT WILL BE DOULBLED! Now everybody continue your work from yesterday while I mark your homework



The class does as told and not even 15 mins into it Mr Kim breaks the silence






Jimin: M-me sir?



Mr Kim: Yes you BOY! HOW COULD YOU ATTEMPT SUCH AN ACT? *holds up Jimin's paper to th rest of the class everybody can clearly see the red writing* 



Everyone: *GASP*



Jimin: N-NO SIR I D-didnt please believe m-





Jimin: B-but i-


Mr Kim gave him a death glare, Jimin just sighed,  sat down, he gave me an icy glare i just smirked at him and then he put his head on his desk lifelessly


*WOW thanks Mr Kim that was better than i thought! Also Jimins face AAAAGHHH I CANT HOLD IT IN*


Y/N: BWAHAHAHAHA! *everyone stared at me like i was mental or something*


Mr Kim: EXCUSE ME Y/N! You can also join Jimin for after school detension today!


Y/N: Y-yes sir *my cheeks were burning why did i do that and what a backfire! but at least its just today and not all week * 


* After School*


I walked up to Tae and then i jumped on his back


Y/N: SUCCESS Oppa! * i yelled while smiling like an idiot*


Tae: YAH YOU SCARED ME! Anyway really? It worked?


Y/N: *i nodded happily* He got an after school detension for the whole week! But.. i laughed like an idiot and now i have to join him today *i said angrily*


Tae: What? Ahahaha! Backfire much! 


Y/N: YAH STOP IT "i said while puching him*


Tae: Hey WHAT WAS THAT FOR? Well you better get going i wanna see my sister alive.


Y/N: Hmm i guess your right okay bye!


Tae: Bye! *silly girl* he mumbled while walking away.


Y/N: HEYY I HEARD THAT! *he ran away* hmm i'll just let that slide this time!



UHH I FORGOT JIMIN'S GONNA BE THERE! How will i face him after this i'll surly be murdered alive! Aishh my life! XI

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Part 4-The Deal

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Part 5-The Return

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Part6-Delt With

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Part9-New Me

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Part10-We can do this

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Part 11-Game On

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Part 12-Changes

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Part13-He Did What?!

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Part 14- Secrets Out

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Part 15- The Ugly Truth

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Part 16- RUN!

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Part 17 - New student

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