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Sports Wear To Trend This Season

Sport is an integral part of people’s lives these days – some play to stay fit, some play to stay in the game, and some, simply enjoy a good game. There has been a major shift from watching a game or match to playing it which has given rise to trendy sportswear that is not only eye-catchy but also comfortable. Sports clubs are widely using this opportunity to their advantage by opting for personalised sports kits and setting up an online club shop for selling these kits directly to their fans. Helping them further, manufacturers like Zapkam are offering free online 3D Kit Designer to enable clubs and teams to personalise their sportwear, and a platform to set up an online club shops for selling those sportswear.


Gone are the days when a white pair of shorts or trousers and shirt were enough to brand a team. Fashion is upgrading and so is the sportswear. Sports fraternity has caught up with this trend and has realised the significance of a smart design. Sports clubs everywhere are experimenting with their team uniforms, trying different colours to make their teamwear eye-catchy and stand out in the crowd. As a result, sportsmen are seen supporting stylish teamwear be it on the field or off it.


Sportswear industry is growing leaps and bounds and has become a great business opportunity. From affordable designs to colorful textures, there is a vast variety of designs available. And with the customising options available, there is a definite need to learn about the latest trends that will dominate the market in 2018. 

1.       Go Bright

A sportswear in bright colour is going to win many votes this summer. With big brands like Roksanda and Versace using a carnival of colours, it is all about going bright or going home in 2018.


2.       Stress on Sustainability

Trend is pointing towards sustainability this summer with many brands using recycled fibers. Fabrics that doesn’t cost the earth will be more in demand. Having said that, sports clubs and sportswear brands can use these fabrics and gain support from their loyal fans and customers and sports fraternity at large. Also, light sports polyester and functional knitted fabric will likely gain more popularity for its defense against UV and environmental impact.


3.       Look for Functionality

Functionality is going to play a major role in 2018 with comfort winning the game at large. Fabrics with seasonable attributes have high chances of mass acceptance. Also, the trend of luxury sports is springing up, so we can hope to see fans of various teams and clubs pairing their favorite teamwear with a pair of FentyXPuma overalls.


4.       Reflective Fabric


As it appears, fabric has a major role to play this year. Having said that, white reflective fabric will rock this season.

From custom polo shirts in bright colours to personalised basketball jersey in modern fabric shapes, 2018 will be the year of exaggerated sportswear and manufacturers like Zapkam will help you personalise these to your exact requirements. 

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