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To me, personally, all the splendour and dignity of his office signified nothing: what concerned a boy in the orgy of his holidays, was the new sumptuousness of his surroundings. A place stamped infamously by history most pronounced by the appointment to this office of Sir Thomas Becket in 1162 by Henry II. Becket was the King's "go to" man, as well as his best friend. But the King was soon to find that the office changed the man, and the man refused not to acknowledge that he was a priest first and a citizen of the state second. And, it was this loyalty to God which cost him his life. I could not help think of this and wondered how it might change my father as well. Would his loyalty and duty to his family be defined as a second place citizen to his loyalty to God? Only time would tell, till now, my father was never a position to me but the man I loved and admired. For now, this had not changed as I wallowed in the affectations which the office brought to me and the family.