Sex (The art of Patience) Written by Shylock Muvhango AKA The Sharper


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Sex (The art of Patience) Written by Shylock Muvhango AKA The Sharper

Formerly me she knew you not, I inaugurated “YOU” to her.

She desired nothing from you; her focal point was on point. I saw her pure heart.Through the smile she transmitted to the rest. I approached her wilful, as change was,

A thing orchestrated if I have you. She knew “YOU” not and a ruse was never to initiate her, yet

She knew I was wrong for her, though I was an adventure, she was looking for.

Her playmate, playfellow, classmate, schoolmate, workmate, ally, comrade, associates

All meet “YOU” but pressure was something she never endured all her, 1-22

Of existence, anticipating for the right moment was what she was blessed with.

I on the other script was coming from a divergent conflicting, contradictory, and contrary

Background, wild was my middle name. Hide and seek was a game I used to play with the girls i

dated. I desired to originate “YOU” to her, but the torch of Numen was what grounded me to cease

For the perfect time, I wasted no time to instigate “YOU” to the rest, but the rest I felt nothing.

We developed the connecting and the connection multiplied to trust, my intention was

Something I never planned, love is what I developed for her and respect is what I still have

To this day. In this day and age 18 year olds already know you “YOU”,

Her-self control was something I only dreamt about, in my dreams.

Cause reality was and reality is 18 year olds are aware of “YOU”, so are 12 year olds, sad but true

Man she believed in me, her eyes couldn’t hide, faith she had in me, the eyes were proof enough.

The more she believed in me, the more I withheld and controlled myself.

I was so afraid to lose this jewel that “YOU” was no longer a thing I chased.

The more I consumed time, the more we went out together, the more I fell in love.

A day became a month; a month gave birth to months. I never waited that long

But long felt not for her, I knew having her in my life would change my life

So I sent “YOU” back and pushed love towards her. We started a trust class

I allowed her heart to enter mine, something I never did before her,

She trusted ME, something she never did, when it comes to guys.

The warrant she stayed so long was for that reason #Trust.

Her trust towards me started channelling her channel of intimacy.

Her fear of giving, sacrificing away her fruit, to the wrong channel

Started evaporating, slowly but surely, surely I wasn’t gon’ mess things up now,

She began boiling that was in the summer and witness was my eyes.

Seeing her hooters, was a dream I never thought will be fulfilled,

An African Goddess, her pulchritude was second to none; my eyes were always in shock

Together when we were. Truth 101, pleasing her was something

I did each day each night; #imagination was where I pleased her though,

As scaring her away and losing her cause of “YOU” Was a risk never ready to take? So I choose to

wait, wait on her,

Wait for her, wait, cause waiting is something that kept getting her closer and closer to me.

Yes I saw those hooters, yes I was stimulated, yes she saw me and yes I knew she

Trusted me when I didn’t react though I desired to inaugurate “YOU” to her

Timing was everything and timing is what she was divine with,

So I had to time her timing, to time my timing.

It’s as if, she was connected to something higher, she knew what? What she wanted in life

I knew befouling this prospect, was a chance I will never come across

In this life time, better they could be yes! beauty they could be yes, but one like her

They will never be, I know. Drink coffee with me and I’ll share with you my “Why”

Listen, she never knew “YOU” before me, all she knew was the stories she heard

Her friends shared neither searching nor watching, was a thing she played far away from.

She was old fashion though old was what attracted me to her more and more

I started reminiscing about our future, cause future is what I saw with her.

A day was once; when she gave I a visit. The Sun was hotter than

My mom’s two plate stove. The black jeans she wore, were taken off

By her trust she deposited in me. She realized, I’d never force nature

As she realizes “damn He a gentleman”, though I glanced at those legs

Man…… I could feel my boner getting Extreme and Vigorously. She had no idea

What I was Executing with my eye-ball, as the term “bedroom eyes”, she never witness to know

I approached her. My approach, which took I days to months perfecting to the core

NB: Word firstly, I touched her Spirit-Soul, before touching her. On that day I knew ready was her

Pupani for MR “SEX” and worthy she felt I am. I instigated the pleasure and worthy was our timing.

I’m grateful as she taught and gave me these; loyalty, patience, respect and timing

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