After Dark

Delve into the world of Sasha Edwards, a seasoned hunter in a world of undead. Note: everything I write on tablo is a first draft, written for entertainment, not perfection :)

Sticks in Paddocks

It has been ten years since Milla's best friend, Peter, went missing. Now, after reuniting with his older brother Thomas, the two search for answers to long-standing questions, and are deeply disturbed by the answers that they find.


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Dead Daisies

-NANOWRIMO2015- The government has put the dysfunctional city of Giardino on a complete lock down. With no one able to leave or enter the city limits, the citizens are left in confusion and can only focus on survival. One man was able to cross the line. He was known as the most feared man in Giardino by everyone. Everyone except her.

The Archshade

When political alliances begin to strain and break between feuding lands, a nameless slave girl is offered as a gift to a foreign prince whose deformities force him to cover every part of his body - even his face. Though fearful of her fate, she soon realizes Prince Daynar is unlike any man she has ever known. Yet, something darker...

The Swedish Truth

We can be extraordinary if we choose. Set in a futuristic world with humanity at stake. Gemma Rose's curiosity takes over and she decides to investigate the recent war in Sweden. Escaping several near death experiences, will Gemma discover the truth? Or will curiosity kill the girl.