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Chapter 1

 Hey I'm  Sideria one one beautiful white Christmas Eve I was at my god mothers house with my siblings we were about to open our gifts that we got from Santa Clause but my god mother noticed something strange about me so she took me home to my mother and my mother said that she was going to keep an eye on me and if I don't get any better she would take me to the hospital. So the next day I was making my bed up and I felt my hand getting weak so I went to go drink some water but the water bottle kept dropping out of my hand and my mother ask who was in the kitchen and I was trying to say my name but I couldn't do I walked in her room and she was like what's wrong with your and I tried to say something so she walked over to me and saw my mouth was twitched up so then next thing you know I was on my way to the hospital my dad took me and he ask was I hungry  and remind you I could barley talk but I was getting sleepy so I fell asleep but my dad kept telling me not to go to sleep because they didn't want anything else to happen then when I woke up I was at the hospital and I barley knew what happened after that but I was 7 at the time this all happened and I had to spend my Christmas in the hospital and that when I found out that I had stroke.

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