Two Girls Lost


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Chapter 1

  Once There was a girl called Sienna and Another  called Lucy they went to go   Find a Christmas tree  they seem to very good one Sienna said look at that one we Should get it and Lucy said ok   Let's go get the axe. what  Way did we go Lucy said oh no we are lost.Sienna said  don't be silly Lucy. Lucy said I am not being silly. Ohhhhhh lucy you are right we are lost.where do we go who do we call Lucy said my dad or  yours Lucy started crying sienna was  freaking out. So Sienna said to Lucy  stop crying and Lucy said I am scared Sienna.sienna seen a girl and her name was makybe Sienna said we were best friends in day care makybe said is your name Sienna and yours Lucy we all went to the same day care and the next day Sienna went to find makybe and Sienna seen her she was in jail Sienna called Lucy and said that makybe was in jail. Lucy said get out of there. Sienna said WHY?  Lucy said that is were the crazy people are Sienna was sooo scared Sienna called her dad because she was so scared.That Lucy went to the jail to see makybe and the next day makybe is out of jail and makybe Sienna and Lucy are all friends and makybe did not go back to jail yay

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