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How can Love be so cruel when all you wanted just to feel what Love suppose to be? Can people be together despite the destiny wanted someone better? What if the person your destine for is not the one you're expecting for?

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Chapter 1

In a small town, Samantha looks in distress of how noisy the environment is. She misses the atmosphere in her province - the quiet and peace, she wanted to hate parents however, she decided to just go with the flow. The house is not big nor small, however, it is much for a 3 people in just one house. The house contains a 1 big bathroom, a kitchenette, 3 bedrooms and 1 big living room that is connected to a dining area. She began unpacking her things and placing them in organizing. 

"Jane honey, do you want pizza or cake?" her mom shouted behind her door. "Your dad is going to buy us a food," Samantha rolled her eyes and went to go back to what she was doing before getting interrupted. When she heard a footstep faded, she knows her mom leave her alone. She likes it that way, she's not a bitch or a spoiled brat kid, she just not enjoying the adjustment she's getting at. 

When she finished organizing her things, she heaved a sigh of how tired she was. The surrounding is kinda bit nice, the wall is painted into a rose quartz and serenity, her cabinet connected to the wall while her king size bed is placed in the middle. Her eyes catch something that is placed on a bedside table, it was long bond paper as words are in print. It was actually her schedule to her new school. "Why do people love this?" as she stares and wanted to crumble the paper and directly shoot in the trash bin. "Jane honey, the food is here, just come downstairs," her mom interrupted again. She releases a heavy sigh and changed her casual clothes into most of her comfortable clothes: Pajama. 

"Honey, I am sorry if you have to be here with us, we can't just leave you there alone," her mom explained. Deep inside her, she knows that her daughter doesn't like this idea of new things. It's a maternal instinct. "We could try to have fun and create more memories," her father said. Samantha just nods as her response and a signal for them that she doesn't want to talk about this which somehow her parents gets it. The dinner was so silent that the coldness in them might freeze them. 

Samantha looked at the ceiling and wanted to pray that this is just a nightmare. She doesn't want this, she hates new things, she hates the new environment, she hates new people and most, she hates getting a flashback of her past. A tear slowly streaming from her eyes as she keeps on wiping, she can't help it. She's too scared of life. She's too scared of what Life might bring. The moment she wakes up is the moment she prays that she would wake up in her room in her province where quiet and peace would greet her every morning not a noisy and honking car outside. "This is too much," she whispers in the air as she closes her eyes and let it just her tears fall until it stops. It wasn't depression or anxiety, she just didn't know what is this called.

"Honey!" a loud knocked on her door quickly made her get up from her bed. She was listening to a podcast because she woke up earlier than she expected. "You should get up, your bus will be here at 8 and it's 7:15 am," her mom said. "The food is ready, just come downstairs to eat breakfast with us," she rolled her eyes and headed to the bathroom outside of her room with her undergarments and casual clothes. 

It was a quiet atmosphere and hint of coldness coming from the dining area. They are taking their breakfast and her eyes roamed around as she spotted that everything was in place. "Jane honey, just tell me and your dad if you want something, okay," as her mom give her a sincerity smile. Samantha just looks down and continue eating her food. She heard a sigh coming from them, and she wanted to apologize but the cat got her tongue. 

"Bye Jane," her parent's unison when the bus arrived. She just smiled at them as she enters to a yellow school bus. The bus wasn't that big either small, she's greeted with a teasing schoolmate and some looking at her in disgust because of what she's wearing. She looks like an old lady in a plain blouse that is tucked in her loose pants and a knitted cardigan that plainly looks boring and her hair in a ponytail. She seated in the back with few people surrounding her. And right now, she wanted this day to end. 

The academy was enormous and has this ancient type feeling through the inside was more a modern theme. She was greeted by lockers on a side by side and people are looking at her and she wanted the ground to eat her up. As she looks to her schedule, she has Chemistry for her first period which is located on the second floor.

She stares at the placard on the door and it says 'Chem 1', she gulps. Her hand was shaken and wanted to back out, "you must be the new transfer student," her body turn to stone, "sorry did I just scared you out?" and she slowly turns her head to her right to be greeted by a smiling young lady around her age. "I'm Ana Maria Gonze, your classmate, I guess," the young lady introduces half smiling. Samantha smiled awkwardly. "We have to enter or we will be late for class," Samantha nodded as she downcast.

A young woman entered the class wearing a pink dress that is below the knee, top with a black blazer and a 3 inches black stiletto. "Good morning class," the young woman greeted. "I bet we have a new student here," and Samantha knows that she wanted to hide. "Please come in front and introduce yourself," Samantha thinking twice whether to stand in front or just hide her face and let this day pass. However, students are looking at her. She gulps and proceeds in front with heavy steps. "Hi, I'm Samantha Jane Santos, I'm 18 years old" she introduces half smiling resulting a silent treatment coming from her schoolmate. "Nice meeting you Samantha, you can go back to your seat and by the way, I am Mina Kin, your professor for this subject," the young woman introduces herself as well. Samantha greeted her prof. and went back to her particular seat. 

The day passed as her body lay down on her bed. She misses the comfort, she misses this quiet and peace, though she wishes that she could come back to her province. She was so glad that she met Ana Maria who seems became clicked with each other because they have lots of common. She already changed clothes and now, she's ready to sleep not minding that she hasn't take dinner yet especially her parents wasn't still here. She just knows that her parents would come late and it's better to sleep the hungry and growling stomach. Samantha closes her eyes as she drifted to slumber.

A rainy night causing her to wake up in the middle of the night. The thunder causing her to violently wake up from her tiredness. She instantly gets up and turns on her light. The light shines the room as she quickly sits on her bed and leaning against the headboard. She covered her body with her black and tightly hugging her waist. She hates thunder and she hates rain. The rain reminds her bad memories and thunder remind her feelings. Tears streaming again coming from eyes and wanting to wet her blanket. She stares a the blank wall as memories flashing back causing her to pull her hair hard and wanting to stop the pain. 

"Why? Why life has to this difficult?" she exclaims continuously crying silently. Everyone says that when a person cries silently is more pity in the eyes of the people. The night covered with her silently cry till her eyes are tired and falls to sleep. The room is filled with sadness, loneliness, and screaming for help. If people enter her room, can they feel her broken heart? can they feel her screaming help? and most can people feel what she is feeling from the beginning of the mess? 

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