When Destiny Play


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I didn't even think that meeting you,

could take me this far than I imagine.


You give me glitters and rainbows,

as I didn't realize that it is just a beginning,

before the storm.



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Chapter 1

Seating in my particular place in the corner of our classroom near the window. And admiring the outside like its full of rainbows and glitters. I am always fond of clouds and sky, they make me forget that I exist in reality.  

School supposed to be a learning center where you get knowledge and diplomas, however, it is similar to a prison. They make you do your homework or project every weekend where you suppose to be spending your time with your family or with yourself. 

Who would love school? who would love those plain wallpapers, wood chairs, and tables? who would love those green boards with a chalk and old rounded clock on the wall reminding you that you are staying for almost 10 hours of your time seating and doing worksheets and copying lectures? 

I really envy those type people who love school and do their excellent job as students. They make their parents proud while I am just wasting their money. I always go to school though I don't give my best. That is why I don't question myself or the teachers why I am placed in the last section. 

Besides, I don't get the idea of those lectures especially in Mathematics, my most hated subject of all time. Though I have to be fair that you really used some of those lectures in Mathematics notably when you are going to be an architect or engineer.

Aside from that, it can make you feel unworthy sometimes, especially knowing your grades every end of the quarters. They make you feel useless when you get a grade of 7 on your card or below than that even though you tried your best and give your shot, still it's not worth it. Though people comfort themselves with the word Grades doesn't measure intelligence it is similar to an old saying that Grade doesn't matter, actually Grades do matter. Because without grades, you can't possibly get into your dream college or dream job. In conclusion to that, Grades do matter at most.


My eyes begin to furrow that my sense of peace has ended when someone just keeps on tapping my shoulder. I close my eyes for a second as I turn my head to see a smiling guy around my age. "Can I help you?" I question in a sense of terror in my voice. Just to make myself look angry and uncool. 

"Justine San Fabian" 

"What? I am not Justine San Fabian, sorry" I replied. Who the hell, Justine San Fabian? And who the hell this guy is? "If you don't mind, would you back away because you're scaring me." He's been smiling for a minute now and he's creeping me out.

Then he chuckles, and that is scary. "I am Justine San Fabian, introducing myself to you." ow, he's introducing himself to me. 

"Do I care." It is a rhetorical question. "And please, would you mind, space," I said. His body is touching my space. 

"I said I am Justine San Fabian" what the hell? why does he keep repeating his name? Do I have to know him or do I know him that I somehow forgot because I don't know he exists? Is he an artist or an athlete or what. "And darling, I know you care." wait, did he just give me an endearment? who the hell is this guy? and what 'darling'? is that what you supposed to name yours in relationship partner? and I am single and do not accept endearment from unknown species like him. 

"Funny" I sarcasm replied. "Do you somehow crack your head and a worm went inside to your small brain? and eat your system because of how your rudeness level is it." I might come out rude but this guy is totally not my league. 

Then he makes a painful expression. "Ouch" what the hell, is he trying to mock me.

"Look, I am serious right now" as I stare him blankly. "Who are you? and do I have to know you because we are getting attention from our fellow schoolmate," because I sense that everyone is looking on us. "and please don't smile, you're creeping me out." I stated. 

"You still don't get it, do you? Now I don't wonder why you are in the last section," my mouth agape from what he just said. This guy is rude, first - taking my peace out, second - introducing himself like he's a celebrity, third - he's mocking me and last - he's rude. "But don't worry, I still like you even you're low something," is he making fun of me. Because if he does, I am not cool with it. He sighs as he settled himself peaceful beside me but his eyes still in mine. "I am Justine San Fabian, you're soon to be husband - my dearest Naomi."  

My eyes widen in surprise because of what? HUSBAND? and secondly, HE KNOWS MY FREAKING NAME! WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?!

"WHAT THE ACTUAL F! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE! YOU WEIRDO!" I yelled not minding the looks of the students surrounding us.  This guy is getting on my nerve! 

Then he chuckles once more and his eyes lit in amaze as if this is a prank or a joke. "Honey, you don't want your future husband to look for a mistress, would you?" as he shows his puppy eyes and this is not really okay. I need to cool down. "Ow, honey, I know you love me and I know, I made a bad choice in the past, but honey, I still love you and do you remember, we're still engaged." WHAT THE ACTUAL F IS HE TALKING ABOUT?! ENGAGE! WHAT?! I AM A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, I AM STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL AND I DON'T REMEMBER THAT I AM ENGAGE TO THIS UNKNOWN SPECIES! "Cat got your tongue" CAN THIS GUY SHUT UP!

I need to cool down because anytime I might kill someone particularly this unknown species. After a couple of seconds of cooling down and glad that he shut his big mouth for a second. 
He wants to play a game, then we play a game. Then I flaunt my most loving smile and faded for a second. "Well, sorry honey, but I DON'T FREAKING CARE! BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! SO GET OUT OF MY FACE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "So, honey, you don't want me to count or you'll die" I whisper. 


I cool down when I heard the bell because I save from this unknown species. His faced move an inch closer "Ok fine honey, but you have to accept the fact that you and I are destined for each other" he teasingly whisper in my ears. 

WHY MY HEART IS BEATING FAST?! His lip touches the tip of my ear skin and the air coming from him gives me the chill in my spine. Then he moves his face inch away from my face as he flaunts his smile "I love it when your face turn to pink" as he faces quickly move an inch. 





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