The Lost Hybrid


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Author note

 Please contact me if you want to talk, my details are in the next chapter.

I  am 13yrs old, and I’m female, also my name is HARLEE.

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Chapter 1

 “Get up!” My father yelled at me, “I’m not done punishing you!” I knew that it would only get worse if I didn’t obey him, so through all my pain I got back up. 

It felt like days til he stopped, he left only saying “clean up mutt.” I got up and limped to the shower. The wounds all over my body burned at the sudden pressure of the water.

When I had finished washing up I got ready for school. I decided that since it was my 16th birthday today I would wear my favorite clothes.

I got dressed and was wearing a black and red plaided skirt, also I was wearing a black long sleeve top, I was also wearing black tights, I grabbed my red hooded cloak and was of to school, while wearing knee high boots.

I left the house, I felt at peace outside, with all the trees and animals. I went into the woods and shifted into one of my many wolf forms. This time I chose a petite red wolf.

Before I got to school I shifted back, clothes still intact. Today was the day I was supposed to meet my wolf, and I am supposed to meet my mate.

I walked into school ignoring all the whispers and gossip that I knew was all about me. I arrived at my locker and got my books and supplies.

Before I went to class, Britney and her gang of bitches arrived. “Look who thought she could dress up!” She laughed.

I attempted to walk past her but she stopped me and growled “where are you going?!” I looked her in the eyes and all I saw was disgust, I succeeded in getting past her and headed to class.

I had art first period today, though everyone was mean to me in this school, art was where I knew I was better than them.

Mrs pure walked in and started class, “okay class today you are going to all be individually creating a painting of you and your wolves.” Everyone started to murmur, then Mrs pure said “but Silver, I would like you to draw anything that involves wolves.” I nodded and class started.

I drew me in the form of a black wolf with red eyes, and I was leading a pack, there were 3 greywolves, 2 red wolves, 4 different wolves, 1 white wolf, and dogs and cats from all species surrounding me.

When I was done, I decided to draw me next to the black wolf. The. Mrs pure concluded class “okay everyone hand up their work, but Silver stay back.” I nodded and everyone left leaving their art behind.

I walked up to Mrs pure and she asked “can I see what you drew this time Silver?” I handed it over and she said “wow... this is fantastic, I would like you to take this with you, give me a sec,” I saw her get up and walk into the storage room, she came back and said “here take these books, and if anyone takes them from you, come back and I’ll give you more.” I nodded and left.

Then I heard my wolf for the first time say SILVER I SMELL MATE! I nodded and followed the scent, it led me to the alphas son, and I was prepared for the rejection when I saw him... making out with Britney.

That’s our mate! I agreed and walked up to him, he looked up and then looked at me, I saw the hatred and disgust and that made my heart break.

He laughed at my heartbroken expression. I heard the students all surround us, and then he said those words “I James samurai reject you Silver Nightmare as my mate!” I heard everyone around is laughing, even though I was heartbroken, for my wolfs sake i said “ and I Silver Nightmare accept your rejection!” 

I then left, I smirked at his shocked and heartbroken face. I went to my locker and grabbed everything and shoved it in my bag.

I then ran all the way home and packed all my stuff, I then grabbed the box my mother left behind for me.

I ran in the form of a normal sized grey wolf, I crossed the border, I felt the weight of the pack bond break, I also heard my ex-mate howl in dismay.

I ran and ran, until I stumbled upon the rare hidden unclaimed land, it was hidden by magic. I claimed the land as my own, that’s when the magic came down and the land became publicly taken.

I explored the territory, it was quite large, I remembered the layout, to the north was woods, to the south mountains, to the west more woods and to the west more mountains. And in the center flat grassland. 

I was in the center and using my magic I created a larg home for my self. It was a 3 story house with 2 kitchens, 4 loungerooms, 10 bathrooms, 40 bedrooms, two garages that can hold 10 cars each, and lastly I put two story average homes every where.

I put a master bedroom downstairs, it’s the only bedroom downstairs. I went in and I loved how my magic did everything I wanted because this room was beautiful.

I went outside and saw that there were too many houses, so I took away all of them but my pack house, and 3 twostory average ones.

I watched as all the animals that lived here gathered and sat in front of me.

I asked “so what do you need?” And then they all bowed to me, I used my power of communication to hear what they said.

A dire wolf stepped forward, it’s white fur rustling, it said to me “you are our princess, we will do what ever you want.” I hugged him and said to all the animals “if you have homes you want to return to, go. If you want to stay here with your family, then stay.”

Most of the animals left, I looked at the ones left their was, the dire wolf, 1 normal wolf pack, a small pride of lions, a clan of different breeds of cats, dogs and birds.

I used magic and created a large cave next to my home, and said that all animals could stay there, a crow from the bird group came up to me and asked “princess, we were wondering if you could create some trees for us to live in?” I nodded.

I created a grove of many fruit trees, I told the birds they could stay there, I then proceeded to create a small crop of many foods. 

When I was finished the alpha of the pack came to me and said “princess I am going to send my hunters to go hunting, I was wondering if you would accompany them?” I nodded.

Before I left I created a huge wall, that only those I care for can pass through, I then shifted into a black dire wolf with blue eyes.

I followed the hunting party, they were hunting close to the border, we found a group of deer, I told them to go for the ones without children and they nodded. We caught 3 deer. We thanked the goddess for food. 

Then we headed back, before we could leave where we were, I smelt werewolves. I told the rest of the pack to head back, and that I would catch up.

Once they were gone I growled and said “come out I know your there!” I saw two men come forward, I smelt alpha and beta.

The one I presumed to be alpha said “shift back!” I shifted back and I was still wearing the same clothes as before but the clothes were bigger because my appearance had changed when I became the alpha of this land.

I now was more curvy if I do say so myself, also my hair was filled but was now black with silver streaks and red tips. I had a fringe that covered my red right eye, so all they saw was my white left eye.

I released my sent telling them I was an alpha and that’s when it happened “MATE!” I turned towards the alpha and felt my happiness diminish.

I said “why are you here.” They looked at each other “we came to say hello to the new neighbors.” I then smelt the alpha wolf and felt at peace, I smiled and said “I don’t have any werewolf pack members, but I do have pack members, would you like to come to the pack house?” they nodded and I led the way.

We walked through the gates and I was instantly pounced on by the wolf pups “princess where were you?!” They said in human tongue, I laughed and said “saying hi to our guests say hi.” They stood up straight, and said “welcome to our princesses home.” I laughed at their seriousness.

I asked them “where is fang?” They said “oh he’s talking to all the group leaders about how the foods gonna work.” I nodded and headed for the meeting area in front of my home.

I arrived there with my guests in tow, fang came forward scaring those two, I growled at them and they stopped growling. “So fang what’s going on with the food?” Fang looked down and turned towards the 3 leaders arguing.

I walked forward and said “what’s wrong?” The wolf alpha said “princess the birds keep complaining about the stench of dead animals.” Then raven the crow said “the scent is affecting how the fruit taste princess.” Then claw the leader of the mixed clan said “ we have no problems, but whenever these two argue princess the children have trouble resting.” I nodded

“Okay, Alpha, when you catch food put it somewhere deep in the cave, raven, I’ll put some flowers with a powerful scent around the trees so that even if you smell the meat, it’ll be good, and claw, is like to have to children stay in the house with me, whenever it gets to loud.” They all nodded.

Before addressing the guests, I went to the grove and covered the ground with many different flowers that the animal with powerful scents would live and so would the birds. I then sighed with how everything was done.

I the looked at the two bewildered guests and said “follow me” I led them into the house and we talked.

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Chapter 2

 I sat down on the couch and we started talking. “So I am kai, and this is Ren.” Said the alpha. I nodded and said “I’m silver Nightmare.” I smiled I then said “so why would an alpha and beta need to come here themselves?” 

“Well, my father once told me alliances are what’s best for packs, so I was wondering if we could have an alliance?” I thought for a bit.

“Okay, but even though I’m your mate, I am not joining packs, but I will attend your packs school, if that is what you would like.” He nodded and I said “just come to the edge of my border and howl, I’ll come.” They nodded and I waved them goodbye.

I sat down and sighed. Then fang walked in “are you sure princess?” I sighed “he’s my second chance mate, I have no choice.”

That night I had dinner with the wolves, then I drew them. Then I went and visited the birds, I had summoned a Phoenix and I wanted it to get to know the others so I left and wished them luck.

I then went back into my house, I went into my room, I watched anime for a bit, I’d already seen all of Tokyo ghoul, fairy tail, and hunter x hunter, and so on, so I decided to rewatch my favorite anime Vampire Knight again.

I fell asleep pretty late, I woke up at 6:00am, I got dressed in black knee high combat boots, black leggings, black plaided skirt, then a black long sleeve top, I had my long hair the same as yesterday.

I had breakfast with the clan this time, I then said bye to everyone, fang wanted to come so I used my magic, and turned home into a normal sized wolf, he still had white fur.

I headed to the border, and there was my mate and Ren, they saw fang behind me, he was sized down so they didn’t care. That’s when I asked them “is it alright if I take fang to school with me, he’s like a protective older brother, so if I said no he would make for one very weird large stalker.” They nodded and we were off.

Their school wasn’t that different from mine, I ignored the flash backs. I followed kai as he led me to the office. He told me to tell the lady my name and all my other details so I did (my name is fake I’m this, but the other details are mine IRL)

Name: Silver Nightmare

Age: 16

Email address:

PhoneNumber: 0421 242 196

Preferred 4 subjects: English, art, music, sport

I finally finished filling it out, when it said family I left it blank. So I got my schedule, she was werewolf, and she could tell I was also a werwolf, but I hid my alpha presence.

I had English first, then art, then music, then I had werwolf training for two hours, then I had sport for the last two.

My first 3 classes didn’t have kai or Ren in them.

I went to class, I entered the class and everyone looked at me, I went up to the teacher and handed in the note from the lady.

Mrs Campbell said “class we have a new student, Silver Nightmare, please be nice to her.” I sat down in the seat at the back next to the window.

We learned about how in a story that most people preferred, beginning, middle, and End. Some preferred beginning, middle, and cliff hanger.

We also learned about the difference between certain genres.

When class was over, I had art, I went there with my art books, I entered class, the teacher greeted me her name was Miss Megami. I sat down at the back again in the same seat as before. I opened my book waiting for the rest of the class, I drew fang in his small form next to me.

When class started I showed the picture to fang and he barked happily getting everyone’s attention and then miss said “Silver can you show us why your disrupting the class?” I held up my picture and she shut up, I don’t like to brag but I was pretty good at art.

That whole class I didn’t pay attention and just drew. I then had music, they asked us to sing, and since I was new they asked me to, so I sang.

Nightcore-Smoke and Fire

Oh, oh, our love is running into a burning buildingOh, oh, our love is scattered ash with a burnt up feelingFeel the heat so we started runningYou know you saw it comingBut the memories are still in my mindBurning like smoke and fire

Rumors spread like wildfire, I held a strong groundBut I've been burning down'Cause it's like fire is all I hear aboutAnd we are fading outDon't wanna turn out the lightBut it's like

I'm no firefighterI just need to breathe tonightSo sound the alarmAnd there goes the night

Oh, oh, our love is running into a burning buildingOh, oh, our love is scattered ash with a burnt up feelingFeel the heat so we started runningYou know you saw it comingBut the memories are still in my mindBurning like smoke and fire

Secrets in a small town, they always get aroundBut the flame has been put outAnd I am hearing all the small talkThey whisper as I walkIn a house that's bordered upSo good luck

I'm no firefighterI just need to breathe tonightSo sound the alarmAnd there goes the night

Oh, oh, our love is running into a burning buildingOh, oh, our love is scattered ash with a burnt up feelingFeel the heat so we started runningYou know you saw it comingBut the memories are still in my mindBurning like smoke and fire

Smoke and fireSmoke and fireDon't you know thatIf there's smoke there's fireSmoke there's fireSmoke there's fireNow, nowOh, oh, and now it's overOh, oh, I'm getting colderOh, oh, and it's the feelingLike running into a burning buildingRumors spread like wildfire, I held a strong groundBut I've been burning down

Oh, oh, our love is running into a burning buildingOh, oh, our love is scattered ash with a burnt up feelingFeel the heat so we started runningYou know you saw it comingBut the memories are still in my mindBurning like smoke and fire

Smoke and fireSmoke and fireDon't you know thatIf there's smoke there's fireSmoke there's fireSmoke there's fireNow, nowOh, oh, and now it's overOh, oh, I'm getting colderI'm so tiredBurning like smoke and fire

When I was done, the bell went, I then left to lunch. I entered the the cafeteria everyone was staring, fang growled at everyone that flared at me. I hushed him and I went to the table kai was at.

Kai hugged me and I hugged back. I then sat down next to him, I went into  my bag and took out all the food the pack prepared for me.

When I saw what they gave me I smiled happily, they must of worked hard, because they made my favorite, salmon and stake, with chips. I at the meat first and ate the fries, I dug around in the bag, I found the raw meat in a container, fang was wagging his tail. I gave it to him, he ate it and left me a little, I ate it raw.

Everyone gasped, I ignored it and got up, fang followed me. Kai decided to follow me, I went to the library and sat down drawing, kai picked me up and sat me on his lap, I leaned into him. 

He said “that’s a nice picture, so when will I see your real wolf form?” I smiled and said “how about wolf training today.” He nodded, I finished drawing me crying in dads old cell, everyone was laughing at me, while in front of me, James and Britney were making out, and my dad was whipping me while I watched.

I finished and felt a wave of sadness pass over, and I started to cry, that’s when kai woke up from his nap, and I showed him the picture.

“What is it?” He asked

“My past.” I replied

He asked me about it, so I told him, everything, about how after my mother died, my father abused me, and raped me, also about the bullying, about the abuse, and about how my first mate rejected me.

“What!?” He seemed pissed that I was rejected.

I smiled and said “well as long as I have you I’m fine, even though I lost my wolf because of the rejection...” he hugged me and after 10 minutes the bell rang.

We headed to wolf training, I used magic to clean my face.

When we arrived the instructor Miss Rodgers, told us to shift into our wolves one at a time.

After everyone had shifted kai shifted, his wolf was white, and he was the size of the royal alpha.

Then Ren shifted, his wolf was slightly smaller than kai’s and his wolf was red.

Then it was my turn I was nervous, so kai walked me through it, since I’d never shifted into my true form.

I was a pitch black wolf with red eyes and I was 8m tall. I had black wings, and that’s when fang turned back to normal and he jumped around in joy.

I shifted to the smallest I could get this form, and it was taller than Kai’s by 10cm.

I put the wings away and I felt like they would hate me, I looked up and I saw a lot of fear and disgust, I whimpered, and then kai walked forward and all I saw in his eyes was love and amazement.

So we started training, slowly the other wolves didn’t really care for my large size, i trained and bet everyone without any cheating.

I shifted back still in clothes shocking everyone, because only an alpha and beta could do that.

I ignored it, kai shifted back and he must of wanted to tease me because he didn’t prevent his top from tearing and I had to look down so he didn’t see me blushing.

He laughed and I takled him, I pecked his lips and ran while he chased me, everyone was laughing at the sight before them.

That’s when it was all ruined by this schools head bitch. He name was Victoria, and unlike at my old school she didn’t have minions following her.

I watched as she rubbed her clevage against kai, he tried to push her away, but not wanting to hurt a pack member was failing. 

I got super pissed, everyone saw how mad I looked and followed fang when he stepped back... really far (LoL) 

I grabbed the bitch by the neck and rammed her face into the ground repeatedly, until her face looked better when it was caked with makeup.

Before I killed her, kai rapped his arms around my waist and his presence calmed me down, when she got back up and glared at me I growled with force making everyone around me bow down, I then shouted “DO NOT EVER TOUCH MY MAGE AGAIN OR I WILL KILL YOU!”

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