Good Night Papa


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1. Good Night Papa (Japan)

A retired taxi driver takes a chauffeuring job to pay debts and receives an unexpected gift from a mysterious passenger.


2. The Girl Who Made The Kung Fu Master Cry (China)

A Shaolin kung fu school master finds an unorthodox way to channel the creative energies of a recalcitrant student.


3. The Pilgrim (Japan)

A fugitive who seeks redemption in a Buddhist temple learns his fate rests in the hands of a novice monk.


4. The Hunting Party (Australia)

Three cattle station hands find themselves out of their depth when a bull hunt turns awry.


5. Pleasure Land (Japan)

A young man ventures into Osaka's red light district seeking answers to his deceased father’s life after dark.


6. Bones (Spice Islands, Indonesia)

Amidst a tropical storm, a coconut farmer takes refuge in a jungle cavern and discovers the fate of his Japanese wife’s father who went missing during the war.


7. The Finke River Mail (Australia)

A recovering alcoholic mail pilot crashes his plane in the desert with a bottle of gin on board.


8. Meet Me Under The Plumeria Tree (Bali, Indonesia)

A business traveller becomes an unwitting audience for a Vietnam War veteran when he is forced to spend three days on a resort island.


9. One Night In Tangier (Morocco)

Asked to mind his uncle’s Tangier curio shop, a young boy inadvertently sells a family heirloom to a tourist. He must find the buyer and get it back.


10. Tuna Steak (Indonesia)

When an enormous python terrorises a beach resort in Bali, only one man has the ability and business acumen to turn the problem into a tasty success.


11. Weed (Mexico)

A canny restaurant waitress uses her wit to both rid her resort town of seaweed and have her husband released from prison.


12. Baby Grand (Fiji)

A snobbish European widow must enlist the help of local cannery workers when an oversize family heirloom arrives by ship from New Zealand.


13.  Miniature Pineapples (Costa Rica)

A man tries to add value to a family heirloom he hopes to pawn by telling the story of his uncle’s life.


14. The Foonabiki Barbers (Japan)

Two rival gangs with plans to demolish an old neighborhood are brought to their knees by a barbershop full of ninja.


15. Cafe of Angels (Spain) 

Suspicions rise to dangerous levels among patrons of a village cafe-bar when a stranger appears in their midst.




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