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Demons, aliens and furries mixed together across time and space. It's fantasy, it's sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica! What more could you want? This is the seven deadly vices like you have never seen them before. Updates every week!

A Day of Faces

In Kay's world, weird is normal. Girls have tentacle dreads, there's a ruling class of flying angels and people can see heat signatures through walls. All of this made total sense to Kay until she met a guy who broke all the rules. This is the complete novel.


Orphaned Danny doesn't want to leave everything he knew and live with quiet Aunty Em. But he learns that, although he misses his Mum more than anything, there is still love in the world for him.

Valguard: Knight of Coins

A woman kidnapped by bandits. A mercenary sent alone to rescue her. Time is running out, the odds are against him and he must play a dangerous game to survive... High up in the fells, a mercenary called Valguard pits himself against a band of vicious thieves and seemingly impossible odds on a daring night-time raid on a remote,...

Hidden Shadows

17 year-old Pixie Winter has been moving since she was ten. Now after seven years of constantly moving, she's found the one place where she can belong. But monsters still lurk in the shadows, and they're out to get her. When she meets new friends, she has to think the impossible. She thinks that things can be different now, that she...


In the land of Kanitah, the rich reap all the benefits, while the poor suffer and are almost always homeless. Venice Hart is an orphan, and she takes care of her little sister. One evening, while her sister is sick, she wanders around looking for money for medicine, but finds herself before a house where the wealthy are having a...

Paper Cuts

MILES: bleak, unmotivated, very rational with his emotions, reluctant heir of his father's respected entertainment company, regular customer of the Sweetbrew. ELLIE: bright, cheerful, a literature undergrad, part-time employee of the Sweetbrew. A coffeeshop across the street. A heartfelt letter written by an employee. The start of a...


We call them Mysticals: Vampires, Magic Users, Merfolk, and Psychics. People know a lot about them. But, what they don't know is that they're made from regular humans, and someone desperately wants them all dead. Makenna isn't a stranger to strange things. She's done her best to keep her father's creation a secret, but when her father...

The Dawn Ender

When your only choices are to kill or be killed how will you survive a world gone mad? What will you choose when the life of your child rests with the fate of your decision? Can you make that choice at all? The Dark Dawn will make you choose.

The Vampires Orphan

Then with his eyes carefully fixed on mine, his face solemn he said, "I think it's safe to say fairy tales or anything in this life remotely similar to its likeness is a delusion. Most of what you see that may be seemingly so is merely a rusted lie, tastefully wrapped in brand new Benjamin bills." There was a dead silence after he...

I'm not a cyborg's pet: The smart girl's guide to surviving the robot apocalypse

Feisty 19 year old, Jenny Banks is thrown into a dystopian nightmare as a robot uprising run by dark Artificial Intelligences takes over the world. Captured and slave collared by robots, Jenny is sent to slave school and then sold to the notorious but mysterious Cyborg called Lord Rockwood. Can she survive being 'up cycled' as a...


"But remember, you can never, NEVER EVER fall in love with me." "So all we have to do is pretend?" he asked amused. "Yes." she nodded firmly. she said as she played around with her straw. His eyes moved to the glass. He watched the ice hit the sides of the glass making a chink sound with each hit. He then looked up into her brown eyes...


Sixteen-year-old Brynlee Williams has been trapped in the bowels of a correctional institution and tortured for nearly a year for information about a rebel army. After the rebels liberate the institution, Brynlee is taken back to the Facility where she joins ranks with the soldiers, trained by the best soldier the rebels have ever...

You're Mine

*Major Hiatus* Josie hasn't spoken to Isaiah in about ten years. She sees him everyday at school but they never talk. She put the memories of their childhood behind her. She didn't think he would ever care again. She didn't know he never stopped caring.

My Story

I smiled and walked toward her. I caught her eye and she smiled back for a second, until her smile turned into something almost alien on her beautiful face. It was a mixture between pain, fear and confusion. Her eyes widened, begging me to do something. I ran to her but could find no cause of the sudden change. A moment later she...

GATEBLADE: Lady Greenheart

Veridy and Ahrik are sent upon a mission by the high magister, Veridy's father. During the trek, they are told by a mysterious creature that the gods and goddesses had chosen them and they were needed in worlds beyond their own. They are whisked away in a race against time, and the evils at work aren't as patient in their own plans.

Him and I

A gothic boy meets a bubbly girl and they fall in love the first day! (a love story.) All characters and events are fictional and are of the authors imagination.

The Other Realm

Everyone thought that Delphine was dead after an accident killed her family, but after miraculously surviving, Delphine's life is turned around. Now she's visits a weird, other realm in her dreams where she visits her family and the mysterious "Elvin", who claims to have saved her. But now Elvin's shown up in the real world, and...

The vampire

If it gets a few likes i'll write the rest of the story. This is just the preview basically of the beginning story. So If you like it, make sure to mark 'like' on the story so I can write the rest.

Till Death Do Us Part

To have and to hold. For better or for worse. In sickness or in health. Until death do us part. A wedding day is supposed to be the best day of a brides life, right? Wrong because today is the day Athena is forced to marry the all powerful Vampire King. All she's ever wanted was to be able to marry someone she truly loved, not for the...

Dragon Tamer

A young boy was exposed to one of the most awful truths: money is the most important thing in the world. He resorted to every means of gaining money, including pick-pocketing and taking on monster hunts. One day, he saw a highly-priced request: defeat the legendary Onyx Dragon and claim the valuable treasures waiting for him. Simple...

To Tamsin

Love, hate, revenge and betrayal set in against an original dystopian steam-punk backdrop, Soulless Silus Flax goes head to head with his youthful nemesis in a page turning story of good and evil that can only end with one remaining ?

Brothers Of Brutality

After waking up from his coma, Lucas is furious. His girlfriend was stolen from him by his gang lord and there’s nothing he can do to get her out of her deal with the devil. Meanwhile, Cristal is forced to do her uncle’s bidding and she’s stuck in situations that no one should ever experience. She’s now just as stuck as Aiden and Lucas...

Charming Mr Stewart

When Elle packed her bags and left home with her 2-year old in tow, she was determined to live her life in isolation and cherish the memories of her late husband. But as once prominent wedding photographer, Elle finds the calling once more with its promise of keeping her busy enough that she won't ever need to worry about moving on....

Love Percentage

Love is the last thing I want to try again. I hate broken promises and I hate sugar coated lies. To cut it short, I hate how love works. It only falls back to where you once were, the moments you feel alone, broken, unloved and the moment you feel that no one cares about you. Call me a love hater or a man hater or whatever...

Rewriting Memory

In the city of Oblitus, Memory Recoding is the norm: the alteration of one's memory which can be done in any way as long as one has the money. But Lysandra Ferry is convinced that someone has altered her memory without the money - even without her permission - because she cannot remember anything past two years ago. When she enlists...

Chicago Sunset

Jacinta Ruthbridge saves lives for a living. A paramedic living in Chicago she fights for that fine line between life and death every day--to her there is only one or the other. That all changes when she responds to a call for help. She finds that line between life and death is no more. The dead live in her home town and Jacinta...

Heartbeats Are Deadly

Beginning of planed series of books. (Very Rough First Draft Written mostly in high school so please bear with me.) Vampire Twins are both rare and a harbinger for misfortune. When twin brothers, Cort and Xavier, are born, the Sapphiri House is in an uproar. Faced with the question of succession, the brothers grow up as both rivals...

The Hybrid

"Do you really want me, all of me? I'm not like other werewolves or vampires. I can't mark you, I can't fully shift into wolf form, I have a beast inside of me, Genevieve. Is that what you really want?"

Choose Me

Luke Hemmings had been my celebrity crush for the longest time. My sister and I joked that I'd marry him and she'd marry one of his best friends, Ashton Irwin. What I never expected was to have both of them fall in love with me and have to choose which boy I was more in love with. And with either one I picked, two of us would have a...

Cure me

Jack fights his feelings being gay. He thinks that he's not a normal person, but a sick one. And he needs cure. He hires a girl, Lily, to teach him how to love a woman... Can this be done? Will he fall for a girl or will he get more hurt?

The Children of the Forest

Faced with the ecological collapse of her world, a young warrior princess must embark on a perilous journey to save her kingdom from ruin. A contemplative, Science-Fantasy novel, exploring the tenuous balance of man and nature and its inevitable conflicts. The novel is currently seeking crowd-funding on...

The One

"I fell in love with you because of the million things you never knew you were doing." The girl who make my bad days better.. The girl that makes me say "My life has changed since I met her."

Chapter One

Alivia stood as still as a statue, her eyes fixated on the man who stood just a few feet in front of her. Nothing that he was saying made any form of logical sense. Dozen of different races - and not the races that she was familiar with - had peace with one another for centuries and she, a simple woman from New York City, sparked up a...


This is not a love story. if that is what you are after go somewhere else. So you remained I hope you enjoy this is a story of love and happiness, joy and pain just like a game.

Lying Shame

What if a lie was the most egregious act and murder was revered? In colony three it's everyday life. Trouble is, you can't punish an underage liar.


Callie Williams was buried beneath the words rest in peace, but this simple statement couldn't have been further from the truth.  When Callie awakes on a beach, that looks strangely similar to a scene from her childhood, she learns of her destiny as a guardian angel. But first she must relive her forgotten, past lives. As the memories...

One & Lonely

Anna's life was going great; then suddenly it wasn't. Her mother's MS diagnosis means Anna has to choose between her glamorous Sydney lifestyle and family. Anna chooses her mother, but this choice ends her engagement and brings her back to the tropical, home town she hoped to leave forever. For Anna this is rock bottom. Then everything...


Imagine if you could look like anyone- what would you do with that? Jade Johnson is sixteen, sick of school and generally hating life. Unable to shake the ‘ugly’ tag given to her the first day of high school, she watches as her beautiful cousin Taylor climbs the ranks of popular while she plummets to the depths of nobody. Thank god...

Behind the Eyes of the Assassin

Killer is a word, Murderer is a word and so are many other labels but it's not the spelling that tell the story it's what the word means that others use to define us, after all we are assassins. As a kid we watch movies like action or crime but what you least expect is to be the main character in one. Nobody knows the behind the...

The Kindness Of Demons

I have to believe that demons can feel pain. I have to believe that demons can feel regret. I have to believe that even demons can have a good side because if we don't, what does that make me? Leon was born a demon and was cast out from his home. With only knowledge as his companion, he learns that the prince is the hero of an old...

My Dear Sacrifice

Forty-two. This was the number of lifetime sentences the Migawari clan had left to serve before they would be released from their terrible curse. But can a youth who's given up on his hope for a future find a reason to want to live his regime of a life?

Calling Freedom

Life is tough when your family expects one thing and you keep falling short. It's only when Caleb gives up completely that he begins his journey of self-discovery. He finds himself stuck in an unbelievable situation, with no obvious way out, and falling desperately for someone he would never be allowed to be with, even if that person...

The Chimera Vector

Sophia is a deniable operative, recruited as a child and genetically enhanced. After a botched operation in Iran, Sophia becomes an instrument in a dangerous game of subversive warfare. When she goes rogue, the chase is on... High-speed chases, gun fights, helicopter battles, immortal psychopaths, super soldiers and mutant abilities...

Transient Bonds

Amidista Dashara has a secret: Julianna Hyuki, a hybrid, is her daughter. For her own safety, she relinquished her child to another woman in the Order of the Salx Hunters. But now, after making a foolish wager with a Salx Elder, Julianna's sanity and life are in danger. Time is not on their side. Mother and daughter must now come...

Adaleide in Ozghard

A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and winds up somewhere over the rainbow. Adaleide's arrival in "the Enduring Land" results in the death of a beloved leader, so she and her inner "Ada" will have to tread lightly to make it back home alive. This Watty-winning novel is a loose retelling of both Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and...


Olivia, a shattered girl whose faith in humanity had been lost to the wind long ago. Eric, a confident gentleman with a pinch of arrogance and cockiness. When an organization of villains that have been hiding in the showers taste broad day light, they are ready to rule the city. When Olivia...


Ugene Powers is anything but ordinary. In a world where everyone is born with a magic power, he has none. Now he must face the real world with no prospects for the future... and save the human race from itself.

Lies Beneath the Tides

<copyright 2015 CRH books AKA Casey Horan> Naida has make a life for herself founded on lies and deceit, but when her son's father dies she realizes that it isn't possible to keep up the facade. Can she incorporate her son in her promiscuous and secretive lifestyle, or will she find herself boiled alive?

Blind Scale Seekers

In a society where corruption is its leader, four individuals were brought together in unforeseen circumstances to conquer the inequity that have been lingering in their world; To save three Kings before a drastic catastrophe could happen; Torn between two separate domains; And must overthrow one false King of Kings that rules with a...


Wander hasn't seen a normal person in months. She hasn't seen a good person in years. She doesn't know much about the old world. What she does know is that there are four kinds of infected: Screamers, Sobbers, Fighters and Smilers. She knows that, somewhere, there's a town called Sanctuary, and her journey there will push her to her...

The Betrayal

Eighteen year old, Cory holidays with his family in the Blue Mountain Nations Parks prior to beginning University in Melbourne. While there he encounters three men who will shape his future. A generations old bloodline ascends upon the teenager and it doesn't take him long to realise with every full moon, he has a gift he must hide....

Earthbound Infinity

Do you remember as kid, wishing so desperately to go far far away, to go on adventure, to save the world? I remember as a kid wishing I could go catch Pokemon, or I would be partnered with a Digimon, or I would get chosen as a Power Ranger. I wanted to be Bilbo Baggins, where Gandalf showed up on my door and said we were going on an...

Of Blood & Sinew

Sunshine's life never involved the supernatural creatures like werewolves or vampires, or any of the creatures everyone thinks of as myths. Of course most people don't believe in ghosts either, but this normal college student has a secret. She is from a long line of psychics and she has the ability to communicate with the dead. For...


Adam is a seventeen year old boy nothing unusual about that. Except the world he lives in lost its men, first by accident, and then deliberately. He is the most valuable commodity on the planet, at least his sperm is. So when he escapes from the home he lives in the company that owns him wants him back...,badly, and they will use any...


Emilia Hart has somehow managed to transport herself back to 1816. She's suddenly thrown into a life she has, supposedly, already lived 17 years of. She needs to return to 2012, to her family, and to sanity


The first in a two book series, Everest follows the story of London Crawford, a 16 year old girl with frumpy clothes and crooked teeth, as she tries to save the world. The year is 2042 and the world is a mess. Ten years have passed since ARC – a mysterious organisation with unknown origins – completed their stranglehold on the world....

The Girl No One Remembers

Everybody thinks they've seen a ghost at least once, right? Well, how many of the living can say that they have been one? Kaitlind Lawrence is a girl who lives in the shadows, though it's not by choice. She was just a little too late. So she hid herself away, and was eventually forgotten. But when someone sees her, and pulls her into...

Dearest Love

Naomi is about to start the adventure of a lifetime, a whole year off from school to travel around Europe! She's never been the prettiest or most athletic, but she's always been the smartest; the smartest in her class, her grade, the smartest student to ever graduate from Jefferson High School in small town, North Carolina. Naomi is...

Soul Burn

Holly watched an angel kill her brother. Now, hunting them down one by one, she plans to destroy the one responsible, but her new friend Ande keeps getting in her way. By the time she learns what’s really happening, it’s spiraled out of control. She has to find the real enemy, and the truth, before the world tears itself apart.


Life as a pureblood is never easy but for Trixen it's a matter of life and death. When she finds herself caught between love and war, she has to make the ultimate sacrifice. The real question is what will she choose and what will the consequences be?


Sonya became a vampire under interesting circumstances. It saved her life. But at what cost? Her new life is one that is full of endless possibilities, but it's her old life that continues to pull at her. The family that was left behind has moved on without her. Now, the daughter she left behind is coming back into her life as a...

Oceanic Tendencies

NaNoWriMo 2014 Aline Kallan was sacrificed to the God of the Sea a few days after birth. Her 17th birthday is just a week away and she must find her parents or she will forever be doomed to walk between the two worlds she loves and hates. She craves to keep her immortality as a mermaid and hates to even consider an option of turning...

Augmented Reality

Dexatol Brin has lived in the Fringe her entire life just waiting for a chance to get her Augment, a microchip that could change her life and her family's. When her name is finally called, she has no idea of the danger she's in. A virus gets released into the grid, and it's hopping microchips and killing the Core-folk. Can Dex figure...


Sarina, a thief with an unknown past steals a book that appears ordinary enough, that is until others begin to kill to get their hands on it. While on the mysterious Ostivius island an Elemental receives a desperate plea for help from a people thought to be extinct. King Armand, a grieving widow who has seen the errors of his...


"The realization and truth of my life confused me. My step-mother was actually my father, the man I knew as my father was actually a stranger, and I was actually half demon and half witch with the magic of both and primed to be the ruler of the magical world." Download completed novel for free!


Elina Edgeworth is at the pinnacle of high Victorian society. Her life is already mapped out for her: betrothal with one of the wealthiest men in town, the finest galas, and the fanciest dresses. But she can't help but yearn for something more. And that "something more" comes in the form of Lea Downing. Young just like Elina, yet...


Since the day he was born, Fate has been able to see every part of a person's future just by looking at them, plaguing his mind with their love, their loss, and ultimately, their death. When he stumbles across a group of teenagers, he drags them into the world of Visionaries, humans with an extra layer of sight that others don't have....


Lana Hyland thought she was normal, despite living without parents. This was until she started seeing strange creatures. One day the answers she has been looking for come by the way of eighteen year old Cameron Whitehall. Lana is then thrown into the world of Heaven and Hell as a grim Reaper. a collector of souls

The Star Children

There were Giants on the earth in those days... and modern science has brought them back. For Dr. Richard Jager it's a lifelong dream come true. For Rowan O'Malley, it's his entire existence. Some people were put on this earth to serve as a lesson to others; Never play God.

Ghost Boy

Adrian a boy, or rather a shadow, too awkward to stop Connor believing that he has super powers. The two boys begin an adventure that will change their lives, and maybe, just maybe save the world as they know it, or don't know it. A floating pencil begins their friendship, where that leads is simply up to fate.

Space Mexicans

A sci-fi comedy set on present day Earth during the return of Ancient Mayan cosmonauts. Sucio Sanchez, a San Antonio River guide, and Juggles, a homeless clown are drawn into otherworldly affairs when an alien, Juan Solo, falls out of the sky and into their lives.

The Sands of Neverland

There comes a time in everyone's life where they must come to terms with the fact that time moves forward and time that has passed is time now gone. But what if there was a place where time stood still, frozen forever? That's impossible. Or so they say. Follow Sid Alton, as he is pulled into the dangers and adventures of Neverland. He...

Dance With Me

Sixteen year old Lacy Weber suffers from epilepsy and Anxiety. She doesn't like going out, and would rather stay home and read romances. She is encouraged to attend her churches youth group, and has to try to come to grips with the whole community of it. One day Lacy's crush Alex and a group of his friends (from youth) are involved...