Vampire Facelift Treatment – Safe and Effective Method


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Vampire Facelift Treatment – Safe and Effective Method

Have you ever felt like you really need to add youth and glamour to your face? Many people would want to look younger and have a rejuvenated skin but fear to undergo surgery because of the length of time and the long procedure that it takes. Thanks to vampire facelift treatment London provided by Skin Revive, you can avoid these longer procedures and have incredible results. In case of vampire facelift treatment the blood of a patient is withdrawn from his / her body and then this blood is processed by isolating the platelet that is rich in plasma and this processed blood is re-injected back to the face. Due to this vampire facelift treatment London, your skin will be rejuvenated itself. Platelet Rich Plasma contains 'growth factors' and they heal your skin perfectly. Your young and perfect appearance is guaranteed as this vampire facelift offer London is a proven method.


This treatment helps to improve your skin making you look younger and removing wrinkles. This blood is drawn from the arm with a syringe. When the processed blood is ready, the doctor injects into your facial skin through micro-needling as he/she runs the needle pen all over the face. The platelets are squirted into the mini holes that have been created by the injections. Due to the fact that platelets have a high level of hormone growth and the stimulation from the micro needling that enables skin regeneration, this whole procedure facilitates cell turnover. The body produces its own growth factors and the natural healing abilities to respond as expected. This treatment procedure is not painful because the doctor focuses on the targeted areas of your face. When you want to undergo vampire facelift, you don’t need to spend days at hospitals, due to its immediate positive results.


Vampire facelift offer London will make your wrinkles and spots disappear. Skin Revive makes sure you will soon enjoy an improved skin and you will make everybody admire your youthful look. This treatment can be applied on the parts of your body like the forehead in order to remove wrinkles, on the frown lines, plump of the cheeks, lines that are at the corner of the eyes (crow’s feet), bunny nose lines and even at the corners of the mouth to remove the lines there. Platelet Rich Plasma will never leave side effects. You will only notice some redness which will disappear very fast. The results will last up to 12 months. The duration of the treatment is 45 minutes, so you will solve this issue very fast than you could imagine.


Book this treatment online right away and you will get Platelet Rich Plasma 20% Discount by Skin Revive. The procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma will be tailored according to the needs of the client. Every person will get a customized solution as Skin Revive understands that every person has a unique skin type and each detail should be taken into account before applying the treatment.  So enjoy this natural and effective method and get Platelet Rich Plasma 20% Discount!

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