Crying World


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Crying World


All history is made of one’s who gloat

Learned are those who have wrote

We are watched silently

By the seven Governors who weep quietly

Life continues as the Workman works

Another Mind added to the works

No other knows another’s full pain

Mortal life knows nothing but pain

Heaven and Hell fight over the damned

The damned fight amongst the damned

Man creates what nourishes and corrupts the world

I pity Atlas who is scared and curled

Why must man remain

When all it creates is malice laced with pain

The world, she must be vexed

To be subjugated by all and annexed

Keep silence or see the error of ignorance

For they that are ignorant sin and cease deliverance

Those gifted with mind mark, and are immortal

Those cursed with ignorance are less than mortal

The Passions of the Body have killed the Soul of the World

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Welby Thomas Cox, Jr.

Skylar...I could not agree more with your final sentence. Nature gave us all a body and a mind...the flaming question is: Which one requires stroking and the other moves us along.


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