Elvara's Royalty


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 "C'mon honey, we have to go." Sophie stretched, she opened her eyes. The sun was watching her with powerful light, her mother was looking down at her with a smile on her face,"Mornin' Sophie."

"Morning." Sophie groaned. She sat up and yawned,"Is it time?"

"Yes, we gotta go hunt. Go change, I'll be waiting for you."

Sophie nodded and stood. She picked up her weapons and her made clothes. She headed into the crowded trees, knowing the way, Sophie was at the waterfall in no time. She and her mother had lived in the forest for 6 years, hunting, playing, training, and living. She knew the forest by heart, her mother taught her everything in life, how to battle, survive, hunt, and variety of other things. Sophie placed her clothes and weapons on a log. She took off the ones she wore, and set them aside. Happily, Sophie jumped into the water, as soon as the warm water touched her skin, it spread a playful smile on her face. She splashed and played in the water, Sophie swam under the waterfall, her perfect tan skin shone perfectly, wavy, smooth, shiny shoulder length golden-blonde hair-some dyed aqua- danced in the water, her gold-orange-amber eyes mixed all together sparkled, and her long eyelashes glistened. When she reached the surface, Sophie laughed, she can smell her own scent. Tasty watermelon hair smell, and her skin smelled like creamy vanilla. She grinned as she climbed out and slipped on her clothes, including a spaghetti strapped white dress with a V neck, the top was decorated with pearls and the bottom plain till the middle of her thigh, she wore 3 silver bracelets on her right wrist, dangling from it were symbols of love, peace, hope w/ faith. Her mother gave her that on her 12th birthday. She also wore 5 inches high heel heeled boot until her knee, but the one she always had on from when she was born was a golden headband, it was a gold leaf simulated pearl and exquisite chaplet faux pearl, her mother never told her where she got it or how she made it, but only that Sophie always wore it in her whole life. She grabbed her weapons and put them were they belong, 2 silver knives also throwing knives in both of her boots, a belt with a golden sheathed sword dangling from it, and a steel dagger on the other side of her belt. Sophie got used to her weapons/armor. She have been trained with them for many years, causing her to be a master at them. But one thing Sophie used the most were her bows and arrows, a white long bow with sharp slicing edges on the 2 ends, and a 100 pack of gold arrows, Yup, a lot of gold, but come on! Her mother is like the best weapon maker ever! Sophie returned back to her mother, who was dressed in more armor than Sophie, like a woman ready for battle.

"Okay, let's go." Her mother stood and motioned Sophie to follow her, she obeyed her. The most favorite thing Sophie likes to do was hunting, and now....Sophie is going to hunt like a boss. 

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 "So I guess you know the hunting rules Sophie?" 

"Yes, mother." Sophie answered. Her mother patted her on the shoulder,"Good girl, now go and show mother how a good huntress you are."

"As you wish." Sophie ran into the trees, her eyes scanning the space, looking for something to hunt. She caught a deer nearby eating grass, Sophie ducked behind some bushes, moving without making a noise. The deer hadn't noticed her yet, so Sophie knocked an arrow. She saw her mother watching from the top of the tree, Sophie beckoned she climbed. But she remained her focus on the deer, it munched on the grass hungrily. Sophie took a deep breath and aimed easily, when her aim was perfect, she let the arrow go. It flew with a whoosh and hit the deer right in where its heart should be, Sophie didn't have to aim, but she just took her time when she felt like it. The deer dropped to the ground, its eyes wide and scared. Sophie crawled over to it and pulled out her arrow, when the deer saw her, its eyes turned into love and care. Sophie put a hand on its wound,"I hope my lord would accept you as my sacrifice, I hope you the best of it all. May I take you?"

The deer's eyes turned into a calm yes, Sophie whispered,"Thank you, may lord take you."

The deer closed its eyes and its breathing stopped. Sophie looked up at her mother, who was standing behind her with a proud smile on her face.

"You've shown me a true heart of love Sophie, I am very proud of you my girl."

Sophie stood and hugged her mother, who almost squished with her armor. They laughed and Sophie's mother looked at the deer,"May lord take this deer as a sacrifice, now I guess my strong girl has hunted us dinner."

Sophie smiled,"I'll always be your girl mother, your 15 and a half year-old girl."

With that, they headed home, with Sophie's deer. Though, Sophie wanted to hunt again at night. However, her mother wouldn't let her at night.

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 After the rest of Sophie's lessons, they had ate dinner, and got ready to sleep.

"I'll stand guard for the night, sweet dreams Sophie."

"Good night, mother."

"Good night, dear." 

Sophie lay down on the blanket and closed her eyes, the fire threw warmth over Sophie. She heard its flames twinkling and her mother's humming.  But Sophie couldn't sleep. Something is bothering her, and she doesn't know what. That something just wouldn't leave Sophie's curiosity list. What was it? Why was it bothering her? And also, why doesn't she have a father? Her thoughts faded away instantly when her mother's humming stopped. 

"Sophie? Get up!" Her mother whispered.

"What is it?" Sophie sat up, wide awake.

"Something is hiding in the bushes. Listen."

At first, Sophie only heard the fire's flames, but then she heard soft growling. 

"Mother, an animal doesn't growl that soft."

Her mother's face filled with anger,"Sophie, get behind me right now."

"What? Wh-" 

"Just get behind me, now." Her mother said fiercely. She did what her mother said. Sophie was lucky to still have her weapons on, she held her bow in her hand, with an arrow ready. Sophie's back was pressed against her mother's.

The growling stopped and Sophie grew alarmed.


"I know, they are about to attack. Sophie, be ready, and fight with your strength. Whatever happens to me, just keep going."


"Promise me."

Sophie nodded,"I promise."

She saw something crouching behind a close tree, so did her mother.

"Sophie?" Her mother warned.

"Yes, I know." The figure that was crouching jumped on Sophie. Its red eyes terrifying, long fangs were visible from its teeth, and nails almost claws were clenched. 

Sophie heard her mother say,"Werewolf." Right when she sliced the werewolf with the end of her bow. This time, 7 more attacked her, and 8 for Sophie's mother. Sophie fired 5 arrows at once and killed the other 2. She noticed her mother stabbing, and finishing off her own. And so it started, each time a group of werewolves dropped to the ground, more would come. Sophie decided to save her arrows, so she used her dagger instead. Sinking it into the back of each werewolf, though she had to move a lot. Like ducking under their blows, blocking each of their strikes, and side-stepping them. Soon, a flood of werewolf corpses layed dead everywhere around Sophie and her mother. Footsteps approached from their left, and a tall man with black hair and cold blue/red eyes was standing in the light. He was followed by 4 more men, each had a different appearance but had half red eyes. He looked at Sophie's mother,"I see you have approved more over the time Kira."

No one had called her mother by her real name before. Who was this man? And what are the red eyes for? Why wasn't he attacking?

Her mother's eyes blazed with anger,"What do you want, Leo?"

How does Sophie's mother know that guy?

Leo chuckled,"You'll see.." His gaze shifted from her to Sophie,"This one has grown stronger than her mother and prettier."

Sophie's mother stood infront of Sophie protectively, for the first time, Sophie noticed that her mother only wore a belt that carried her silver sword, looks like she took off her armor earlier in the night. 

"Don't you dare do anything to my daughter."

"I wasn't going to do anything." His smirk showed that he lied.

"Clearly." Her mother snickered,"Just leave us alone Leo, if not, just leave my daughter in peace."

"Hey, didn't you ask me what I wanted?"

Her mother's face paled,"No.."

"Mother? Are you okay?" Sophie asked.

"You are not taking another one that I love, especially her."


"Didn't you take enough?! You have tooken my whole family away from me. Then next was my husband, you made me think he left me and his daughter. But it turned out that you killed them all. I will not ever let you take Sophie. I will not suffer my daughter."

Sophie's lip quivered. This man has tooken her mother's family and her father? Why didn't her mother tell her? Sophie's mother realized what she had just said. She turned to Sophie, who's eyes were staring at her with betrayal. 

"Look Sophie-"

"You lied to me." 

"Please Sophie-"

"You told me that your family died in a car accident, that my father had gotten killed, that I could believe you. And I did. I trusted you that you told me the truth. I stood by you all this time mother. And now you lie to me? After all that happened? After everything we have faced together?" Sophie said shakily.

"Please, listen to me."

"Why? Why should I listen to you? Won't you tell me more lies? Aren't they enough?"

Leo and the others clearly sensed a fight.

"Just listen, I have lied for your own good. If I had told you what had happened ,you would've ran out looking for Leo, without any protection or training. I was going to tell you, but the werewolves attacked us, how would I-"

Memories flashed back to Sophie,"I saw it. I saw everything." She remembered when she was only a toddler when she heard her mother and father fighting, she had stood outside their tent, in the rain.

"You and my father were fighting, I overheard you say everything. How your family got killed and how could you tell me that. You said you wanted to leave the forest and go back to Texas, it was safer there. But father had refused and hadn't believed you. He said everything you told him was fake, he told you to just tell me it and get it over with. That we have to continue camping for 8 more days. That's when I saw him-" Sophie pointed at Leo, who was listening thoughtfully,"I saw him lurking in the shadows. I had felt something grab me by the shoulders and I screamed. At that moment, you and father came out and saw Leo kidnapping me. Father threw 2 rocks at him, which hit Leo in the head, one missed but the other one made that scar." She pointed again at the scar on his cheek."He threw me over to mother and took my father instead, somehow when Leo and father were fighting. Leo had missed throwing a stick at him, it hit me in the head, making me lose my memories of that day and I was knocked out. The last thing I saw was Leo taking off into the forest, with father."

Everyone had listened to her, even Leo. Sophie's mother put a hand on her shoulder,"If I would have told you, You could've went off by yourself. Please forgive me Sophie, I didn't want you to be in danger."

Sophie nodded. Leo frowned,"I don't know why she just remembered that, but it's true. Now for what I want....seize the girl."

Sophie drew out her dagger and her mother was with her sword, ready.

"And take the woman as a prisoner."

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Author's Note

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