Elvara's Royalty 2


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1(A year Later)

 Sophie lay down on her bed with a deep sigh. She's almost 16 now, only a month away. Sophie thought about what do when her birthday comes. Would she throw a party? Would she get a cake? She didn't know. But what about the clothes? Can she wear a dress or one of her made clothes? A knock on her door pulled her out of her thoughts. Sophie stood and walked over to the door, when she opened it, Sophie grinned brightly and hugged him. Justin laughed and hugged her back. He had become her boyfriend 8 months ago. Sophie always smiled around him, he was like a piece of her that she couldn't bear to lose. She pulled him inside and closed the door. He gave her bouquet of yellow flowers. Sophie smelled them, a wonderful smell hit her instantly. She jumped on Justin, causing him to land on his back on the bed, Sophie on top of him. She kissed him passionately, though he always had a way to make her want him more. But Sophie held herself back, she knew it wasn't the perfect moment yet. Justin also seemed to relize the 'want' filling him, because he broke the kiss slowly. Sophie hugged him instead,"Thanks. I love them."

"Glad you do, I also came here because I have some news."

They sat up. Sophie sat on his lap and looked at him,"What is it?"

"Leo said that he sent one of his best warriors to spy on the werewolves. When the warrior came back, he reported that the werewolves were planning an attack on one of Texas' high schools."

"What did they want?" 

"To take over Texas, frequently, the other schools were attacked by demons. Texas doesn't know it was demons that attacked, only that the school was knocked down. The highschool the werewolves are planning to attack is the last one standing. The kids that went to the fallen schools decided to wait until they were rebuilt. But the ones that went to the standing school, they still have to go."

"How are we going to stop the werewolves?"

"Leo wants to talk to you about that. I'll take you to him."

Sophie kissed him gently on the lips again,"Okay."

She got off his lap and they walked out the door. Justin and Sophie walked hand in hand, some of the vampire servants blushed when Justin walked by, they stared at Sophie as if to say I'm coming for you to steal your boyfriend. Sophie couldn't blame them, she had the most hottest boyfriend ever. And she would not let any other woman steal him from her. They finally came to a stop infront of 2 guards. The guards stepped aside to let Justin and Sophie enter a giant room with lights and expensive chairs. The walls were gold and rich, with amazing carvings. Leo sat in one if the chairs, Sophie's mother sitting next to him, holding his hand. She and Leo had been back in love now, after a few fights and crying. Leo smiled when they walked in, Sophie's mother did the same.

"Greetings Sophie. It's nice to see you again."

He kissed her hand gently. Sophie sat down next to Justin,"Greetings, hello mother." Sophie grinned at her mother, who smiled back.

"Justin told me everything, he said you wanted to talk to me about how to stop the werewolves?"

"Yes, indeed I wanted to. Since the werewolves are planning to attack soon, I have came up with a plan to protect that school."

"What's the plan?"

"I'm going to send three of my most powerful people I trust the most to go and protect that school. Now, Sophie..you're one of the people."


"Of course! Me and Kira here have been talking about it. Since you're the daughter of Elvara, the most powerful queen of this land...we count on you and the other two to stop the attack. If the school goes down, Texas will be in great great danger."

Sophie stared at the ground. It's been a month since she had found out she was Elvara's daughter, and that her mother-Kira- had found her on a doorstep. So now, Sophie agreed with her mother she'll call her Kira.

"Okay. Who are the other two?"

"You'll pick them. But you have to pick the ones who can't burn in the sun, like you. You are human, so you can't burn in the sun."

Sophie thought about it for a moment. She can't pick Kira, she doesn't want her to be in a great danger. But Sophie did get to know Freya and Justin a bit better..

"I know who are the other two."

"Who are they?"

"Justin, since he's half human and half vampire. And Freya, she is also a half vampire and half human."

Leo grinned,"Perfect choices. I'll call Freya here."

It only took 2 seconds and Freya came into the room. Sophie jumped up and hugged her best friend, who laughed and hugged her back. Leo chuckled. Kira smiled. Justin grinned. Sophie was lucky to have an extra seat next to her, Freya sat down in it. Freya was actually beautiful like Sophie. Her black hair was mixed with blue, and she had purple/red eyes. Her pale skin made her look better though. She and Sophie were known to be the most beautiful girls in history. Leo looked at her,"I guess you know why I called you here?"

"Yes, master."

"Call me Leo, since you are now one of the protectors of the school."

Sophie spoke up,"But how exactly do we protect it?"

"Good question." Justin said.

"You'll find out."


"You'll find out, me and Kira will send you information and warnings about where the werewolves are." 

"Just great." Freya muttered. Sophie hid a smile, Jason tried not to laugh.

"Tomorrow you will head over to the school. Take whatever you want from here before you go. You may go and pack now, and sleep well."

When they all left and said their goodbyes, Sophie layed down on her bed and slept. She can't wait to go to the city she had been raised in again.

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 Sophie finally finished packing her bag. She quickly picked out her clothes she'll wear. But first made sure all her weapons were in the bag then pulled out the clothes she's gonna wear now. A white top that fit her perfectly and a pink thigh length skirt with a brown belt around her waist. She still had the headband that she wore her whole life. Sophie got nervous, she will get suspicious if she wears that headband, she knows that the schools teach them about myths and stuff, which might include Elvara. Sophie got an idea. She pulled out a white headband with a pink flower and covered it over her gold headband, which wasn't visible under it anymore. Sophie breathed a sigh of relief and zipped up her backpack. She headed outside, carrying a shoulder yellow backpack. She spotted Justin and Freya up ahead, Sophie caught up to them.

"We were wondering were you-woah! Nice clothes!" Freya complimented.

"Thanks! Do we leave now?"

"Yup, Leo will meet us outside."

"In the shade so he wouldn't burn."


"Hey guys..you nervous about this?" Justin asked.

"I am. I have been to the human world before, but definitely not a school." Freya replied.

"I am not that much. I was raised there and went to school there. So, I am 3% nervous." Sophie said.

"Well, like Freya, I went to the human school before, but we have to act casual. The clothes are better though." Justin was wearing a white shirt, black jeans and a hoodie, with white nike shoes. He looked like a hot teenage boy, because he is a teenager anyways, Justin is older than Sophie by a year, he's 17.

Freya nodded,"Yea, the clothes are awsome, but yours Sophie is way much better than ours."

She was wearing blue jeans and a brown tank top. She was carrying a black backpack and Justin had a gray one. They were finally out of the palace, and Leo waited outside with Kira in the shade.

"We hope the best wishes for you all and for you to come back safely. Sophie, do you want to be the leader?"

"Nah, Justin will be leader."

"Sorry, what?" Justin said in belief.

"You're the oldest, your in charge."

Justin looked like he was gonna complain but Leo spoke first.

"Alright, Justin, make good choices, may all of you come back in one piece."

Kira stepped forward,"Just remember, we all count on you. And Sophie.."

Sophie's lips quivered. Kira hugged her.

"Use what you learned from me. I know you are going to make me proud, just please be safe."

"Thank you mother. I promise I will."

Sophie didn't bother to call her Kira in a moment like this.

"May you all go now. We will all pray for you, safe paths protectors and daughter of Elvara."

Justin, Freya, and Sophie headed together to Texas, hand in hand, and always there for each other.


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 Texas was exactly like what Sophie remembered. Lots of humans, like her, tall buildings, stores, and restaurants. And a lot of other things. Sophie saw a tall building that said Mira Western High. It had a tiger with long claws and sharp teeth jumping at them. It was definitely the last school standing, Sophie nudged Freya and Justin, they looked at her, she pointed at the building. They followed where she was pointing and a smirk spread across their faces.

"This is the school?" 

"Yeah, Leo told me its name. Mira Western High. C'mon, we gotta go." Justin took the lead. Girls watched him in awe as he passed by. Sophie rolled her eyes. But she looked around, smiling at her past. She remembered when Kira and her dad had taken her out to shop at the mall, eat some pizza, and drink smoothies. All memories made her bright up, the memory of Kira taking her out to the beach, the memory of her going ice skating with her family. Sophie actually felt like this was also another piece of her. Soon, when this was all over, she will go out here and have fun, with Justin, Freya, and Kira. Maybe Leo, but he'll burn, Sophie will think about him later. They came to the front of the school and went in. A tall man with slicked black hair and green eyes was talking to a boy with brown hair and the same green eyes. They stopped when they saw Sophie, Justin, and Freya. The man turned to the boy,"Cole, just excuse me for a moment, wait there." He pointed at a chair by the office door. The man rushed over to the friends.

"Welcome to Mira Western High, the home of the tigers! I'm Daniel Reese, call me Mr.Reese, I'm the principle of this school. What are your names?"

"I am Sophie, this is my best friend, Freya and my boyfriend Justin. We came here to sign up to enter this school."

"Well, you certainly are stunning girls! Okay come inside my office and we'll talk."

He lead them inside the office, the boy on the chair was texting someone on his phone, Sophie ignored him and followed Mr.Reese. They sat on three chairs by his desk.

"So, how old are you all?"

"Freya is 16, she's 2 days older than me, I'm 16 , and Justin is 17."

"Perfect! So I will give you a page full of questions, fill them out until I finish talking with him over there."

He handed out 3 papers, and 3 pencils then walked over to the boy sitting on the chair outside. 

Questions on the papers were like: Why do you want to enter? How smart are you? (And there were math questions beside the question) Where did you come from?

Justin sighed,"We can't just say we came here to protect this school from werewolves, let's just answer ordinary stuff."

"Fine." Freya was writing on the paper fast. Sophie wrote in perfect cursive, Justin another font.

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Author's Note

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