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"Then you take a hold of their neck and slash your knife, while cracking their neck, the blood will stop flowing to their brain." Kira told Sophie, she gave her a werewolf to try it on, Freya stood watching on the other side, eating some cheetos. Sophie tossed the werewolf a sword, he grabbed it and roared as he charged at her. They clashed swords and Sophie disarmed him easily, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her, so his chin was on her elbow and her arm around his neck. Sophie placed her knife on his neck and swiped it as she pressed her elbow to his throat, he dropped to the ground, blood coming from his nose and mouth. Kira and Freya clapped,"You learn fast, just like I knew you would do." Sophie twirled her sword in her hand and sheathed it,"Piece of cake." Then she glanced at the werewolf's body, a look on her face. "What is it, Sophie?"

"It's just that, I don't know...is it good to kill?" Sophie slumped down beside the wall. 

Kira kneeled next to her, she put a hand on her shoulder,"There's a big difference between killing and defending to kill. I was in the same place as you Sophie before, and I have wondered the same exact thing. You Sophie, are doing the right thing, your defending to kill. You're killing to defend yourself, save others, and to defend the side you're fighting for. Many of the people over the world kill for revenge, but you CAN'T kill if someone just stole a notebook from you or anything useless. On the other hand, killing if you take an innocent life from someone that did nothing to you...that's wrong, honey. They always say, no matter what happens, good and evil will never win, because they can be the same sin." 

Sophie grinned,"Thanks, that helped a lot."

"But one has to win right?" Freya crumpled the bag of empty cheetos.

"If evil takes over the world, everyone will never be nice, there's no love, mercy, trust, hope, and faith. If good takes over the world, it won't be the same, everyone will be so perfect that you can't tell who's who by their personality. But if there's good and evil, it would be even."

"Sometimes, good needs evil, and sometimes evil needs good." Said a voice. Elvara came in. She sat next to them.

 "What do you mean?" Kira asked. 

Elvara replied,"If evil never existed, good would never have been the same, no evil, no one had to worry about anything, there are no fights and stuff, you might think that's great since there's no blood to be spilled and wars. But you're wrong, no one needs to be perfect, good CAN'T live without evil, and neither can evil. If good never existed, then evil would not be alive, they won't have choices to make, and they will be evil forever. Every good person's blood has some evil, that makes them do mistakes, and every evil's blood has some good, that makes them feel the guilt and shame."

"But isn't a world without wars, blood, fighting, and hate better? Isn't that what everyone wishes for?" Freya asked.

"That's exactly what I thought, but you would live in a world incapable of telling good from evil. As such, the very ideas of 'right' and 'wrong' would be impossible to even imagine, as such concepts would not make any sense. Everything would be 'good' morality at best, and there is no 'evil'. 'Evil' is a human emotion referring to things that are contrary to our own personal set of values. It's a way of saying 'that which opposes my values and which frightens or threatens me and the things and people that matter to me.' It doesn't actually refer to an objectively measurable quality in nature. It is imagined, but to answer your question, no, a world without all that would not be better, well only a bit."

"How do you know all that?" Sophie asked.

"I'll tell you all soon enough, but right now Leo wants to see you and Freya, Justin is waiting outside." Elvara grinned.

"Okay." Freya and Sophie stood and waved a goodbye to Kira and Elvara before going outside. Justin was waiting for them just like Elvara said. They went to the throne room, were Leo was pacing back and forth around the room. The door closed behind the three friends and Leo stopped pacing he looked at them, his face pale,"Please, take a seat." 

"What is it, Leo?" The friends asked.

"Fervently, the werewolves are not gone, we have killed their leader in battle, now they have a new one, but she's not normal." Leo bit his lip.

"Duh, she's a werewolf." Freya said.

"No, she's more than a werewolf, she's immortal. Just like Elvara." Leo shook his head.

"What are you saying?" Justin frowned.

"I'm saying that we are doomed if she gains full control. I don't know her identity very well, only that she's immortal, a werewolf, and unstoppable. The vampires don't know what could stop her, only a true heart of balanced good and evil together." Leo said.

"I don't get it." Freya arched an eyebrow.

"Of course you don't neither do we." Leo sighed. He looked at Sophie,"I'm sorry Sophie, but I don't think you can either stop her."

"No one said I can't try." Sophie grinned as she crossed her arms, Leo cracked a smile. Then someone entered the room, Elvara sat next to Sophie,"I know who the werewolf is."

"Who is she?" Leo asked.

"My twin sister." Elvara's eyes dropped to the ground. 

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Everyone talked at once.

"SISTER?" Freya gaped at her.

"TWIN?" Justin shook his head. 

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Leo's eyes were wide.

"My aunt?" Sophie raised an eyebrow.

"Everyone, please calm down, I'll explain." They obeyed her and Elvara took a deep breath.

"A long time ago, before my sister and I were born, a human girl had gotten lost in the woods. She was cold, hungry, thirsty, and afraid. One time when she went to look for food, she ran into a werewolf, an evil one. Of course, he had attacked her, but the girl was able to escape, though it tried killing her again. This time, the girl didn't try to protect herself. The werewolf stopped. She showed him that she was nice and not harmful. He then, revealed to her his real form, and yes, the girl was shocked, though enough to faint. The werewolf had taken her and took care of her thirst and hunger, then they had an affair and that's when me and Ezmia came into the world. Thankfully, our father's evil blood hadn't ran into mine, but sadly into my sister's. We were alike at first, but then, year after year she changed. Mother and I tried to get her to do good things but she never obeyed or even tried. Once, when we went hunting, Ezmia told mother that she will go hunt for a deer. She had let her, but made me go and watch her in case she does something else wrong, at that time, I was mother and father's favorite child. But I was never aware of Ezmia's jealousy. When I looked for Ezmia, I found her aiming her spear at me instead of a deer. Before she threw it, I ran. I hadn't told mother about what happened, since I was scared for my sister that mother might tell father and he would do something bad to her. So I kept it a secret. Then the next morning was the worst day if my life. I went to check on my parents, but I...I..." Tears rolled down Elvara's face,"...I found them dead. Mother had 3 stabs in her chest, father had a spear through his stomach. I screamed, very loud. Ezmia was right behind me when I turned. "Why?!" I had cried. "Ask yourself." She had replied. I ran away, very far. The only thing I felt was my heart breaking into pieces, lord, even ashes. Witnessing my parents' death was worse than having 8,000 arrows in your chest. Hell, it felt like it. Since then, I had hated and loved my sister at the same time. The only reason I don't understand was why she had done it." Silence filled the room.

Sophie brushed her mother's tears,"We can defeat her together, only if you stop loving her. As long as she knows you love her, she knows your too weak to defeat her. Has she ever shown you her love? Has she ever loved you?"

Elvara's face changed, her eyes hardened and looked braver, her lips pressed together, and her jaws tightened,"Never. And neither do I."

Sophie looked at Leo,"We need to go now."

"Now? Like right now?"


"Okay, if you say so, but you need a plan, and anyways, what're you going to do?"

"We're heading to Ezmia's campsite." Elvara replied.

"Well, do you know where it is?"

Elvara nodded knowingly,"Yeah I do. My sister and I grew up together, I know exactly where she would camp."

Leo sighed,"Fine. Do you need anything to take with you?"

"Nah," Sophie's mother stood up and her blue and white wings appeared, and also her clothes changed, they were the same back then when they were at Texas,"We got everything we need."

Sophie summoned her wings, just like her mother, the clothes transformed and the wings appeared, the same but only green and white, they did look gold back in Texas but it was because of the glow surrounding Sophie. Leo nodded,"If you say so, my queen. May you come back in one peace."

"Wait, can we come with you?" Freya and Justin stood up, their eyes full of hope.

"I'm sorry, but you two stay here, we'll be back soon, I promise." And just like that, they both flew through the hallways, downstairs, and out the door. The guards outside looked up and blinked, not knowing what was flying up there. The sweet perfume of freedom filled Sophie and Elvara just like a wave of emotions. Their eyes darted through each part of the forest, looking for any of Ezmia's spies, until Sophie caught one just up ahead.

"There! Right next to that curved tree!" She pointed.

"Hm, we need to be on foot for this one, we don't want to be visible."

They flew down and quickly jogged through the bushes to have a better look at the spy. But one thing was unfamiliar about it.

"Why in the world does the werewolf have wings?" Sophie whispered.

"I don't know, but the red hair looks familiar." Elvara answered. 

"The clothes look too leaderish." 

"Wait, is that who I think it is?"

"Oh shit." Sophie cursed.

"What is Ezmia doing here?" Elvara narrowed her eyes. Ezmia pulled out a black sword with a red handle, she mumbled something then stabbed it into the ground. Black mist and smoke started appearing, getting bigger and bigger, then there they were. 2 beautiful people stood there, their face twisted into faithful expressions. The woman wore a light blue gown down to her thighs with black leggings, her violet hair fell down her shoulders and the eyes this crimson color. The man on the other hand, had red hair with stormy gray eyes, he wore black armor, with a white mask a half missing.

"Mother, father." Ezmia's voice was cold and at the same time soft.

"How did she-" Sophie started, but Elvara put a finger on her lips, her eyes focused on her parents.

"What do you want, Ezmia? Don't you have enough?" The man's voice was full of anger.

"All I wanted is to see my lovely family." Ezmia chuckled.

"Ezmia honey, why did you kill us? Didn't you love us?" The woman's accent and voice would make anyone feel relaxed and sleepy.

"Oh I love you alright, but you never loved me."

"Sweetheart, I loved you with all my heart, you should know that." 

"What about Elvara? Why did you treat her so differently?" Ezmia argued.

My grandparents fell silent. They couldn't explain that Elvara was nice, good, respective and treated them with love, while Ezmia was bad, mean, disrespectful, and treated them like trash.

"There are things in this world that can't be explained." The man said. His tone quite.

"Oh? Like what? Like when you gave the pretty knife to Elvara, and the dull one to me? Like when you decided to give Elvara all the food and left me only tiny bits? Like when you didn't trust me and made my stupid sister watch me if I do something wrong? Yes, these cannot be explained, can they?"

"Ezmia, we didn't mean anything that happened to you, but...why did you murder us?" The woman asked.

Ezmia turned around, her eyes full of tears and staring right at where Sophie and Elvara were hiding. 

"Because...I hated you. You didn't treat me fairly. Jackson, you always taught Elvara all your best hunting skills and me just some dumb, useless ones. Demeter, you always sung a lullaby to my sister, but not me. Nothing was me. Why?"

"It's just how life is." Jackson replied.

"No, it could've been changed, but you didn't take the chance when it was right there, laughing at you." Ezmia spun around to face her dead parents.

"I'm the reason your souls aren't gone, I'm the reason you're part alive, I'm the reason your heart is beating for now, your life is in my hands. Aren't you aware that I can just end it with only one word?"

Demeter bowed her head,"Sometimes we just want to go onto the other world. But these days, we want to see you and Elvara."

"Your words disgust me." Ezmia punched her mother, who flew back and collided with a tree. She fell down, not moving.

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" Jackson yelled.

"No, you are." Ezmia grabbed him by the arm and twisted it. She pushed him down to the ground and stepped on his face with one foot, still twisting his arm.

"One more mistake and you're done, Jackson." She hissed.

"Ezmia, why are you doing this?" Her father groaned underneath her power.

"To come back and earn the rights I should've earned long ago." Ezmia let him go and walked up to the curved tree. She dropped to one knee, layed her hands on her knee and bowed her head.

"My master is the one who had defeated Elvara in battle, he's the one I should be bowing my head to, the one I should fight by." 

She looked up,"In my heart I know my sister is alive and is with the vampires. I know you are there Elvara, come out."

Sophie's heart stopped, Elvara looked at her,"Stay here." Her mother stepped out from the bushes and looked at her father, lying down on the grass.

"We meet again, sister."


Ezmia stood up and turned around, her silver eyes met Elvara's.

"All these years, everyone was foolish enough to think that the queen of this land is dead. But in the air, I can smell your scent, I can hear your heart beating. And I can feel your fear rising. Little do they know, that I'm going to end you for good."


"DON'T CALL ME THAT NAME!" Ezmia roared. Elvara shut her eyes, breathed and opened them again. 

"Ezmia, we can start over. We can be sisters again. We can love each other again. You don't have to be like this, you don't have to start a stupid war. I don't want to fight you-"

"Then you're a coward. You're scared from fighting me, you're scared of losing." Ezmia stepped closer to the queen. Elvara tucked in her wings as she stared back at her sister.

"You're right, I'm scared. I'm scared that this land might become violent. I'm scared that everyone will spill innocent blood. I'm scared that this world might come to an end. I'm scared of hurting you. I'm scared of your hatred."

Ezmia didn't say anything. She just took a deep breath and turned around. She raised her head up to the sky, and spoke in a sad voice,"I'll let you go for now sister, but trust me, the next time we meet, you're going to be talking to me...from the bloody ground." She grabbed her sword and her parents' souls disappeared into thick mist. She sheathed it and flew away, her wings beating furiously. Sophie came out, her eyes still on her aunt.

"Now what?"

"Now we warn the others. It won't be long until Ezmia comes back for blood. She will strike at sunset tomorrow, her weakness is dawn. She will fight until it's dawn, even if she's the only one left," Elvara faced her daughter,"Whatever happens, know that I've always loved you, and I have loved my sister. I might still love her, but that doesn't stop me from protecting this land from her or fighting her. Sophie, we might not win this war, but know that we both died fighting as heroes."

A tear slipped out and rolled down Sophie's cheek, Elvara wiped it with a smile,"C'mon the others won't wait that long." She flew up and started zooming through the air, her daughter right behind her. Two things were bothering Elvara, were the vampire army strong enough? Are their numbers enough? She didn't know.

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3 (Ezmia's P.O.V)

 The werewolves were running around, causing a stampede. Each one had a job, and they knew if Ezmia caught them empty-handed, they're in trouble. The werewolf leader landed right next to a group of young werewolves, chatting, giggling, and pointing. One of them held an obsidian dagger, the tip almost touching her chest. Ezmia put on a smile as she walked to them.

"How are my little angels doing?" She kneeled down to be eye level to them. The one holding the dagger stopped laughing and immediately hid it behind her. The others giggled.

"Hi Ezie." The one with the dagger said in an adorable voice.

"Can you play with us, Ezie?"

"Can you teach me how to fight, Ezie?"

"Can you read with me, Ezie?"

Ezmia's heart fluttered. She loved these kids more than anything in the world. She would give up her life to save them. She couldn't say no to anything.

"Sure. We can do all of that. But one at a time, I'm sure we can do all that in just a blur."

Lennie, the one with glasses, loved books, and she was smarter than any other werewolf. Megan, the one with a small scar on her nose, loved fighting and watching battles. And finally, Opal. She was very playful and joyful, she likes to make others happy, and loves to play. Although, she is sometimes very naughty.

"Opal, did you take that dagger on my desk?" Ezmia chuckled. She enjoyed it when Opal's eyes got cute and wide, and how she pressed her lips together.


Megan jumped up,"She did! I saw it with my own eyes, execute her Ezie!"

Opal gave her a betrayed look and then sighed,"Yeah, I took the dagger. Here. I'm sorry." 

She handed Ezmia the dagger, who laughed and stretched out her arms for a group hug.

"C'mon, why don't you give Ezie a hug?" The girls squealed and jumped into her arms. The werewolves' parents had died in battle with the army's last enemy, Koa. A very strong gorilla with mighty punches. He was big, mad, and crazy. Half of the gorilla's face was burnt, and his left eye was milky white. Not only did the parents die, but also the leader. Ezmia was an apprentice to the last leader, so she became the new one. Ezmia had been good friends with the parents, so she had the rights to take care of their children.

"You know what? How about I take you flying?"

The girls looked at each other for a moment, then jumped on Ezmia.


"Okay, okay! Here, Opal you climb on my back, Megan with you, Lennie, you're in my arms." The girls did as instructed and had to hold on tight because Ezmia was still standing. She spread out her midnight wings and shot up into the sky. Finally, when they were up in the clouds, the forest underneath them, Ezmia was flying horizontally, so it easy for the children to balance on her. As the werewolf queen soared through the sky, she pointed out some places like the Tree of Balance, which holds both good and bad mistakes and lives in it. It was full of blossoms, if one turns black, that means someone had made a mistake, if it turns pink, it means someone had made a good choice. The Statue of Jenva and Carva. The first Werewolf queen (Jenva), and Vampire queen(Carva). And finally, the Vampire palace, the Werewolf palace on the other side.

"What's that gray and black castle?" Lennie asked.

"It looks awesome!" Megan exclaimed.

"Can we go there?" Opal batted her eyelashes.

Ezmia was speechless.


"PLEASE, IF YOU LOVE US?!" They begged. As much as it hurt Ezmia, she couldn't say anything. Everywhere there were guards. On the rooftop, by the gates, every side of the palace. Ezmia soared down to the gates and landed infront of the guards.  She tried to be innocent as possible. Megan and Opal slid off her back, and Ezmia placed Lennie down. The girls wowed all over the huge palace.

"There, you've seen it, now let's go." Out of the corner of her eye, Ezmia knew that the guards were watching her.

"Haha!" Opal ran to the gates, skipping.

"Opal! Come back here!" Ezmia called.

"C'mon, I think I have a secret way inside!" Megan said in a wicked voice. Lennie followed her. The guards watched as the girls played with their armor and tried pushing open the gates.

"Girls, come back now!" Ezmia sighed. When they didn't listen she leaned back her head, and closed her eyes. Then she just looked at the girls and snapped her fingers. Instantly, Opal and Megan were on her back again, and Lennie in her arms. 


"I'm sorry if they bothered you." Ezmia told the guards and she flew off into the sky. The flight was silent until Megan sobbed.

"I'm sorry, Ezie. We didn't mean to do that. Please forgive us." The others sniffed or cried.

"We'll never do it again." Lennie promised. 

Ezmia snapped her fingers and each one got a piece of cake.

"We love you, Ezie."

"I love you too, girls, just don't do that again, okay?"


That didn't bother Ezmia though, it was the vampires. They now know she has 3 young werewolf children with her, and she'd do anything for them. Word will spread out quickly and Ezmia has to protect the kids, if anything happens to them, she'll never forgive her soul.

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9 (Ezmia's P.O.V)

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Author's Note

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