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Divine Spoken

15 year old, Evelyn is brought to Italy on one of her usual family trips that never usually excite her. Until this certain trip where she meets this young Italian boy that goes by the name of Matteo. She speaks English, he speaks Italian. Why would love happen? Well, thankfully for Evelyn and her rich family , she's able to talk to the...

Drunk on Lust

“Je veux enrouler tes jambes autour de ma tête et te porter comme une couronne." She said to me. My cheeks turned red, like the maraschino cherry that sat in the bottom of my glass. The words she spoke were exotic and foreign. I tried to recall my French lessons, from 13 years ago, my toxic brain only allotted me a few words. I...

A Knockout

The way Myra looked reminded me of a cartoon where the blood rose in a character’s face, resembling a thermometer about to burst. Her eyes threatened to pop out of her skull. She made little choking noises for a moment and then cut loose with a blood-curdling scream. While Billy the Kid and his entourage howled with delight, she...

Twisted Love

“Why you’ve done this to me? Huh Mary? Why?” I shouted at her with rage. “I saw you last week together with a man in the carnival! You are not thinking that we’re married! I am your husband!” I move around the room, going round and round, trying to be free with my inner self. I look at her, still sitting in the chair with her make-up...

Zombies Hate Fast Food

Sixteen years. It's been sixteen years since a group of young adults brought down the one man who ended the world with a deadly virus. But their story doesn't end there. Oh no. Moxie Pierce is The runner. She likes the rush of the wind against her face and the way her heart rate increases. She spends her afternoon running in the...

The Exchange

Amelie isn't really sure how Sherry made it to a French exchange program without speaking a word of French, or how this whole roommate thing is going to work, but then, some things have a way of working themselves out,


Nothing has been going right for the demon Drake with this new soul he's been working on. Could it be that the one who has been doing the possessing is actually possessed himself? With a disastrous fate in store if he fails, two souls are in the balance. His, and that of the man he's after.