Google Assistant learns how to control your home from your phone


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Google Assistant learns how to control your home from your phone

A device like Google Home is extremely convenient if you have equipment connected. Light, temperature, electronics, everything becomes controllable by voice, from a distance...  In addition to Google Home, there is also the software, Google Assistant, which is there to serve as a gateway and interpret all our voice commands. Google's PDA is already working small miracles on phones. What if you wanted to control your house by voice via your phone, right? If you have Google Assistant on your smartphone, you should know that this will be possible very soon.

Google Assistant starts controlling your home from your smartphone  

During the Google I/O 2018 conference a few months ago, the Mountain View firm suggested that Google Assistant would receive more advanced home automation orders. Today, according to a Droid-Life report, the time seems right. As you can see in the screenshot above, Google Assistant now offers controls that allow you to act directly on a connected accessory.  

For example, when you ask Google Assistant to adjust the brightness of a light, the PDA will do so. It will even offer you a cursor directly on the screen to act more finely on it when you need it without having to go through the voice command again.  

For the time being, limited functionality and progressive deployment  

For the time being, it would seem that this functionality is limited, only a few hand-picked users now have access to it. So don't panic if you don't have personal access to it. The deployment is expected to be on a larger scale in the coming days/weeks.

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