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Many connected outlets have passed through our offices. All had a different design for similar functions and this is still the case today with the Aqara smart socket. We're not going to hide it, Aqara is a Chinese brand, where the products must surely come from the same factory as other neighbouring brands. In the end, we find the same quality, for a low price and a similar application. Let's discover the plug connected together.

A similar packaging

First, before we try the product, let's stop on its packaging. Once is not customary for Chinese products, the packaging is the same for everyone. A cardboard box and an outline that evokes purity as well as simplicity. Neither one, nor two, when unpacking, we find the smart grip with a leaflet. There is also a small form to guarantee product and surely have a coupon for another purchase. In any case, good reception of the product.


A standard and conform Aqara product

It only takes us a few minutes to connect the smart socket to the network. We downloaded the Aqara application, which by the way looks strangely similar to the Koogeek application, and then joined the WiFi network. Once this is done, the smartphone will automatically find the plug and join it to the network. That's it, the connected plug can become smart. The LED indicator is less present and less strong than the Koogeek plug and the Aqara smart socket is as thin as the other one. In fact, we prefer the design of this model, which is much rounder.

In terms of functionality, we find the famous power-on planning mode and the night light. Nothing very new here, just like our previous tests. The smart socket also has the chance to be connected to Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The connection is done via the virtual assistant interfaces and it is very well explained in the manual. It works only on 2.4Ghz WiFi networks and accepts a maximum power of 1825W.

If you want to make a device intelligent, we advise you to opt for this connected and intelligent plug which is the cheapest on the market for management from a fluid application. Moreover, it is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so better remote control.

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