Testing the smart plug from Full Home Energy


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Testing the smart plug from Full Home Energy

The smart sockets are becoming more and more widespread. But how do they manage to stand out from the others? Today we are testing the Smart Plug made in France by Full Home Energy (FHE).

La boite


The plug is sold in a pretty cardboard packaging that highlights the visuals and the main features of the plug. So we find everything we need to know.

Inside, we have the plug and an installation manual. So no frills, but just the essential!    

This plug is, like many smart plugs, relatively thick. Despite this, its design is rather successful with shiny plastic materials, a central button to manually activate the plug and a light to indicate if it is smart to the Wifi network.

You will have understood it, it embeds WiFi and that is the whole point of this plug. It can be controlled from the smartphone application whether you are in town, on vacation or even at work, because it uses a cloud, but it does not seem compatible with home automation boxes or can be controlled by HTTP request...

A small but important point, it is silent! Many takes emit a high-pitched and rather annoying whistle (especially when you are "young" because you can better perceive these sounds) but on this one, there are none! And it's very appreciable, really!


Installation is very simple! First, download the Android or iOS application depending on your device. Launch it and you will arrive at a home page asking you to register.

Enter your information and validate your account by entering the code received in your mailbox.    

Now that it is done, you are on the home page with on the left a menu allowing different actions (account settings, device management...) and at the bottom a button allowing you to quickly add devices.    

That's what we're going to do with the plug! By selecting Smart Plug, you will have different possibilities

Inclusion: To include a plug in your WiFi network  

Access: You can enter an access code to control the taking of a family member or friend.  

Mac: You can request access to an outlet from a friend or family member  These last features are very interesting! It will thus be possible to control the plug on different devices (Smartphone, Tablet...) but also to give control to several members of your family or an external person.

Inclusion is done in 3 steps:    

WiFi connection to the socket  

Connect to your WiFi network by entering your IDs  

Validation and integration of the intake    

Usage of the plug  

Once it is registered in your WiFi network, you can control it!

The interface is quite well designed and easy to use. You have an On and Off button and an instantaneous consumption of the plug.    

Sliding to the left, you will find a history of hourly consumption.    

In the menu, you will also find more accurate consumption reports to better manage your expenses.    


This plug from Full Home Energy does its job very well.

The installation is quick and easy, the application is relatively well designed and offers interesting features and useful information (instantaneous consumption, consumption ratio, total cost...) which makes real savings.    

If we have to blame it for something, it will be the side too closed since it will not be possible to integrate it on a home automation box or to use HTTP requests to control it or even a voice assistant (Google Home, Amazon Alexa....).    

And also its price... With a recommended retail price of around 75€ to control only one outlet (no USB for example), not everyone will be able to afford it even if the services in the application are quite good.


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