Sex, Sex, And More Sex


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 Known as a slut,  but used to it. 

Sliding my black lace panties over my thighs,  I rolled the memory of what had happened the night before in my mind. 

He had eaten me out,  finger fucked,  and fucked me so hard I was sure I would be sore later.  But the thing that turned me on the most was when I looked into the mirror,  and discovered teeth marks roaming all over my body.  

Remembering how he had fucked me that night.....  How his teeth felt against my tender flesh.....  How his tongue flicked gently and teasingly at my slit...

A loud moan erupted from me,  and I made no move to stop it.  God,  he was so damn sexy!  I pressed my index and fore fingers against my already wet pussy and applied some pressure,  rubbing around in circles and stopping in some places that made me feel better than others.  

I was a moaning mess,  and I loved it.  Most of my costumers would ask that I masterbate in front of them,  and of course I obliged. 

It wasn't too hard to get me wet,  in fact,  almost anything turned me on.  A simple touch, whispering,  a soft and gentle kiss,  that's all it would take,  and I was putty in your hands.  Mold me how you want,  use me as you wish. 

He dominated me.  

That sudden fact flashed across my mind and I moaned once more,  not bothering to stifle it.  "Baby,  fuck me like you own me... " I remember pleading,  grinding up against his hard shaft.  

"I own you! " he had growled as he trusted into my tight pussy again and again. 

"God you're so tight!  So fucking tight! " He groaned,  hitting that special spot inside me as he did so.  

I screamed in pleasure.  "Babe,  right there!  There!  Harder! "

"Beg. " he had ordered. 

I didn't care what I had to do to get it.  I was a fucking slut,  and I loved every second of it.  "Master!  I love how your huge cock fills me!  Fuck me so hard I can't walk!  Fuck me so hard I'll never walk again!" 

He obliged, slamming into my tight cunt again and again.  

I could feel a knot forming in my stomach,  and I knew I was close. 

He kept thrusting faster and faster until everything exploded around us in passion. 

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