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It is the big day. The day you'd be waiting for almost 3 months now.

You wore the dress you wanted, your best friend walking you down the aisle wearing her outstanding bridesmaid dress.

You saw our soon-to-be husband standing at the end, smiling at you with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Nothing can ruin this moment.


Can it?

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meeting him.

It was a fairly busy day in the market. Your mum scolded you to buy something for dinner, being the eldest daughter you were, you brought your younger brother with you.

"Y/N! I'm hungry" Joon whined, swinging your hand in the air, giving you the puppy look.

You look down at him seeing his little face, you sighed in defeat making Joon frown.

"Can you wait until dinner? You can pick put what we will have okay?" You ruffled Joon's hair playfully before picking up, balancing him on your waist as he drifts off to sleep.

You haven't got the perfect family. Heck, I'm sure no one has. Your father abandoned you when you were only 4 years old, some guy knocked up your mum when you were 15 years old, resulting her to be pregnant again.

After she gave birth to Joon, she turned into a mess. She didn't care about her daughter or son, she only cared about drugs and alcohol.

You didn't want your brother to grow up like mum so you would take him everywhere with you.

You wished you had the perfect family. You want a dad figure in your life that can help financially and support not only to your mum but also the kids.

A tear rolled down your cheek unconsciously making you whipping it off at fast speed. Crying does not solve everything.

Approaching the market, you woke up your brother who smacked your hand away, muttering something underneath his breath.

"We are here now. What do you want?" You ask gently into his ear as you can hear the loudness coming towards you.

"Ramyeon" Joon replied back, placing its head on your shoulder, making you pout at the tired boy.

You nodded, asking the person behind the desk area for a take-out bag full of ramyeon based on the flavours your brother likes.

Both of you bowed at the lady before making your way back home.

After a ten minute walk, both of you stopped at the park as Joon wanted to play for a bit.

You sat down on a bench nearby so you can keep a close eye on him. Setting down the bag beside, you took in a deep breath, briefly closing your eyes for a split second.

"Excuse me?" A deep husky voice interrupted your peace, making you to open your eyes.

A tall guy was standing in front of you carrying a mysterious large black bag in his hand, "Do you mind if I sit next to you?" He asked nicely, pointing to the empty seat that was occupied with your bag.

You nodded, placing your bag on the floor. You look straight ahead, a smile crept among your lips as you see Joon giggling as he slid down the slide.

"Is that your kid over there?" The stranger asked looking straight at you.

A soft chuckle left your lips, "No, he is my younger brother. Joon be careful" You shouted at your brother who was kicking the puddle of autumn leaves.

Joon sticks his tongue at you in a childish behaviour before chucking a load in his hand in the air.

The person beside you admired the hyperactive little boy, he doesn't see much kids playing in the cold, probably because their parents don't want to see their kids being sick.

"Ah, what's your name? I'm Yongguk" He introduced himself, sticking his hand out for a handshake.

"Y/N" You shook his hand which was twice the size of yours. Yongguk smiled at you showing his white neat teeth.

Normally you wouldn't say your name to a stranger but you felt like you need to.

"Y/N! I want to go hom- who is he? Is that your boyfriend?" Joon pointed at the tall lad, crossing his arms over almost scaring Yongguk with his 'angry' eyes when really it looks like puppy dog eyes.

"This is Yongguk, and no he is not my boyfriend" You laughed, placing your hand on Joon's shoulder.

Joon furrowed his eyebrows at you, being the cheeky monster he was, he motioned Yongguk to crouch down to his height, which he obeyed.

Whilst you picked up the bag from the floor you heard what your brother said to Yongguk.

Joon whispered into his ear, "Date her, she is lonely" Your jaw dropped when you hear what your brother just said about you.

Yongguk chuckled at his behaviour, "Oh is she?" He tilted his head, briefly looking up to meet you already looking at him, making your cheeks crimsoned in embarrassment.

He stood up not leaving eye contact with you, "What's your number? Let's hang out more" Yongguk winked at you, handing you his phone.

'Why not, he is handsome after all' You thought to yourself, tapping on his phone your number.

You gave it back with a graceful smile on your face.

"Thank you, Y/N, see you next time?" He raised his eyebrows, waiting for your response.

You opened your mouth about to reply until your brother interrupted, "There won't be any more next time mister, let's go Y/N" Joon bossed you, tugging your arm.

You waved goodbye to Yongguk who waved back. Joon scoffed, crossing his arms over in an upset way.

"What's wrong?" You asked the clearly upset boy. Joon jutted his bottom lip, "I'm the only man you need, you don't need another one" He muttered making your heart melt.

You cooed at the boy whose cheeks were flaming red from confessing what he just said.

"Don't worry Joonie, you will always be the only man for me" You kissed his cheek, forgetting what just happened seconds ago already thinking of that stranger you met,



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