Beauty And The Beast


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Chapter One

It was a cold, wintry night. The crisp but breezy wind blowing the cap that the enchantress, Chaerin, was disguising herself. She muttered under her breath as she ducks down behind a barrel as she heard footsteps coming towards her.

"Are you sure no one is here? Could have sworn that I heard someone walking" A low voice echoed the neighbourhood, making Chaerin bit her bottom lip with fear, running through her body.

"You are just being paranoid, come on the kids are probably wondering where we are!" A soft, fragile voice said, convincing the man to come back home which worked.

As the couple walked back home, Chaerin rose up from crouching checking that the couple has gone. Thankfully, they did.

Chaerin released a big sigh, placing a hand on her chest.

"That was close" She exclaimed, covering her face with the black cloak. She made her way to the monumental castle that was decorated with fairy lights crafted handmade by the craftsman. The white castle illuminating the gold, making it feel like Christmas.

The rain started to drizzle, the soft droplets planting on Chaerin's covered head. She covered the rose as she walks up to the gate greeted by the doorman.

"Here for the party?" They said in a strong French accent, their fully grown beards trimmed perfectly, making it impossible to find where their mouths were.

"Oui Monsieur (Yes Sir)" Chaerin bowed to the man who opened the door for her.

Walking up the magnificent castle, Chaerin knocked on the door twice shivering from the blustery winds.

After waiting for almost a minute, the front door opened to reveal a dashing young Prince standing there with an unamused look on his face.

After waiting for almost a minute, the front door opened to reveal a dashing young Prince standing there with an unamused look on his face

"What do you want?" He said in a harsh tone of voice, crossing his arms over wanting the conversation to be over and done with.

Chaerin shyly looked up at the Prince before speaking up, "I have an offer for you, Prince Min Yoongi" She requested, ready to pull out the rose.

"If I could spare the night here in your very well decorated home, I'll lend you the most specialist flower you've ever met," She said in a hushed but loud voice, the heavy rain now pouring over her.

Prince Min Yoongi looked up and down the disgusting looking woman in front of him in disgust.

"And why would I do that?" He questioned back, not answering the request.

"Because I heard you are the most delightful, well-mannered man in France," She said already getting annoyed by his rude tone of voice.

Prince Min Yoongi shook his head, "Don't allow old haggards like you, now go on shoo!" He pushed the woman away making her stumble down the small flight of stairs.

Chaerin scoffed, standing up rubbing off the dirt that was covered all over her cloak.

"If you want to go the hard way, then so be it," She said before leasing a loud cackle. She span around, letting her cloak free. The flash of lights swarming around her, the fresh pink dress fitted her perfectly, hugging her waist.

She took out her hand size mirror, checking out her makeup before walking back to the palace.

She knocks the door again, waiting patiently for the Prince.

"For goodness sake, what do yo-" The young male stopped his speech as he looked speechless at the sophisticated woman right in front of him.

"Excuse young Sir, do you have a spare room here?" The young lady bowed her Prince, reminding herself of the rose.

The young Prince licked his dry, soft lips before speaking, "Y-Yes please come in" He said looking towards the hallway before looking back to the young woman who is now turned back into her saggy, wrinkly clothes.

"How could you give a fresh, beautiful young woman a room but not an old one like me? This is your punishment" Chaerin had venom rumbling in her vocals, the rumbles of thunder shaking the ground causing the scenery to go terribly down.

"This rose that I'm handing to you has a very special power over it, It will make you and your other servants forget the memories of their loved ones. It will also make your appearance go" She said in a trembling tone of voice, wanting to scare the Prince.

Which didn't work.

"Yeah yeah, have a nice night you miserable bastard," He said slammed the door on her.

Chaerin squinted her eyes at the view of the building, "I demand this building to be all wicked, unwell and horrid written all over it!" She commanded, flashing her red eyes at the building.


Later on, that night where the party has ended, Yoongi felt not himself. Like he didn't feel comfortable in his own skin.

He felt his bones cracking making the boy cry in pain, his body keeps on misshaping. After the cracking bones and clothes sheering off his large body, the animal you call a Beast was now named.

The heavy breathing was filling up his room, broken glasses splattered against the wooden flooring.

Yoongi opened his eyes, the feeling of sweat made the boy gag. He looked up to the mirror, almost screamed when he saw his reflection.

He ran through his brown, soft fur that was lathered on his skin.

"Is this a dream?" The beast asked himself as he looks around the horrendous mess he made in his room.

He shook his head as he stood up from the cracked flooring.

When he sat down on his bed, the brown planks split into two making the beast grumble in annoyance.

"Looks like I'm sleeping on the floor" He muttered as he crawled onto the carpet beside the fireplace that was lit.

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Chapter Two

Jimin couldn't wait to start the day, mornings was his favourite time of the day. He dressed up in an orange/yellow crop jumper that shows his flatten stomach, short blue shorts accompanied with black shoes.

 He dressed up in an orange/yellow crop jumper that shows his flatten stomach, short blue shorts accompanied with black shoes

He twirled into the mirror, giggling to himself. I look cute, Jimin though to himself as he grabs the book he promised to return, "Bye Appa!" Jimin sang his words before closing the door.

Whilst walking down the street that was viewing the town centre, Jimin had this song that was stuck in his head.

*Type in Belle - Beauty & The Beast to listen to the song whilst reading the lyrics*

"Little town, it's a quiet village
Every day, like the one before
Little town, full of little people 
Waking up to say.." Jimin sang lightly as he bounced on his feet.

"Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour!" People started to sang making Jimin smile to see familiar faces coming out.

"There goes the baker with his tray like always
The same old bread and rolls to sell
Ev'ry morning just the same
Since the morning that we can 
To this poor provincial town.." Jimin sang his heart as he walks to the Baker who was pushing the tray full of bread.

"Good morning, Jimin!" The baker piped up as he sees his favourite buyer.

"Morning monsieur!" Jimin jumps on the tray, pressing his nose against the freshly baked goods.

"Where are you off to?" The baker asked him as he saw the young boy was holding a book close to his heart.

Jimin looked down to see what the Baker was looking at, "Oh, I'm off to the bookshop, I just finished the most wonderful story, about a beanstalk and an ogre and.." Jimin fastened his speech ready to explain what the book was about.

The baker interrupted the boy who pouted, "That's nice... Marie, the baguettes! Hurry up!!"

As Jimin jumped off the dusty tray making him swat his butt to get rid of any flour, he heard some people talk about him but he didn't want to listen.

Jimin jumps on the back of a wagon and rides through the town, he waved to the people who waved towards him.

Once Jimin reached towards the bookshop, he jumped off the wagon to step into the open door.

"Ah, Jimin" The bookseller welcome to the young boy who was carrying a book in his hands.

"Good morning. I've come to return the book I borrowed" Jimin gave the bookseller who looked at him with a surprised look on his face.

"Finished already?" He said shockingly, putting the book where it was before.

Jimin sighed happily, "Well it's my favourite! Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!" Jimin swings off the side of the ladder rolling down its track.

The bookseller smiled at the happy boy handing back the book, "Well if you liked it that much, it's yours" He said giving the book back to the amazed boy.

Jimin immediately shook his head, "But sir I-" He got caught off by the bookseller.

"I insist" The bookseller smiled at the young boy who was overwhelmed by the gesture.

"Well thank you. Thank you very much!" Jimin thanked the man twice before skipping out of the shop, humming to the tune of the song that was stuck in his head.

Jimin adored where he lived, the vintage cottages spreading ancient history.

He approached a fountain that was sprinkling out crystal clear, fresh water. As he sat down, a bunch of sheep came towards him making his heart swell.

"Oh isn't this amazing? It's my favourite part because you'll see! Here's where he meets Prince charming but he won't discover him that it's him ' until chapter three!" Jimin sang softly to the sheep who looked up towards him with adorableness twinkling in their brown eyes.

All of a sudden, gooses were flying across the sky. The sound of gunshots filling in the air, making the scene go all quiet, Jimin turned around finding out what was happening.

He saw Jungkook holding a pistol in his hand,  waiting for Hoseok who was catching the dead goose who was splattered against the tiled flooring.

"Wow! You didn't miss a shot, Jungkook! You're the greatest hunter in the whole world!" Hoseok over-exaggerated his words as he brings back the dead animal in a dirty brown bag.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulder, letting a smirk fall on his lips. "I know," He said with no hesitation written in his voice.

"Huh? No beast alive stands a chance against you... and no boy for that matter" Jungkook said, struggling to carry the heavy bag on his back.

"It's true, Hoseok, and I've got my sights set on that one!" Jungkook pointed at Jimin who was flickering the pages on the book that the bookseller gave him.

Hoseok stood there in shock, his jaw dropped to the floor. "The inventor's son?"

Jungkook nodded as he kept on looking at his future husband, "He's the one! The lucky boy I'm going to marry" He confessed as he keeps his distance from the breath-taking boy who walked past.

Hoseok opened and closed his mouth, not knowing what to say next. It looks like he is imitating a goldfish, "But he's-"

"The most beautiful boy in town" Jungkook butted in looking down at his short friend.

"I know-" Hoseok got interrupted once again but his outstanding loyal friend.

"And that makes him the best. And don't I deserve the best?" Jungkook commented leaning against the brick wall that had different colours splattered on them.

"Well, of course, I mean you do, but I mean..." Hoseok answered back, his honesty coming out.

"Right from the moment when I met him,
saw him I said he's gorgeous and I fell
Here in town, there's only he" He eyes Jimin who walked past him and disappears, "Who is beautiful as me" His cockiness came out as he checks himself in the window.

All of Jungkook's fangirls screamed at the fascinated, handsome man who winked at the batch of woman.

Jungkook wasn't Jimin's type. He didn't want an overconfident, vain guy who only cares about his looks.

The type Jimin wanted is someone to tell him how it is, someone who may look scary on the outside but really a soft teddy bear on the inside.

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Chapter Three

Jimin was happily bouncing on his feet, his mind set free from any negativity. But what he didn't know that Jungkook was struggling to keep up with the energetic young boy.

"Just watch I'm going to make Jimin my husband!" Jungkook declared to the audience that was forming around him, making his way to his soon-to-be husband.

"Hello, Jimin" Jungkook greeted the boy of his dream, wrapping his arms around his back as he gave Jimin his signature smile.

"Bonjour Jungkook" Jimin greeted back to the eager boy, who nicked the book out of the older's hand who pouted his soft, plump lips.

"Jungkook, may I have my book, please?" Jimin whined, standing on his tip toes struggling to get the book back from a high height.

Jungkook gasped as he went through numerous pages, "How can you read this? There is no pictures!" He pointed out, seeing a bunch of words displayed on the tea bag stain paper.

Jimin rolled his eyes, trying to jump much higher which cause Jungkook to stretch his arms much further.

"Jimin, it's about time you got your head out of those books," Jungkook tossed the prized possession book into the puddle of mud making Jimin gasp. "And pay attention to more important things.. like me! The whole town is talking about it" Jungkook tilted his head, making his fangirls sigh.

Jimin sighed sadly as he picks up the muddy book, cringing when he tried to swipe off as much of the mud as he can, "It's not right for a man to read -- soon he starts getting ideas... and thinking".

"Jungkook, you are positively primeval!" Jimin thrown him a disgust look, but quickly fade away with a small smile on his face.

Jungkook chuckled as he wraps his muscular arm around Jimin's shoulder, "Why thank you, Jimin. Hey, whaddya say you and me take a walk over to the tavern and have a look at my hunting trophies" He asked the small boy who wiggled his way out as he felt uncomfortable with Jungkook.

Jimin licked his lips, rejecting his offer. "Maybe some other time?"

Some of the women around his gasp, whispering to each other.

Jimin felt embarrassed as he heard what some of the women said about him, "Please, Jungkook, I can't. I have to go home and help my father" He said urgently.

Hoseok laughed away, slapping his knee with his hand. "Ha ha ha, that crazy old loon, he needs all the help he can get," He said making Jungkook laugh heartily.

Jimin was fuming when he heard what they were saying about his father, "Don't you talk about my father that way!" He shouted at the taller man, crossing his arms over.

Jungkook clonks Hoseok at the back of the head, making the average size man cover his head, shouting out curse words.

"Yeah, don't talk about his father that way" Jungkook shook his head, trying not to laugh at his idiotic friend.

An explosion made Jimin run to see what was going on, Jungkook and Hoseok continued to laugh as they walked away.

Jimin raced down to the back of the garden to open the gate that was built by the wall, "Appa?" He called out to his dad.

Jimin's dad popped up, coughing heavily before speaking up.

"How on earth did that happen? Dog gonnit!" He kicked his foot against the wall, immediately regretting his decisions.

Jimin knelt down concerned about his father's health, "Are you all right Appa?" He said rubbing his father's shoulders in tender care.

His dad grumbled standing up, making Jimin do the same thing.

"I'm about ready to give up on this hunk of junk!" He clenched his fist, kicking the unuseful machinery.

Jimin sighed, hate seeing his father like this, "You always say that" Not wanting to test his anger.

His father stared at the broken machine, "I mean it, this time. I'll never get this bonehead contraption to work" He frowned, playing with his screwdriver juggling it in his hands.

Jimin back hugged his father, resting his chin on the bald patch.

"Yes, you will. And you'll win first prize at the fair tomorrow" Jimin encouraged his father who just shrunk his shoulders looking down to the floor.

"..And become a world famous inventor" Which made his dad look up to his son with hope in his eyes.

"You really believe that son?" His dad questioned his son, looking up to him.

Jimin smiled, looking at his father who gave a smile back, "I always have" He said in a soft tone of voice, trying not to let any tears wanting to fall out.

His father clapped his hands together, making the boy chuckle. "Well, what are we waiting for? I have this thing fixed in no time!" He announced, sliding under the machine.

"Hand me that dog-legged clencher there?" He asked, pointed to the odd equipment that was waiting to be used. Jimin passed over the odd clencher, "So did you have a good time in town today?" His father continued to speak as he sorted out what was wrong with the machinery.

Jimin gasped excitedly, holding the book close to his chest. "I got a new book. Appa, do you think I'm odd?" Jimin's tone of voice went causing the father to slid off the slider to look at his only son.

"My son? Odd?" He raised his eyes, his bizarre goggle contraption on his head distorting his eyes. "Where would you get an idea like that?" He asked his son, lifting the goggles off.

Jimin sighed softly, admiring his new book. "Oh, I don't know. It's just I'm not sure I fit here. There is no one I can really talk to" Jimin confronted of how he is feeling at this time.

His dad thought for a moment before an idea popped into his brain, "What about that Jungkook? He's a handsome fellow!" He suggested, thinking of people he knew.

Jimin scoffed, shaking his head in disgust, "He's handsome all right, and rude and conceited and.. Oh, Appa, he's not for me!" Jimin sat down on the stool, his face not showing any happiness.

His dad came out from under the machine, dusting off the dust he found on his body, "Well, don't you worry, cause this invention's going to be the start of a new life. I think this is now done, shall we try it out son?" He said pressing the button, standing by Jimin who ducked behind him.

They heard a sound meaning it worked, Jimin bounced up and down whilst clapping. "It works" He exclaimed hugging his father, squealing into his shoulder.

His father on the other hand was astonished, "It does? It does!" His dad covered his mouth with his hands, walking closely to the working invention.

"You did it! You really did it!" Jimin shrieked completely amazed at what his father created for so long.

"Hitch up, Phillipe, boy. I'm off to the fair" His dad accidentally threw a log straight at Phillipe causing it to hit his head making him to pass out. But recovered within minutes.

Jimin waved goodbye to his Appa, "Goodbye Appa, good luck!" Jimin encouraged him by sending flying kisses to him.

"Goodbye Jimin, and take care of yourself whilst I'm out" He forbid farewell before treking with Phillipe.

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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Chapter Six

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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Eight

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Chapter Nine

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Chapter Ten

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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter Eighteen

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Valentine Day Special.

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