The Black Of The Night


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starting the journey

Hi  again  let’s start Luna was a cat that is black so is starlight and there twins so there ages are 6   .   

Once upon a time there were two cats  They loved going out at night and  going hunting at the same time  usually for mice but let’s stop with  facts and start the story .

Luna had lots of fun in the back garden but when  starlight  got outside they locked all the doors without noticing that the cats were still outside . But when the cats wanted to come  back inside  they couldn’t get in so that’s when they started going back out at night and hunted for mice .

They would do it every night and I’m not kidding they did addicted to  they just couldn’t resist it and they just wanted to make more friends  . But suddenly they got kicked out of town for wondering Round town . When they got kicked out of town they tried to find another that would   Accept the their obsession. 

Listen to our next story that will tell some more of the story 
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What is this story

Hi I’m Sophia the queen of cats no one ever said that I’m mean but they would still say that I’m graceful  but this  isn’t about that I’m going to be telling  you about a  two little cats named Luna and starlight (this book is suitable  for 8&over)

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