The Good Place (Fan Fiction)


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Authors Note

 Hi! This book is based off of a new TV show called the Good Place. I highly recommend watching it for 11+ years old. I guess I can call it fan fiction even though it's not a book. All ideas go to the person who made The Good Place show. My writing is copyrighted, please no plagiarizing! Hope you enjoy the book! 

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 My eyes snap open. I wake to a white room with no one in it. I turn around peering at the room. On the back wall written in green letters it says WELCOME! EVERYTHING IS OKAY, YOU ARE IN THE GOOD PLACE. What is the good place I thought. I have never heard of anything like that. A noise comes from the back of the room. I hear the shuffling of feet and the click of doors. A man emerges from what must be a door. He walks towards me. 

"Hello, Eleanor," he says 

"Hello," I answer

"You are in the good place, you have recently died and come to join us here in the good place,"

"Question, what exactly is the good place?"

"Well, I will show you," 

He walks towards the back of the room and walks through the wall. I guess I am supposed to follow him. I walk through the wall and feel relieved when I reach the outside. The outside was beautiful cobblestone paths, water fountains, lots if frozen yogurt shops and houses. We walk on the stone path. "Here is the town square, lots of shops and cafes," he says 

I nod in return. We keep walking till we reach a small red blue and yellow house. It has Circle holes as Windows and twirled bush plants. 

"This is your house," he says gesturing to the tiny thing

"Oh," I reply

He stars to walk toward the house and I follow. The house door is an ugly brown wich doesn't do any justice. The inside is even worse! Pictures of clowns hung in the inside, the house felt crammed and there was an odd ledge leading up to the bed. It had two arm chairs and a small tv in the back of the house. Exactly everything I hated! The clowns where the one thing I was scared of on earth! I hate open floor plans, and I am claustrophobic! What a perfectly imperfect house! 

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