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Hello random person reading this,


I thought of a stupid, but interesting, idea. What if I made this very book about my opinions about random things? It turned out pretty well for my first entry. So this is gonna be a thing I'm doing. I find a subject I have a strong opinion about, and share my thoughts.


So, sorry if you don't agree with my ideas or opinions. If you want to debate it, let me know. Or if I share incorrect information. I personally would appreciate feedback on how it's going.


Thanks for reading,


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Social Media (part 1)

Hello dear Reader,


My name is Sophia, as you probably know.

This is going to be a bit different to my other work. However, I thought I would touch on the subject. So, how are you feeling right now? Are you starting to lose interest? Just reading some words on a screen? That is why we need to talk.


It is so sad. Humans now have to rely on a flashing screen to end their endless boredom. Are you one of these people? Well, currently you are reading words, hoping for an exciting climax. Well dear Reader, it's not going to happen. This short book is going to be boring. But, I want you to read it. Actually, I don't just want you to read it. I dare you to read it. That's right, I dare you to. I don't want you to shift your curser to close the tab, or flick on to Youtube. I also don't want you turn on your TV, or even go away. I just want you to read this book. I dare you to.

Can you do it? Well let's see.


I'm not complaining. Technology is awesome. It carries with it the magic of the internet, and other programs. Many jobs are revolved around it. We can all admit, how can we possibly live without it? That, my friend, is what is so dissapointing. We can't stand to miss a viral Youtube video, or allow ourselves to not get that new iPhone. We rely on these items to get us through our boredom. It is stupid. Ridiculous. Idiotic. And just really, very, frustrating. When did our brains turn into this dependent mush? It is very saddening to watch this every day. People, stalking the pavements, nose buried in a screen. People, spending hours upon hours on their screen, ignoring everything around them. People, dying because of this mystical invention. Yes, you heard me, dying. You are probably thinking, Sophia, you are being dramatic. How can someone die from technology? Well, that is interesting...


Young people, most likely yourself, are trapped in a whole world of their own. But, there is a catch. This world is on their phone. So instead of these teenagers living their lives, they are on their devices. Snapchat,          Facebook, Instagram, and many more. All of these social medias are used by teenagers everyday. Over there, he's checking his Instagram, seeing if anyone liked his photo. And here, she's laughing aloud at an old Facebook meme. It's everywhere. And there's nothing anyone can do about it. It will always be there. These programs are like a contagious cold, once someone has it, everyone has it. But how does this technology harm anyone? The worst someone can do is dislike a post, I hear you question. Well, dear Reader, this is interesting. What if someone doesn't like your post? Well, obviously nothing can be done. But what if it's not just a post, but a forum? Some of these forums are anonymous, meaning anyone can say anything, and some people comment. No harm done, right? But, if you are asking this question, you might be dissapointed to hear that's wrong.



Before I continue, congratulations Reader. You officially aren't as thick- headed as I first thought. Well done. You just read over five hundred words without falling asleep or leaving.


If a forum is anonymous, anyone can post right? Yep, that means

anyone. Including that one bully that hates your gut for no reason. But not one bully, hundreds of bullies that have nothing better to do with their lousy lives but pick on random people for the fun of it. So, Reader, what if you were the victim of one of these bullying sessions? What if your username was apach35 and everyone else was anonymous. It would go something like this:



Anonymous: hey apach35, your photo really sucks


Anonymous: y even post anyway?


Anonymous: no one cares about u or wants u here


apach35: ...


Anonymous: y havent u killed urself yet?


apach35: im going to report u


Anonymous: to who? u dont know who i am?


Anonymous: no one would believe u


Anonymous: apach35 leave already and get ur knife



Yikes. Unfortunatly, this happens often. And since people rely on social media and forums, teenagers do commit suicide due to online bullying attacks. Since it's anonymous, no one can pin the blame on a particular person. Sad isn't it? I understand your feelings. You are worried, aren't you? If you are, I'm glad I could get you to understand. If not, reconsider. Read this situation, over and over, until you understand what these people go through.


But you, reader. You are valued. You are smart, beautiful, and amazing in every way. There are people who love you, and care for you. If you are a target of this type of bulling, tell someone. You shouldn't let this anxiety and depression keep you from living. If you don't have someone trusted to talk to, contact Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800.


Thank you for your time, 




Author's Note: I think I will continue this discussion in future chapters, because I'm not finished. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hoped you enjoyed it!





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Aria Sienna

yeah bruh i didnt even read, but anyway good job!! XD

THE FUTURE!..... not literally

So, I was wondering if I should try something.

Well, it seems a few people have been reading this... so I thought;

"Hey, what if I INTERVIEWED people I knew about their opinions on random subjects?"

I think it's a good idea and it won't take years. I really want to use this format to get different perspectives across to readers.

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Aria Sienna

looking forward to the interview. u got a script yet or nah?

Thumb e7929009 c809 4b4d adf0 a7480c3b4179
Yes I do Aria... I wish you luck in the interview! :P

Is Autotune is Killing Music?

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