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Chapter 1

I lik meatloafs because they taste like string beans.

Do you lik meatlofs? If you don't, I will turn you into a meatlof and EAT YOU.


OK, in all seriousness, is this the entirety of this book?




That's sad. OK, if anyone is reading this please stop NOW!




This is so stupid. All you're talking about is "meatlofs".




Who would read this?


All my fans.




ANYWAYS, I like duck flavored meatlof, I like meat flavored meatlof. And I like brick flavored meatlof.


Brick flavored?


Yeah. And, it looks so much like a brick!




Want some?


NO! Why are you eating bricks?!


 *shrugs* I felt like it. AND THEY ARE MEATLOFS, NOT BRICKS.


I'm leaving.


Fine! Mr Smartysmartsmart, I'm SELLING my meatlofs to my BELOVED FANS

Ok, meat meatlofs are two million dollars each, duck meatlofs are three million dollars each. And, brick meatlofs are thirteen billion dollars per crumb.


   *   *   *


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