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The return

 The excitement was building in Tammy's stomach it had been 5 weeks since she last saw James and she had spent every day longing for him.  Since they married 3 months ago James had spent almost half of there time As newlyweds on tour, and whilst on tour contact was restricted to just once or twice a week which made the distance between them even more difficult.  

She applies the finishing touches to getting ready, brushing through her long silky red hair, and applying a slick of gloss to her pouty lips and a coat of mascara to her light lashes to frame her pretty green eyes. 

There's a knock at the door a little earlier than expected, Tammy heads down stairs practically bounding toward the door, she opens it to see James, stood before her in his marine uniform, his big broad shoulders and beaming smile, his dark hair a little ruffled and messy and a light growth of stubble covering his chiselled jaw.  "Hey baby" he said dropping his bags and holding out his arms.  Tammy jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, nuzzling her face in close to his "I've missed you" she says her warm lips just a hairs breath from his face.  

His strong arms gripping her tightly his hands on her perfectly round arse supporting her "where's my kiss then" he says with a mischievous smile.  Tammy brings her lips to meet his the moment she feels his warm soft lips press against hers she tingles all over, his tongue parting her lips and slipping into her mouth, a soft moan spills from her lips to his as he pins her against the door. She'd been dreaming of this moment for the past 5 weeks. Her hand run through his thick dark hair as she sinks into his kiss, he squeezes her arse harder making her squeel and giggle.  She jumps down from around his waist pulling away from his tempting lips “come on let’s get you inside” she smiles grabbing his hand as he grabs his bags in the other. 

They head inside shutting out the world behind them, James dumps his bags in the hallway and grabs a hold of Tammy again "come here beautiful" he says cupping her face in his large hands, he pressed his lips to hers softly and teasingly planting light pecks and pulling away talking between kisses "'" Tammy sucks on his bottom lip as she pulls away from his kisses "I've missed you more" she smiles pulling him over towards the sofa, they both slump down side by side.  James places a hand on her thigh and she places hers on top of his.   She gazes at him smiling as her eyes are fixed on his, he stokes her cheek, "come here you" he says reaching an arm around her and pulling her on close to him, "best hugs ever" she smiles as she snuggles in beside him tucked perfectly under his arm her hand resting on his chest.  "Don't leave me for that long ever again, you hear me" she says poking him in the stomach playfully. "Not of I can help it" he responds squeezing her closer to him. 

They stay there for a few moments until Tammy says "I guess we best get going I'm not the only one that's been missing you, you best go get ready" she smiled.  They were off for lunch with family, James' mum and dad who had been married 40years and still very much in love and also his brother and sister and respective partners, his sister was gay and engaged to her girlfriend of 5years and his brother recently divorced with two children, both boys 5 & 7 so lunch was not going to be a quiet intimate affair.  James heads upstairs with his bags to get changed followed by Tammy, who hops on to the bed and lays back whilst she waits for him, she cannot keep her eyes off him as he gets undressed and thumbs through his wardrobe looking for something to wear, his muscles flexing, strong broad shoulders, and pert arse making her bite her bottom lip in frustration as he walks around the bedroom to his chest of drawers to find a change of underwear he catches her eyeing him "see anything you like?" He jokes and smiles at her.  "EVERYTHING, I'll take the lot" she says with a wink.  He playfully throws a pair of boxers at her “hey” she giggles “come on the sooner we go, the sooner we can get home again” James nods in response and finishes getting ready.

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Family chaos

 James and Tammy arrive at the restaurant, the family are all there waiting for them, his mother Cynthia leaps up and throws her arms around James muttering some high pitched nonsensical squeals. James rolls his eyes and looks at his dad Tom, with a smile, Tom firmly slaps him on the back “good to see you son” he says gruffly, he too was once in the army and was extremely proud of James for following in his footsteps, where as his brother Michael had chosen a career in teaching like his mother. “Good to have you back bro” Michael called out from the otherside of the table.  James gave him a nod and appreciative smile.  The two boys Ryan and Tyler run to James “uncle James look at my car” screams Tyler excited to show off his new toy.  “Wow impressive says James” smiling at the boys and ruffling their hair. Tammy walks around the table to take a seat next to James’s sister Julia and her fiancée Catherine. “Hey good to see you both” she smiles kissing each of them on the cheek before taking her seat. James unhooks himself from his mother “come on let’s sit” he says ushering her back around the table with the two boys, James takes the empty seat next to Tammy and his mother on his left next to his father on the circular table saying hello to Julia and Catherine as he passes. Cynthia squeezes Tammy’s shoulder as she passes “good to have him back isn’t it dear” she says as she takes her seat. “It really is” Tammy smiles placing her hand on James’ strong thigh.

Cynthia was sometimes a difficult women to get along with some would call her interfering, she calls it caring,  but having been in the same position she understood Tammy’s pain every time James went away.  Tammy turns to Julia “so how are the wedding plans coming along?” She speaks loudly as the boys are getting ruckus across the table crashing their cars together.  “Good, we’ve got the table plan sorted, finally, everything is booked except for cars, so I think we’re there aren’t we babe” she smiles at Catherine “I think we are, without becoming bridezillas too” Michael piped up “still no kids though, even your own nephews” he says shaking his head. “Let’s not do this again, now” barks Julia at Michael clearly frustrated.  “It just shocks me you don’t want your nephews at your wedding that’s all” he sighs. Clearly tension between them. The waitress approaches the table, “great, I’m starving” says Tom loudly in an attempt to break the awkwardness around the table.  The waitress took food and drinks orders from the entire table and heads away. “What did you miss being away James?” Says Tom, “I  always missed your mother’s cooking, and the rugby not sure which I missed most" he says smirking and Cynthia teasing her. She slaps his knee and shakes her head. "Well has to be this one here" he says putting his arm around Tammy and pulling her into him. "This beauty and my own bed and shower" he smiles. Ryan the eldest of the boys makes a mock sick face and sound. Tammy and James laugh, as James releases his grip around her.  The family chat away catching up on what has been happening with each of them over the past few weeks.  The food arrives and they all tuck in continuing to chat "so promotion could be on the cards then Mikey" James says responding to Michael's news that the position of deputy head has become free at his school, "fingers crossed" he replies "it should be yours guaranteed, the work you put in there" says Cynthia proudly.  Julia rolls her eyes and looks at Catherine "what's that all about?" Says Michael.  "Nothing" replies Julia. "No I saw you roll your eyes at me,why? Why can't you just be happy for me?". Michael asked her.  "Come on guys leave it" said James.  "No, you want to know, well we've been here before haven't we Michael, you speak of these opportunities but never man enough to step up and take them they'll be some excuse next week as to why you didn't go for it, the timing wasn't right, you can't because of the boys etc etc you've always been the same, me and james grab life with both hands you barely snatch at opportunities that are handed to you, you get mum excited for you only to let her down".  "Julia that's harsh" said James "the truth is" she replied.  "that's how you feel too isn't it?" Michael asks James.  Before he can respond Tom intervines "stop it you're upsetting your mother she's been looking forward to this all week.  "Sorry mum" all three of them say almost in unison.

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