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Living and growing to a life with good impression will always take you to good places. That’s how Tristan and Briana considered life as being best friends. However, Tristan was the lucky one. He got everything Briana wished to have for. A family that supports, protect, care, love and stays on your side through the dark, friends that...

Nightmare Festival

We've all read that awesome road trip book that makes you want to forget about your worries, hop in the car and hit the road with no destination in mind. This isn't that type of book. A true story about a road trip gone hilariously wrong.

His Billion Dollar Baby

For her whole life Eliana Maxwell has had no real family. Her parents abandoned her, leaving her with a crippling heart defect and no idea of who saved her life as a baby. Then, in the midst of being thrown out of her home, she meets the one guy that can give her everything. But it comes with a price. Join Eliana as she navigates...