The Second Chance


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  There comes a sunny day and a brunch wth my family( me, my dad and my aunt)...!!! Myself Riya  n i'm 17yrs old n i live wth my aunt diya and she's super cool n v live in boston ( i came here just a month ago , i've born n bought up in delhi,India). So wat i was telling bou ??! Even idk i'l just go with the flow .... so here i go ....... My dad Raj stays in boston since i was 3 and i used to communicate wth him only thru letters ,emails then video calls n thanks to technology n the sad part is that my mom's dead wen i was 2 yrs old , so i lived wth my grand parents n completed my 12th n my dad asked me to do majors in psychology in US so i came here n my dad always keep wandering from place to place for business meetings n all ,so i stay wth my aunt n i barely knw her wen i came here bt nw she's lyk my bestie who really cares for me and tomo is d first day of my college n i'm so excited n a bit nervous coz i'm new to dis place and gng to meet new ppl .... 

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The beginnings

 'Honey you're getting late', said aunt

'Coming aunt', i said

Had my breakfast wth orange juice n some milk with cereals and wore a new blue t-shirt with a formal white jeans and tied a white choker to my neck and turned my long hair into a bun and rushed to the car. 

'U should never get late to d clg on the very first day riya',said aunt

'Sry i was bit confused about the outfit', i said 

'So dnt think that  i'm giving you sum boring lectures bt listen to me , you're new to the city n the clg as well so try to b gd to everyone n if anyone taunts u , just ignore them and move on and its d new beginning of ur lyf ,so take it slw n enjoy to d fullest n dnt forget to concentrate on ur academics ', said aunt

'OK ok aunt thanks for dropping me n for ur valuable boring speech bye', i said running towards d clg 

Thats an old building bt newly painted and the people here are lyk d ones who i see in netflix n thinking to myself do i get a chance to meet any new friends bt forget bou a frnd atleast a new person...!!! N was seeing the booklet of d clg n searching for my classroom and then i heard a voice from behind saying ' Are you a new student ??' Said an older man who wore a brown suit and was luking towards me wth a big smile 

'Yeah, n i' m actually searching for my class' i said and he took my admission letter and said 

'I'm Jones n i teach here so lemme help u to find ur classroom ', n pointed a room which is bit far n said thats ur cls , go before u get late to first lecture and Before  i thank him , he left. 

Then comes a new room wth all d new ppl and all the chairs were occupied except the first one so i had only one option to sit and sumone from the left side asked me 'are u from India??', and i turned towards her who was actually pretty good with big glasses and wore a cute pink top written i'm super cool on it and she has a very short hair and i said to her 'yeah i'm from Delhi' . 

'Hey i'm Racheal n i'm from hyderabad and i'm new here..!!' She said 

'Ohh..!! Thats so nice n i'm Riya n even i'm a new student ', i said 

Then a lady enters saying welcome to the university of boston and asked everyone to introduce themselves.

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Friendship tales

 One by one introduced themselves and the lecture was boring as expected and then me n rachael went to a mall. There we did few shopping for herself and she gifted me a scarf of my fav color blue which actually suits my outfit and we went to dominos and ate there n for dis i payed coz she gifted me sumthng which i need to pay back (indian rules of frienship). 

'You returned so soon !! Btw who dropped you ?', asked aunt staring at me wearing a brand new dress ( actually even the tag wasn't removed , she was just checking the outfit whether it was right purchase or not bt seriously it wasn't that good but my aunt's so pretty that everythng she wears it luks so perfect on her) 

'I got a new friend n she dropped me n guess what even she's from India and v got really close just in few hrs',i said heading towards my room. 

My room was a totally mess wen i was leaving to college but aunt cleaned the whole stuff and she's really very particular regarding the neatness n all and i forgot to describe you about my room , my room is full of blue color everywhere (the walls are blue n the bed is blue and even the wadrobes are blue ) and may be you might b thinking that i'm insane but seriously i love blue and wateva i love should be next to me.

'Riya come downstairs , dinner is ready n i made you're fav dishes ' ,said aunt .

'Coming aunt', i said and was thinking may be she might have baked some potatoes wth some brown rice and spinach juice and i was correct but the only extra dish she made was my fav carrot halwa(its an indian sweet).

As i told you that my aunt is bit particular about few things n one among them is we are not supposed to talk while eating coz one might get choke himself to death as her  father died of this reason and we can't deny her rules . I completed my food and went to my room , opened my macbook air which was gifted by my dad as a present of my high school graduation and i actually scored 97%  and you might be thinking that i'm a nerd and you're right coz i love books and i really study well but only before exams coz on regular days i'l be lyk complete moron. I checked my facebook and instagram and there were neither new requests nor any messages from my indian friends and may be they're upset coz i promised them that i'l be studying wth them in india bt i can't go against my dad's word and i wonder what my grandparents be doing without me coz they love me so much and daily morning of sharp 7'o clock they'll call me and wake me up and now i'm missing them badly. Got a notification on my iphone and it was rachael's message  

📱Rachael : good night Riya , thank you for today coz i was really worried of being alone in the class from past 3 days but now i got u and i really liked your nature and you're madness ...!! See you tomorrow ♥️

📱Me: Gn sleep tight and friendship main no thank you and no sorry right ❤️ (its a famous dailogue from an indian movie which means no thank you and  no sorry in friendship) 

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The stranger

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That guy again

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Painful past

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