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Chapter 1

    “…it’s guaranteed to be hottest thing on the market. Children have begun reading as early as the age of 2! A must have - Get the new free Application – Neewollah Live - available for the iPhone 6 and all notebook technology August 18th!” encouraged a voice over commercial.

    This infomercial found its way into the homes across the globe. Parents flocked in groves to get the latest in electronic babysitters. Children of all ages were awestricken with  Neewollah. By the end of September it was being used everywhere - sitting in the back seats of cars on long trips, going to the grocery stores with mom, spending time with grandma, while at the beach, everywhere

people went - kids were seen fully engaged in some sort of electronic devices in their hands. The Media jumped on the bandwagon, reporting that the product did exactly what it said it would – children would be reading and in a world study parents reported that the best part of the application was the bedtime stories their child were most drawn too.  It was the bedtime stories where numerous subliminal messages began. Children all over the world were drawn in by the colorful art work as their electronic devices took the place of unsuspecting parents all over world, to ensure each child heard a bedtime story before going to sleep.

    Growing popularity, a surprising discovery blanketed the world - not only could children read at remarkably early ages – they were becoming exceptional artists. Little hands that couldn’t even write their names developed the finest of motor skills as they created art work in the same design with rich colors of black onyx, fiery oranges, intense yellows and deep crimson reds. One by one, pictures of pumpkins began to emerge. Parents were appeased by the skills that their children were learning with Neewollah Live – but un-be-known to them – a date had been set, and the children were preparing. As the days grew closer to a night of Tricks-n-Treats, the pictures all done in the same type and color crayons color became instant news – all were identical as if there had only been a multiple print of one piece of art work. Parents all over the world hung the art work on walls, refrigerators; some even got the art work hung in youth galleries.  Neewollah Live - had become a global phenomenon.

    As a loving mother framed her young Childs pumpkin work of art, something caught her eye - Horror filled her veins as she stood motionless. The sound of scratching echoed in her mind as the bloody lettering appeared. Neewollah Live read backwards appeared as Halloween Evil.  She screamed out – “I have to warn everyone!” as she turned to grab her phone, a small frame silhouette of a child appeared – it was her child.  A blood curdling scream filled the air as the child raised a large knife and said “Its Halloween Evil time! The Children will Rule!”

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