A Dragon Filled Adventure


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Chapter 1

   A little girl who looked no more than 5 was wandering around on her own. She was left there by her parents, saying that if she was able to find them in an hour or so, they would give her a reward. The little girl, still innocent and naive, didn't know that it was all a trick. Her parents abandoned her there. 

After a while, exhaustion overtook her and she rested her small body under a tree. She was near the border of the Frozen Isles, and the fact that she was wearing only a tattered oversized shirt was not helping her maintain her body warmth. Her long blonde hair was all tangled up, but her bright baby blue eyes still showed no sign of giving up. 

She stood up a few moments later and continued searching, even though she knew it was already well past an hour. With Lady Luck on her side, she found her home by pure accident. Her eyes lit up in happiness and she knocked on the door. Her parents opened up the door, but they didn't look happy at all. They simply slammed the door. 

She pounded on the door, not caring if it would break down or not, yelling at her parents to open the door. There was no response, and she gave up after a while. She soon left her home, knowing her parents didn't want her. But, fatigue overtook her and she collapsed under a tree, with her heart aching badly. 

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Chapter 2

   When she woke up, she saw a boy that looked no more than 6 looking back at her. The boy had light brown hair and yellow eyes that was almost like the color of the sun. She blinked for a few seconds before registering the boy was in front of her. She punched the boy, thinking he was going to harm her. 

"OW!!!!!" A bright red bruise formed on the side his face. 

"Who are you.....?" She asked. 

"Me? I'm Aren. And why did you hit me?!" 

"It's not my fault! I don't even know you!" 

"Aren, you shouldn't scare her like that." A deep voice behind Aren said. She saw a dragon. And a mighty big one as well. She started backing away, afraid of what the dragon might do. The dragon seemed to notice the little girl's fear, and simply said, "You don't have to be afraid of me. I won't cause you any harm. My name is Wren, the guardian of dragons. And this boy here is Aren, as you already know. What is your name?" 

"Uh......" the little girl could not answer that question. Her parents never gave her a name, only calling her 'little girl' or just 'girl'. As if the dragon read her mind, he asked, "Do you not have a name?" 

"I don't think I have a name......" she said, a bit sad. "Aren, what do you think you would name this girl if you were given the chance to?" 

"Hm........" He seemed to be deep in thought. Then an imaginary light bulb appeared on his head, "I know! Let's call her Star!" "And why's that?" "Her eyes! They're shining brightly like the stars in the night sky!" He smiled cutely. The dragon gave a small smile, "Very well then, we'll call you Star from now on." 

She smiled, "Okay then!" Aren then led her to a small cottage that was near the border of the Frozen Isles. "Here is where we'll live from now on!" He exclaimed. "Okay!" She went in and the first thing she noticed was an egg. A dragon egg to be precise. Her eyes sparkled, "A dragon egg!" 

"Yep! I've been keeping it safe and warm for the last few weeks! I think it's gonna hatch around this week!" He had a proud look on his face. 

"That's. So. Cool!" She cheered. That was when a crack appeared on the egg, which was then followed by several cracks. The top of the egg broke off, and out popped a white baby dragon with Prussian blue eyes. 

Star's and Aren's eyes widened when the dragon popped out. They stared at each other for some time before they started cheering. 

"It hatched! It hatched it hatched it hatched it hatched!" They cheered while dancing around. The little dragon just looked at them with its dark blue orbs, confused at what they were doing. 

Aren scooped up the little dragon and danced around with it, while Star jumped around. It was truly one happily suprising day for them. 

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Chapter 3

(This is when Star is 18, Aren is 20.) 

Star was walking inside a cave, taking in her surroundings. 

'....... Bad idea to ever come into this cave.' She thought to herself. Why was she in there in the first place? Well, it's because the villagers told her to. The villagers were actually trying to get rid of her, since they thought she would only bring disaster and destruction along with her adoptive brother. (Yes, Aren has become a brother figure to her.) 

She had a sack of fish slung over her shoulder with a torch in her left hand. She continued pressing forward and delved deeper into the cave before reaching an open clearing. 

In front of her laid a midnight blue dragon, with it's fiery red orbs looking right back at her. 

"Hello there! Nice to..... uh..... meet you Mr Dragon!" 

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"Well, to be honest with you I just came to meet you."

"Are you sure you aren't here to kill me or something?" The dragon asked, suspicion and surprise lacing his voice.

"Yep. I am pretty sure I am sure that I am not here to kill you. You actually seem like a good dragon."

"Alright, what business do you have here with me. I can see clearly you are lying. You don't lie all too well missy." 

"Uh......... fine. I'm here to talk you."

The dragon just looked at her with an expression that said, 'Do I look like I want to talk to you in the first place?" 

"Just lemme talk to ya. And the villagers told me to come."

"The villagers? What, did I do something to anger them again? Cuz I've been in this cave for who knows how long already." 

"How am I supposed to know. Also can I tame you? You seem like a good dragon companion."

"Hm. No."

"But why?! My brother has a little dragon as a companion!"

"Tamed it?"

"Took care of it since it was an egg.....?"

"I just met you and you want to tame me? Yeah you have a few loose screws in your head missy. I ain't some random dragon you can tame easily." 

"......... Fish?"

".......... fine." 


She threw the whole sack of fish in front of the dragon, and he happily gobbled it up. 

"Could you not have brought more?"

"I only had that much time for fishing goddamnit!"

"Lemme guess, short attention span?"

"Goddamnit how did you know?"



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