The Government's Child


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It's come to my understanding, things won't always go your way. Bad things happen to people and I was always taught there were people worse off. However, when it happens to a child, do you blame the child for their behaviour? or do you blame the people that were meant to guide the child?

I was horrible misunderstood, I still feel this, I'm going to take you on a walk through my world from the very beginning, then you decide if my behaviour, long term problems are my own doing, or are they for the Government's ignorance to what really goes on in the care system. 

I will leave you to answer the question. Am I crazy? 


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Since this is the first chapter, I think I should talk about the day I was born, as I was born under unusual circumstances. 

My mother, Sandy Thompson always told my brother and I we were special babies, of course every parent would say that, a baby is a gift. We were. Sandy could not have children after her first, my elder brother Danny was born when my mum was eighteen. after many attempts to fix the problem, no baby! She then sought help from fatality God Professor Robert Winston, he's now a Lord. Mum said she conceived once but it wasn't to be, she said she lost a little boy, determined, Sandy was going to have a daughter so she could have one of each, her second attempt was a waiting game, IVF was an ordeal no woman wants to go through.

February 1991,

two eggs were put inside of Sandy in hopes one will accept, the big two week wait was over and the answer graced her day, she was indeed pregnant, she was later to find out she wasn't just pregnant with a child, she was pregnant with children, twins. unfortunately 33 weeks into the pregnancy Sandy went into labour, she was rushed to Hammersmith Hospital in London,

4:00 AM, Thursday, November 7th 1991 she gave birth to two babies, the first to arrive was a little girl with jet black hair, that was my first breathe, after complications exactly forty-five minutes later a little boy was delivered just before a C-Section was made, he had jet-black hair and a face screwed up as my mother said. Sandra had a daughter she always wanted, Tiea Norma Thompson and a son Reece Tyrell Thomas Thompson; in a bid to save their premature life, the doctors rushed the babies to Special Care Babies Unit where they slept in incubators for the next six weeks, weighing 1880g. Fearing their lives would be short, Sandy had the babes blessed. 

Thanks to God, we grew stronger each day with little intervention needed. Reece had an operation as he had difficulties digesting his milk. 


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Being coloured in the 90's...

My parents split up when we were around three, things were a little complicated but I would see my dad a lot. He played a big part in my life, I honestly don't know where I would be without him.


"I'm not going to spend my life being a colour" ~ Michael Jackson 

my twin and I are mulatto, which means we have one black parent and one white parent, because of this and the geration I was born into, we were victims of relentless bullying. My earliest memories were wanting to be White,  at the time of this bullying I was living in Kent, Sandy wanted to live closer to her parents. The schools I attended were not mixed at all, in my class alone their were three coloured children, my brother, Leon and I, even in the school pictures there was no trouble pointing us out in a sea of pale faces. I would come home crying wishing I could be white like the other children so they would stop picking on me. I wasn't black, I wasn't white and not even I yet understood where I would stand in society. My twin was the only friend I had for a long while, we were as close as twins could be; best friends. I used to dress him up in my dresses, he loved it really but deny it now. I went on to make a three friends, Abbey, Margaret and Samantha, they helped make me feel welcome but I could not forget the times I'd sit on a bench under the old oak tree watching the children play, I would ask if I could play, I asked a girl called Sarah but she would ignore me, a girl called Emily would push me and give me the evils. On the road I lived, I would follow the teenagers around, I was like a pet to them, they would play with my 'weird' hair because it was different. Other children asked "why is your skin that colour?", mum told me to tell them "I'm beautiful just the way I am". A happy memory I did have at Horsted Junior School, I had my first crush, a boy called Perry, he had a crush on a girl called Sophie, she didn't like me either, actually that's not a happy memory after all.

In the End Sandy knew this bullying would not cease, she bid fair-well to her short stay in Kent and moved back to London, it was one of my happiest memories! London is much more diverse City, it was where I was born, there were a lot of black communities that were more excepting. I would never see my free friends again, however in the future a man called MArk would invent the Facebook, I was able to find them and 'friend' them there. Abby moved to Wales and had two daughters, Perry had a band and before he 'unfriend' me, he was doing well, I never found Samatha and Margret is also doing well.

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I'll Be Fine...

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