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I was inspired by a dream to write my own modern version of my favorite childhood fairy-tale Beauty & The Beast. I am writing along with NaNoWriMo, and am starting late. Better late than never! 

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Chapter 1

"Cold as the northern winds in December mornings, Cold is the cry that rings from this far distant shore.Winter has come too late too close beside me. How can I chase away all these fears deep inside? I'll wait the signs to come. I'll find a way I will wait the time to come. I'll find a way home. My light shall be the moon and my path - the ocean. My guide the morning star as I sail home to you."
Enya, "Exile"

We reach the edge of the ocean, she doesn't look back when I call, I try to take her by the hand, however, she feels attracted by an unseen light and runs off without me. We the Nine Choirs of Angels remember Bella's smile, it seems eons since the last time we saw her use it, it was precisely three days ago. Somewhere along these sands my assignment Bella realizes that something is missing in her bag. She brought her arugula salad, her diary, pen, tissue paper for her allergies, but she forgot the romance she was reading at home. She wanders along the shore and decides to pick up seashells and interesting, little rocks; I inspired her to. I'm especially happy when she listens.

An old woman comes while Bella kneels drawing on the sand the tree that I wanted her to sketch. Inside the tree the old woman observes that Bella is drawing a bird, inside the bird's breast she gos on to draw a simple rose. The old woman holds her breath to not interrupt, but she feels she must. Who does she think she is to collect the tears of the ocean glazed like seashells and rocks in her bag, a thief, a collector or perhaps she is a dreamer? The old woman carries a blue velvet bag. Seagulls fight for food while children feed them. Certain women tan their bodies, while other women read books instead of wetting their hair. You're missing out I tell them and their Guardians smile and nod their head. One woman looks up sensing our conversation. When Bella gets up throwing the sharp rock aside, shaking sand from her hands, she shivers a little when she sees the emaciated old woman. Hello, she says, I'm ashamed to have to bother you, but I'm hungry and haven't anything to eat ... Oh no, Bella thinks, I do not want to give her my Baby Arugula salad with Ahi Tuna, it's all I have. Bella goes on to say: You know, I don't carry money with me. I have this, and the old woman reaches inside her bag to reveal a fresh red rose, would you like it in exchange for something to eat? Ma'am, I don't need a rose, I really can't help. The witch in disguise kneels and begins to write with the sharp stone that Bella had thrown away. Bella’s burns with curiosity and returns to observe what the old woman has drawn. Come, what do you see, the old woman points to the drawing in the sand. Bella creeps towards her reluctantly and says, it's... a heart... with cracks. You're right. That... is your heart! Wait, what is she talking about, thinks Bella. The old woman continues: What I'm talking about is this: Bella, you fear that your emotions will overflow, you fear to love and you have established dams: obstacles, traps, and barricades so that no man may win your heart. When she gets up, the old woman reveals her true nature: I am an enchantress and not an old woman like you thought. Bella cringes, saying, What? Like you heard, I am an Enchantress. Reserve your questions. From now on, for not knowing how to love your neighbor as yourself, I cast this spell on you - a woman-wolf you will be since you have not learned to give from the heart. You have no power over me, you can't do this, Bella's feet start sinking in the sand. Oh, don't be too sure, the Enchantress goes on, You're a beast and you haven't even noticed! Go on, look at your tail! What, what's going on here, Bella is now chasing her tail. The day a man learns to love you for who you are on the inside, you shall be a woman again; good luck! Bella now a wolf realizes the old witch is beautiful on the outside with arched eyebrows and silky hair, but on the inside Bella can see her soul - a wormy mess. Aniron bites the edge of her lip proud of her darkness.

The old witch thinks Bella is unprotected but she hasn't seen that her Father in heaven, her Savior Jesus, the Holy Ghost and I her Guardian are all present. The Father is permitting this evil for a higher purpose.

Keep this rose as a token of your test, guard it like the pupil of your eye for when its last petal falls - if you have not learned to love and be loved in return, you will be a bound apprentice of mine 'til the end of days. The witch with her serpentine smile dematerializes.

Bella collapses to the sands and lets her first howl escape. She then rises, rose in her bite, looks around and strangely finds that the few humans beings left on the beach are packing their things to go home; as the sun like a cigarette that has been extinguished in the ash tray of the sea also goes home for the day.

I must be invisible, Bella concludes. She takes her first leap as a wolf in the sand and runs like she's never before. Why, she thinks to herself as she weeps leaping through the sand. This can't be! I'm hallucinating; I stopped my meds. That must be it. If not, what? God does not punish like this. Is it the Evil One? 

Bella opens the door to her apartment and is surprised to see her paws work as if her hands are hidden beneath the wool. I’ll never go out like this. Now my home is my lair, she thinks. Suspended unconsciously Bella’s thoughts that once ran in circles as she paced the sands stop for a moment, yet they resurface: how will I ever find love? If I do find someone - he would have to keep our love hidden and located thousands of leagues under the sea, that is the sea of humanity’s eyes. My Bella hasn’t lost her keen sense of humor, thank Goodness. Eyeing her half lit kitchen we decide to cook. I whisper “Cream of Mushroom.” Her stomach growls too audibly. She decides to make her own mushroom soup - yes - I love how calm she becomes after eating her creamy soup, as if sent from heaven. I miss my smooth tummy she thinks caressing her now furry belly. She reaches into her fridge for unsalted butter, an onion, half-and-half, chicken broth, and mushrooms. At least I haven't lost my mind, thinks Bella as she sips on the carton of half-and-half.


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Chapter 2

A heavenly woman whose spirits surpassing unknown sublimity and whose perfumes leave us the Angels agape has managed to maneuver her way through the crowd at Venice Beach unsuspected. In reality she is homeless yet still worthy of a warm home she thinks to herself as she gazes at Orion’s Belt in the night sky. Lord, have you abandoned me? No, he hasn’t, her Guardian whispers in her ear wiping her tear. She perceives a veiled indescribable beauty, strangely presenting itself as a guiding light from the moon. It must be my mind foolishly baffled, she thinks. She looks back yet decides to follow it nonetheless. Marina finds herself drawn to a certain building when her Guardian prompts her to enter a vague opportunity a door slightly left open. The cold breeze rushes by her face and subsides inside the now dazzling palace. A palace inside an apartment? How quaint and peculiar, yet cozy. Look there is a dinner set out on the table. It seems a banquet. But where are the guests? I’m so hungry. I wonder if I could have just a bite of that piece of pie. As Marina sits down without thinking she is transfixed by the Cream of Mushroom Soup, lemon pie, and Baby Arugula with Ahi Tuna salad as she is transported in her mind she begins to feel like royalty. She sighs settling into her chair and begins having a conversation with herself: it seems wrong to eat excessively, yet it is understood how depressing it can be to not eat and how necessary it is to feed oneself. Marina first notices the manuscripts when she is taking the last sip of wine. This is the palace of a writer! No wonder they’re so well off. She rises saying, Pardon me, Sir or Madam it wasn’t my intention to barge in your home and eat your food like this, well I mean it was my dream to find a place like this to shelter me but I know I am intruding and I’ll be on my way just need to see who wrote these books in progress first. Oh Marina curiosity killed the cat. No curiosity is gonna kill me if I don’t read. Once upon a time in an impenetrable kaleidoscopic kingdom there lived a girl named Ella who saddened in soul even conscience hastened to find a newborn baby boy to replace the one she had inadvertently lost one day in the marketplace. There are reflections as if magically appearing on the manuscript - they’re twin embryos. What sort of sortilege is this, Marina asks. A miracle and a hidden scent of softened pine and honey lingers in the air. I must be on my way, says. When she remembers she left her own book waiting to be written in a cart beneath the bridge where she sleeps. She realizes once outside again that there is a mysterious dream - a unique garden with soil like molten lace and an enormous theatre of fruits, vegetables and kisses of the unusual forms: flowers of passable purpose. This pink rose is better than rosemary, but deserves a better home most definitely; you’ll forgive me, Lord, if I pluck it for my son Austin. A scar upon the rose’s stem inwardly is imprinted as it is snapped for Marina’s son. She then goes on to remove the thorns. Minutes pass. A shadow appears. You dare trespass my property, and on top of this - you kill a rose from my unknown and delicate garden? Marina turns her back and puts the rose inside her black coat. I...I am sorry ma’am, I know I am trespassing on your property but why would I cut one of your roses? I wouldn't steal from a garden so exquisite and ethereal. Don’t smart talk me and Bella steps into the light. Marina stutters when Bella's reveals her fangs, You’re a, a...Wolf says Bella feeling entitled nodding. What would be a just punishment, Bella asks, How about a life for a life? You can’t be serious, says Marina. By the way, a little late to introduce myself I acknowledge but I am Edmund - I am Bella’s Guardian Angel, assigned by the Most High God. I whisper in Bella’s ear though imperceptible to her, her spirit captures my words and she ceases to think of murder. Where are these blood thirsty thoughts coming from she thinks, oh I’m a wolf, right. No excuses, I whisper - Bella hears me and feels uneasy as well as tired. I’ll pardon your life but tell me - what is it you want with the rose; I know you took it! Marina thinks twice, removes the rose from her pants’ waistline and says, I want it for my son. Austin, my son, is not doing well. He was in a car accident and is...in a coma. Oh, Bella’s heart sinks. Take the rose, but can you keep a secret and make a promise? Yes, anything, Marina replies. Keep in secret that I am, Bella tugs at her wolf’s tail beneath her dress and says, this beast, also promise that when your son gets well - you’ll send him to meet me? Oh my son would love to meet you! 

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