Half in the Shadows

Daredevil/Avengers fan fiction. When a potentially dangerous stranger appears in Hell's Kitchen, Matt Murdock is on hand to keep his city safe. But when research into the case starts drawing the attention of the Avengers, Matt realises he may be pulling on a thread he doesn't want to unravel.

A New Kind of Normal

How do you deal with a crisis? Some people cry, scream and generally fall to pieces, others run in the opposite direction to the trouble, others walk away, pretending not to have noticed, while others wait for someone to start giving orders. Someone else has to keep it together, give the orders and clean up the mess. Kate Weatherly...


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The man in lace.

This is the true story of the international lingerie and lace business in the 90’s and 00’s and of one man’s journey through it. I was young, had a family to support and a licence to travel the world with a suitcase full of lace and women’s underwear..what could possibly go wrong?


Ireland, 1919. The Great War is over and for many in Europe it is the beginning of a new era. On a small island to the west of the European mainland, the seeds of rebellion and conflict are once again beginning to stir. After five years away from home, a young man returns to Kerry to a country so changed, that he barely recognizes....

The Vermin Queen

Humans call them giants. They claim to be gods. All that matters is the survival of the human race. No-one alive remembers when the old world was destroyed. Giants came and conquered, enslaving the populations all around the ruined world. In the few remaining Free Cities are the humans who control their own fate. Vrinneria and its...