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Real life, Before

 Dear diary, before you can read my story in the right way, you might need some background information. So here it is:

I'm 13 years old, and live in Europe. I go to high school and do one of the most difficult studies ( it's called VWO ) my name will be Stella, and everyone in this book has nicknames, so there identifies will stay secret. No worries, I will expain my connection with everyone when he or she is new in my story. 

And just to make sure, yes, this is all real, I didn't made any of this up. It is just my experience with life. 

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Real life, 01 feb 2018

 Yesterday, I was at my first day at work. I applied to a exotic pet store, and asked or I could help. They said that it was okay and that I could start next week. So there I was, standing in front of the pet store. I had been there once before, to buy a guinea pig. Her name was Ranja, but she died at 3 years ago. When I walked in, the owner was bussy with customers, so I got in line. Once she was done, she explaind some things, and said I could replace the hamsters. So I did that, but  when I was done, she was bussy again. So I didn't knew what to do. I just walked in the shop and looked at some animals. She gave me some more chores, but she seemed a little annoyed when I asked what to do. I really hope I made a good impression. Because I would love it to keep working there. 

But today, it is just a normal day. I am just back from school. I was discussing something with my very good friend M*. A guy from my class touched my butt, and I didn't knew what to do. So I laughed it off. But M said that he was innocent, because another guy grabed his hand and pit it on my butt. So he couldn't do anything about it. It's quite hard to decide who to blame. Especially because the guy who's hand was grabbed, smiled at my when I looked at him, shocked. M said that I sould only blame the guy who grabed the hand of the other guy. His name is J. And the guy who J grabbed, was named K. But K thought it was funny, so isn't he guilty too??? And is it that big of a deal? They are just a couple of 14 year olds, who think they are funny, should i even mind? This week it happend for the second time, but it where very good male friends of me. But even than, I don't think it is okay.

I'm go to horse riding in about a minute, I have very close friends there. One of them is 17 years old, she will probably know what to do. 

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