Whore Mary and Martha live juxtaposed lives; Martha just returned from England to her suburban homeland in Australia and Mary in her cottage brothel of Bethany during the time of Christ. They are sisters and share their worlds across an age exploring their relationship with an enigmatic itinerant called Jay, a man who challenges...

Maintain The Rage

Young Teddy Gordon grows up with her single miserable father believing everything he has to tell her about the days of wine and roses and the true believers of the Whitlam era until she confronts her own political agenda as a university student on the brink of the reintroduction of fee based education in Australia


It's 5 minutes into the future, Facebook is passé, digital devices have taken another evolutionary leap, and if you are increasingly cash-rich and time-poor?the Veris device provides you with multiple virtual presences so you can keep up with your exacting and dynamic lifestyle and still get some sleep. When Tom Teko discovers too...

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