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    Hi My name is Stephanie and a lot of people don’t know who I am and never heard of me. But some of you have known me for my Tweets, Instagram's, Vine’s, and being a YouTuber of @StephanieIsLive on the Internet. But the real question is ... Who Am I and how did I get started in doing videos for the Internet and other projects! 

Well.. Here is my Story...


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Chapter 1

Founded As A Digital Media Major

    I started as a art major, I was very much a quiet and shy person. After in my high school career, I began to take a Television Production class where I was inspired to start my YouTube career at that point. While was in high school taking Video Production, Computer Multimedia and a Yearbook class, I then started my own production company called Celebrity Productions. The name came to my mind from a pop culture side of it and entertainment. I am the one that was all business, as I didn’t go to my senior PROM. The reason why I chose not to go is because I was working on my business and technology and web design//html code all night long. I believe I made it happen for a reason to go on this wonderful journey as a Digital Media major, YouTuber, and an Internet Person. After high school, I went to a community college then going to transfer to a technical institute where I am going to pursue my Associates Degree in Digital Media. 

    As a Digital Media major is a lot of hard work in production planning. People think that there is no jobs in this. I myself has a Digital Media job as a content creator for many companies and still employed. In my journey before I had gotten these jobs, I applied to many media-based companies and still get rejected but I know some thing happened in the year 2012 as I was signed by a network called Broadcast Media after my 1 year contract went up, I got signed on December 12,2013 to AwesomenessTV. While being signed to AwesomenessTV , my subscribers went up and I began to get more opportunities. In the year of 2014 as I went to a college career services where I got help with my resume and send it out to many people out there. From going to networking events and getting my name out there with many opportunities for myself as this video person. Then the month of March came by as this realtor called me up for a opportunity in graphic design,social media,and Digital Media known as creating his content for his websites. While in between working for him as this marketing company that had found me on Twitter in creating content within the trends and Youth/pop culture. I was in between jobs at the point with my videos that I do for the internet and schooling. While working for these businesses, before I got the call from them as I do videos for a church called Lifeline. At that point I gotten many other job opportunities and successes came to me like a flash of light. As I realize I just keep believing in myself and just make it happen with my gifts and talents that God gave me. My advice for you is to just go forward and keep going forward and don’t look at the past. Because the past is the past, move on and go on the journey to use creativity for the world too see. As Dreams do come true!

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Chapter 2

Staying Strong

    When going on the journey as a Internet person, I begin to get hate from the comments on my videos, somewhat Twitter, and or Texts. This part of the journey is good to me as feedback from what the haters have to say. As an internet person to deal with all the haters, just let all the hate go and the light will shine on you. Many people and haters on the internet thought I would never make it but I showed them and I will make it happen and put my mark on the world.

    As I am not the only one to get hated on the internet. YouTube is a community and many other YouTubers had gotten many hate comments. I myself receive hate comments when I am in the grocery store, that doesn’t make me to be hurt and sad inside from all the haters and internet trolls. I forget the haters and move on with my life and continue to grow my brand and stay positive. 

    While going on the journey as a really professional internet person, sometimes I think about the hate comments and Tweets of what people say about me.. But I just try to Stay Strong and be myself with my gifts and talents that God gave me. As when dealing with hate or sadness, I stay strong and forget what the haters say on the internet. But going through the motion of hate, sadness,and loss. I just stay strong and have a positive mind that I have my family, my church, friends, fans and Jesus in my life. Staying strong is the best way to handle the hate if you are starting out in doing media production based work,Talk show host, radio host/DJ, actor/actress, and musician.

    You just stay strong and be happy inside will help you when dealing with all the hate and feel pressured that comes to be part of the job description. But besides that if you are being bullied in school or if you lose someone in your life. Just Stay Strong and you will get through it with a positive attitude in your heart. 

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