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Prolog : History of The Olympics

After the last great war, and countless innocent people pronounced died. The death toll had been nearly sixty percent of the population. After years of waiting for the sun to resurface, due to the amount dust and dirt that had been flung into our skis by the fighting. The remaining world leaders came to one conclusion, that if they kept fighting in the old ways, armies verses armies, that the human race would be whipped out. This was when the leaders came up with the idea of the Olympics. No not the original Olympics that the Greeks started and were play well up until the year 2142, but one were two men. One from each country would fight to the death. The winner would decided the fate of the other continues differences. These Olympics just like the others, only occurred once every three years. But as the years went on, and the sky repaired itself, the Olympics morphed into something else. They switched from Humans killing each other to human sized robots fighting one another. But the television executives noticed that this wasn't drawling in as many viewers in the more larger countries such as The Americans, what was once the United States, Mexico, and the rest of the small nation's leading to the Panama canal, and the Russian Nation. Russia had taken over all of Asia except for the mighty Chinese-Japanese Republic. So as the battles got bigger so did the robots. The robots actually got to the point that they were the size of skyscrapers. But once the robots got to a section height the pilots could no longer steer outside of their robot, they had to drive them from the inside. So in the end human life could still be lost, this brought the viewers back. But one year, the mighty Russian Nation added a game changer when they declared after winning that all future losers of the Olympics would have to forfeit both their robot, as well as their pilots. After five straight victories in a row the Russian Nation was defeated by the Americans. After having their lawyers look over the law introducing what was now being coined by the masses as Roboslavery the Americans discovered that if they wanted to be able to keep the robots, they would have to also obtain the pilots. The Russian lawyers made it so that there was no loopholes, if a country wanted to get rid of one, they would have to eliminate both. So thanks to the greed of the Americans, Roboslavery stayed.

As smaller continues started to drop out from participating in the Olympics, the three largest continues started to get bigger and better fighters. A new form of Roboslavery started with the Chinese-Japanese Republic, they started raising children from birth to be pilots. This led to them winning two Olympics in a row, so the other countries fallowed their examples and began to do the same. Around the time of the Great Britain win of 2490 a future pilot was born, and his name was Charles Ericson. Charles was born into the American orphanage. His parents didn't have to money to afford taking care of both themselves and their child so they sold him to the system. Once the children reached the age of six they had to begin on fighting, but only on simulators. To the victors went food, and failure meant you had to wait and try again until the next scheduled meal.

But by the time Charles began to turn fifteen his first Olympics was getting ready to start. In the quarter finals of the American tryouts Charles and his partner Mary-Beth got to the second place victory. When he was eighteen Charles tried again, this time with success. Charles won the Olympics that year, and the next four Olympics after that one. By this time Charles had fallen in love and married one of his many mechanics, and her name was Mary-Beth Higgins, his former partner . But on his sixth Olympics attention in the final round something happened that would change is life, and the world forever.

Charles went up agents a Russian Pilot named Pavel Ershov. This pilot had become famous the world over for killing every Russian Pilot that stood in his way in his continues semifinals. And in this Olympics, he had killed every competitor without his robot getting one scratch on it.

As Charles robot entered the battle arena fans screamed the name of his robot out with cheer. "Destroyer, Destroyer" Charles robot looked like a giant tank with arms and legs. In its right hand lied a glowing light which was actually a weapon that would send enough energy and force out of it that it would blow a hole through its enemy. Charles designed this robot by watching films of each Olympic victory battle, even the original Human verses Human battles. Charles watched each victory of Pavel's but could not see why none of his opponents attacks hit him. Then Pavel's robot entered the arena. This robot looked like something out of an old Asian video game. The color scheme was white, blue, and red, just like his flag. This robot was massive in both size and width. The large robot and a massive tale that suck out of its back. The front looked like it would fit four of Charles robots in it. As the sound of the starting bell rang Charles didn't even had time to react before Pavel started his attack.

Right out of the gate Pavel shot four large missiles at Charles's robot, Charles found that he couldn't even move. By the time he was able to get his robot back on its feet Pavel picked him up and tossed him across the arena. Charles smashed up agents the wall of the arena and as he did he tossed one his grenades at Pavel but it was like the explosion didn't even affect his robot. Pavel's robot's right hand reached down to his right leg and he pulled a large gun out of it. As Pavel shot at Charles, Charles tried ducking and moving out of the way, but nothing worked. Every shot was a hit. With every shot Charles lost control of one more piece of his robot. His arms went first, then his right leg forcing Charles to hop. He heard the laughter coming from the crowd over the loud speakers in the arena. They were actually enjoying his misery and suffering.

"It must be a heat seeking shots" said Charles as finally got his left arm working but as he raised his arm up, Pavel ran over and broke it off. Then just as he discovered the secret to his opponents weapons and was about the cool his own robot down, Pavel tore the head off of Charles robot. With Charles still inside, causing him to lose connection with his bot. All he could do was sit, and weight for Pavel to crush him like he had all the other pilots. Charles robot fell to the ground in defeat, but instead of Pavel crushing Charles, he just held him. As the air began to run out inside the machine Charles thought that Pavel was going to make him suffocate but before he passed out, Charles was teleported out of his robot's head.

Charles had been teleported to a medical unit belonging to the Russians. As he lied unconscious the nurse placed a mask over his face. As he was being gassed the doctors and nurses began to perform surgery on his body, turning him into a Roboslave. They attached a viewer to the right side of his head, just in front of his ear. The viewer had a piece of thick glass attached to it which now lied in front of Charles right eye. This would turn all writing into Russian so that Charles would be able to read anything. They then entered a tracking chip into his left arm which attached itself to his muscle. This tracking chip also served as identification, every citizen in the world had these identification chips. But when you were a slave it was so your masters could track you. After that the cut opened his skull and attached a computer chip to the front of his brain. This chip made it so Charles would not remember who he was, or allow him to feel any emotions that they did not want him having. As they closed Charles head the chip began to sent cords and wires to the different parts of his brain. This chip would also rewrite his brain allowing him to read and speak perfect Russian. It rewrote his personal history, moving him from the streets of Vermont, to the streets of Moscow. Instead of being an orphan, he now had two loving Russian parents who had both passed away from a car accident when he was fourteen, his couch would now pretend to be his uncle.

The doctors then took a computer chip and cut open Charles's throat and attached the chip to his vocal cords, changing his accent from American, to Russian. Then once they were all finished with his body they took a large iron prod and burned he numbers seven six four two into his right arm. This would become his code name when fighting for the Russians. Over the next few years the Russians would send Charles and a robot that looked like his old one, but painted differently and with the same heat seeking and shielding as Pavel's to other countries to compete in smaller tournaments. When it came time for the next Olympics Alexander as Charles was now being called helped Pavel control this new creation from the Russian Nation. Together the two help kill and destroy every nation that came in their way. This went on for the next six years until one day something happened that would lead to the return of Charles, and the fall of Roboslavery.

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Chapter One: Dumpster Living

"System failure, System failure" said a female computer voice as Alexander slept. He was dreaming of a battle that he could not remember ever having. "I have to get my arms back to working and cool my bot off!" yelled Alexander as he played around with a control panel. He actually couldn't read any of the readouts that the computer was giving him during this dream. He was driving a robot that was not even Russian made.

Then his dream ended once the ship that Pavel drove before Alexander began piloting with him tore the ship Alex was ins head off. Alex awoke in a sweat, he had been having that dream now for the past six weeks. It always ended the same, right before he was teleported out of the bots head he would awake.

"Alex" said Vladimir concerned as he entered the doorway of the small closet size room Alex had been sleeping in.

"Nothing uncle" said Alex as he sat up in his bed. Alex slept in a suit that was designed to plug a person's body into the robot, allowing them to control it without the need of interments. Pavel had an advanced one which made it unable to actually separate himself one hundred percent of the time from machine. Pavel had had this surgery done to him because he didn't feel right being outside of his bot, the machine was like a drug to him. He needed it, like all his power was stripped from him when he wasn't in command of it.

"Come on Alex" said Vladimir as he grabbed his fake nephew's arm and brought him out into the kitchen area of their warehouse. The three of them lived in the storage warehouse where they were able to train and work with their robots anytime of the day. That was in reality all to their lives, they woke, they trained, they slept. On days when they would have matches they woke, they trained, they fought, they slept.

Vladimir was a pale skinned man in his later years with white hair and brown eyes. Alex didn't really remember ever seeing his uncle before his parents death. In fact he didn't really remember his parents that well. As Alex sat down at the small table that they used for a dining table. Alex appeared to be darker skinned then any of his fellow Russians. His skin seemed to have seen more sun then theirs. Alex didn't have hair on his head, it had been shaven recently to make the implant on the back of his skull easier to exchange. Vladimir thought that Alex's dreams were coming from a short circuit so he exchanged the implant for a newer model. Alex's eyebrows on the other hand reveled that his hair was as black as raven's feathers, Alex's eyes were the same shade of black as his hair.

As Vladimir placed the plate of food down in front of his fake nephew he sat down in the chair in front of him and smiled. "Now tell me Alex, why does this dream bother you so?" the thing was that Vladimir actually though that Charles was Alexander, his nephew. He really did have a sister who had a husband and child, but in reality all three of them died in the car crash. The government just lied and said Charles was Alexander. He had not seen his actual nephew sense he was born, with him being a slave and all.

"Well for one thing I'm losing the freaking battle" said Alex as he pushed the plate of food away. The food was just the standard Parcels Pack. The Parcel Packs were something that every robopilot ate, it was actually a combination of a small brown square and a blue liquid that was shot into the arm. It gave them all their nutritional needs if they ate the square. Most humans found the square uneatable, but then again they were not half machines. The main reason why they ate the packs were because one of the thing. It kept the mechanical parts of their bodies from rotting away the flesh they were connected to. That was what the shot did, it released the antibodies into their blood and it would mix with the food. "Another thing is" continued Alex "Why is Pavel the one piloting the other robot?" asked Alex and Vladimir pushed the plate back over towards his fake nephew.

"It's just a dream Alex, you have to eat your Parcel" said Vladimir as he got up and turned the television on. The news was showing highlight reels of the American quarterfinals. "I guess this Smith kid is going to be yours and Pavel's biggest competition this year" and as he turned around Alex injecting the Parcel and holding the square in his hand.

"Yea right" said Alex as he looked over at the large robot that state in the hanger bay or the warehouse. Alex then clapped his hands and the lights turned on around the robot. "We all know nothing can defeat this monster when both myself and Pavel are behind the controls" this robot was the only one in existence that was so big that it needed two drivers. One to control the lower half and the other controlled the top. During the last Olympics the Russian Nation made the so that only the winners of the previous Olympics can have a robot of this particular size, all other had to be smaller. In fact they never told anyone that they have two pilots controlling the Colossus, the name of the Robot.

As Alex began to climb the latter that led to the top cockpit which lied in the head of the robot he continued to speak, but he had placed his square in his mouth to hold. "Plus we all know we have this force field" said Alex who then reached the top and knocked on the door of the cockpit before taking a bite of the square.

"Pavel!" shouted Alex as he knocked on the door. "Time for your Parcel!" and he opened the door. As he entered there in the middle of the room lied the monster. Pavel was hooked into the robot in every way possible. Pavel's skin was pale white and his eyes were covered by glowing goggles. As he looked up at Alex he yawned and starred at him.

"Hello Alexander" said Pavel as he hung in the cockpit. The way this particular Roboslave was raised was that his entire life, even before birth he was genetically engineered to fight. When he was placed in playpens with toys and animals, he would kill them or break them. When he got older and was sent to school he killed a kid who was bullying another kid about her cloths. Pavel was taken out of school and forced onto the simulators, kind of like the ones Charles used but Pavel would only not get food for losing and he would be shocked by electricity. After only a year of the simulator Pavel began to train in real robots. And that is when he started killing his opponents. Pavel hated the week and he hated Charles and held that agents him. He didn't want to keep him alive but the program inside of his head told him that if he did kill this pilot he too would die. So instead, unbeknownst to Charles, Vladimir, and the government Pavel tortured Charles during his first few weeks of enslavement. Pavel would ask Charles his name, and he would reply saying Charles and would be shocked by a stick used to shock cows, a candle prude. Pavel did this until the only thing Charles would say, was 7642. Only then would he allow the scientist to apply the tech to Charles which would erase his memory turning him into Alexander. None of the scientist would talk because then Pavel would go after not only them, but their families, their friends, even their neighbors.

"Just give it to me and leave" the Parcels that Pavel took were a combination so it was ones that were injected straight into the person's body threw a syringe. Alex walked over and stabbed the Parcel into Pavel's neck.

"So you ready for the quarter..." Alex was going to continue but Pavel grabbed onto his neck with his right hand. His right hand was a mechanical one due to a broken hand he had suffered from as a child. Pavel had broken the hand when he jumped onto his instructors and began to beat the man's face in. As he broke the bones in the man's face he also damaged his own hand permanently. So his doctors decided to remove the hand and give him a fully functional robotic hand to replace it. As he squeezed his hand it cut the oxygen from Alex's body.

"Leave" said Pavel as he tossed Alex out the door. As he fell Alex was able to grab the latter that he used to climb into the cockpit to stop himself from falling. His hand hit three steps before he was able to grab onto one. As he hung onto the step Alex pulled his mulches in his arm. The boy screamed in pain as he hung, this sent Vladimir running into the hanger bay.

"Alex!" shouted Vladimir when he saw his nephew hanging for his life seven stories in the air. When the robot was at rest, it would lie on its back making it easier for the mechanics to reach it's engine. As Vladimir climbed the ladder Alex swung his body over allowing his legs to reach the steps below him. By the time his uncle had reached him Alex was on his way back down the latter.

"Alex" said Vladimir as his nephew stopped just above him. "Alexander, what happened up their? Did you trip?"

"That psycho picked me up and tossed me out of his precious cockpit" said Alex as the two began to climb down towards the ground. Once they got there Alex showed his uncle the mark on his neck. "Maybe now you'll believe me that he wants to kill me"

"I'm sure he just wants his privacy" said Vladimir, Pavel was the much better pilot then all three of them, so the last thing he would want would is to make Pavel angry. All Pavel would have to do is contact the government and Vladimir, his crew, and Alexander would be put to death. And they all would die in a manner of Pavel's, he almost had Alex killed the year before hand, but Vladimir talked Pavel into just giving Alex one hundred whips across his back with a cat-of-nine-tails.

Alex began to walk out of the building and as he did Vladimir called after his nephew. "Alex" but when he didn't answer he called again. "Alexander! where are you going?" he asked.

"To get some of my own privacy!" he shouted back as he walked down the road. When Alex wanted to be alone, or needed time to think he went to the local junk yard for old Olympic Robots. This is where they would put all the old and broken bots that lost or just out served their purpose. Before Alex left the building he grabbed a black jacket with his robot's name on the back of it, as well as his slave number on the sleeve in bright red so everyone would know he was a puppet of the government.

As Alex walked down the street he passed by different buildings and he would say hello to the shops workers, but they would not reply to him. As he passed by a fruit stand he picked an apple up and when he was about to pay for it the owner put his hands up and said.

"No, No" and he pushed the money back towards him. "I can't take your money"

"Thanks mister" said Alex as he began to walk away tossing the apple into the air and catching it as he continued on his walked. Alex would hardly ever eat the food, he just liked to toss it into the air and catch it. Once he finally reach the junk yard Alex placed his apple into his pocket and began to climb the fence. He had to wait for the cameras to move away from him, because Alex was technically not allowed inside the junk yard. For some reason the countries leaders didn't want him seeing things in there.

Once he got to the top of the fence Alex looked over the city and smiled. He liked the view from up high, what he did not know was that he liked this view because when he lived in a high rise back in the Americas, and his brain tried to send him that memory but because of the chip in his brain all he received was a signal to smile. As he climbed down the other side of the fence he began to look around for parts he could use to make their bots stronger. Even though he knew his bot had the force field they had smaller training bots that he liked to keep up to date. As he walked through the yard he came across something that would shock his mind and made his heart skip a beat. On top of a large pile was the head of the robot that he was piloting in his recurring dreams.

"Oh god" said Alex as he looked at the head. "I've got to get a closer look" he continued as he began to climb the pile. Before he began his climb Alex removed his jacket, and with it all his readable identification inside, except for the tattoo on his arm. Alex placed the jacket in his wagon that he was using to pull the parts around. this wagon was discarded years ago by some child who had out grown it, the wheel had been replaced with a cog from a bot, and the red paint was chipping off the body. On his climb to the top one of the many pieces of garbage Alex had grabbed onto came lose sending him falling towards the ground. As he fell he tried grabbing onto other objects but they just fell with him. As he hit the ground the breath was forced from his longs. As he lied on the ground Alex looked up at the sky and as he did a falling object from the pile fell and hit him in his head. As the once handle bar hit him in his head, it knocked Alex out. The bar hit his skin it tore it, leaving a large cut across his forehead. Other objects also fell down from the pile and they buried Alex's lower torso, a heavy door also fell down and landed right on top of his right arm and broke it.

Hours later when Alex awoke from his unconscious state he tired to move his right arm but found that it was broken. "Ah" he said as he felt the pain of his broken arm, he looked over at his arm and found why it had been broken. "Were am I?" he asked as he looked around in the junk yard and he began to remove himself from the garbage. Alex lifted the door off his arm and as he pushed it up, he sent it falling back to the ground on the opposed side. The suit he wore gave Alex double the strength he would normally have. As he began to walk out of the junk yard he passed his wagon and held his right arm, the only thing was on his mind was this.

"Who am I?"

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Chapter Two : Finding yourself

As he walked Alex tried to remember who he was and where he was. Once he reached the gates he began to walk around looking for a door to it. As he walked two words continued to echo in his head, like a broken record.

"System Failure"

Who the heck is that women? Thought Alex as he placed his hand on the fence. The fence was the typical wire fence, the snow had made the metal rusted over, but the fence still held up. When he came to the part of the gate that opened up to the outside world he found it to be locked. Alex looked down and that was when he saw the numbers over the right side of his chest, stitched into the material 7642.

Am I and escaped prisoner? Thought Alex as he grabbed his shirt, pulling on it looking at the numbers closer. Alex then grabbed the side of his head where the viewer was located. "What the hell is this?" He said out loud, but soft enough for human ears not to be able to hear. Alex then tried to shake the lock and chain which kept the door closed, but nothing happened.

"I'll just climb the stupid thing" Alex continued to talk too himself, he began to climb the fence. Once he got to the top of it he looked over the forest, if he was on the other side of the junk yard he would have been able to see the town from the angle he had perched himself. As he sat on top of the fence he had a flash of a memory in his mind.

It was a women, she was the same colored skin as Alex and her hair was a light shade of red. "Charles" said the women and she smiled at him. She wore a plated dress and a blue jean jacket. "Do you want children?" continued the women. The two were sitting on top of a building overlooking a forest.

"After we get married maybe we can talk about children" said Alex, who now knew his name was Charles. When he snapped out of his memory Alex climbed down that side of the fence.

I wonder who that women is? thought Charles. She's not the one saying System Failure he continued. Charles walked for hours threw out the forest as he headed west. He didn't know it, but Charles or Alex, or 7642 was heading in the direction of home. As he walked his vision got blurrier and blurrier. His head began to hurt him and Charles placed his good hand on it, and as he removed his hand he saw the blood and he rubbed it off onto his pants. Alex made it another thirty or so feet before passing out into the snow on the side of the dirt road he had been walking on.

Moments later, a lonely man walked along the walkway on his way home. As he walked he noticed Charles, laying on the ground not moving. The man bent over and placed his hand onto this person's neck checking to see if he was still alive. After seeing that he was in fact alive he looked over Charles wounds. As he began to see his viewer he looked at the back of his neck. The man knew instantly who and what Charles was now.

"You're a pilot" and he flipped Charles over onto his back and saw the number on his chest. "You're a Roboslave" the man continued. Long, long, long time ago this man's ancestors were enslaved by the people of Egypt and then hunted down and killed by the Germans, he did not like humans forcing humans to do things agents their will. "Okay boy" said the man and he lifted Charles into his arms. "I'm going to help you out"

Charles awoke hours later in what looked like a surgical room cabin. "Were am I?" said Charles, he tried to raise his good arm but he found that he was strapped to a table. "What the hell?" continued Charles and the man that had picked him up walked into the room.

"Ah you're awake" he said with a smile. This man had light skin and white hair. He was tall and skinny, and wore medical scrubs and a surgical mask. As he removed his mask he looked down at Charles and said. "I know all about you Alexander" and Charles looked up at him and said.

"What are you talking about?" and he tried to move again. "That girl in my memory called me Charles" he continued as he tried to escape.

"Actually you are both" continued the man. "But which one do you want to be?" asked the man as he continued. "Alexander, the Roboslave who was ripped from his love ones and all he knew to become some half human monster. Or Charles, the American pilot married to your childhood sweetheart?"

"I think I'd take Charles" said Charles and the man pushed a button which hung from a string above the table which released the straps holding Charles to the table. As the straps were released Charles jumped from the bed and grabbed his broken arm in pain.

"Charles, if you stay, and let me fix your arm. I will help you get out of this country and on your way back to your home" said the man.

"Why would I trust you?" asked Charles as he began to walk around the room.

"I'm a doctor Charles" said the man "I also don't think that slavery is right or moral. Let me help you" continued the man as Charles got to the back door and opened it, but before he left the doctor said "I picked you up out of the snow 7642" and Charles turned around and looked at the doctor. "I could have left you in the snow, or I could have called the proper authorities and gotten a heavy reword for your return"

"You'll help me get out of the county?" asked Charles as he walked back over toward the doctor and stuck his hand out to him to take as a sign of trust.

"Trust me Charles" said the doctor as he took Charles hand in a shake "I'm a doctor"

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Chapter Three : Leaving The Russian Nation

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Chapter 4 : You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

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Chapter 5 : To Canada Or Busted

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Chapter 6 : Canada here we come

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Chapter Seven : A dream of a memory

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Chapter 9 : The Arrival.

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Chapter 10 : The Awakening

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Chapter Eleven : the Reunion

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Chapter 12 : Do You Remember Me?

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Chapter 13 : A Virus, a Computer Virus

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Chapter 14 : Warhouse 13

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Chapter 15 : Mind Chipping

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Chapter 16 : You May Approach the Bench

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Chapter 17 : Mock Nine

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Chapter 18 : Test Flight

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Chapter 19 : Traveling across the Americans and the Gulf

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Chapter 20 : Round One, Fight

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