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Chapter 1

" I don't care how advanced medical science has progressed..." was as far as James got before his body went completely limp, he slumped deeper into his couch and a trickle of blood crept out his left nostril.

"Surely there is a more humane way of doing this?" Richard asked, rhetorically, as he stared at his unconscious friend. It was a sight he could never get used to.

"Think back a few years, Richard. This is the more humane way. Remember how law enforcement used to respond to people like James? They would end up with far more than just a bloody nose," Marc replied, whipping out a tissue and placing it over James's nostrils (More concerned about his couch than his friend.).

"I know, but each of these induced one-hour comas must surely fry a few thousand brain cells. I'm not sure how many he has left. He never used to get the nose bleeds. And we're not that young anymore," Richard paused, before continuing, "I know how you'll react to this, but maybe we should just tell him?"

"How many times will we have this conversation? You're too shit scared of getting zapped...and so am I."

"We'll use our code words. I know you don't believe this, but I don't care how vast their control room is, there is no way they are listening to every conversation of the entire population of Britain. I'm sure we've mastered avoiding all the 'trigger' words by now. It's been over two years since I was zapped; even longer for you."

"Ironically, I don't know which part will be more difficult, telling James that most of his theories have been true all along, or asking him to accept it." Marc was almost whispering now. He wasn't convinced that they had figured out all the dangerous words yet. Not that whispering would have protected him. The sensors were far too sensitive for that.

"As much as I'm still blown away by the technology and how they managed to implant it in all of us, what still leaves me totally gobsmacked is that it was invented decades ago in a bankrupt country in southern Africa."

"Well how else do you think he remained president for so long? Everyone always assumed the elections were rigged."

"Anyway, we're getting off topic here. We need to decide if we tell him, or not. It has to be soon. I'm not sure how many more of these he can take. You know he'll keep going until his brain explodes."

"Yeah, he is a stubborn old fool. But, if we're honest, the last few changes to Her Majesty have been for the better. Sure, they've been very subtle, but they have to be so the rest of the world won't get suspicious. It's already June, let's wait until the next upgrade and see what the results are."

"I suppose you're right. Let's see if QE 8.0 is any easier on poor Jimmy."  

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