My Multiverse and the Science Behind It


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My Multiverse and the Science Behind It

1. Liquid Substance 939: The most key element of the EniGamE and EmaGinE dual-verse is the sci-fi fluid 939. It originates on the fictional planet Sandron, home of one of the most influential characters and his half-brother. On that planet, which resides in the solar system nearest Earth’s in the Milky Way galaxy, the atmosphere is so dense that the residents need to develop stronger muscles just to live in it. Thankfully, a couple weeks after birth these are fully formed and protective cloths can be safely removed. This dense air makes for more solid and strongly bonded molecules. Liquid Substance 939 is really just carbon-trioxide, which grants its drinker/injector unique abilities depending on how they receive the powers. These powers can be removed at any time, and regained or changed by use of this fluid and its counteractive liquid, the next item.


2. Liquid Substance 940: This negates 939, but is otherwise little beyond than compact water, from the same planet Sandron. It is really H2O4. On Earth these liquids quickly lose their compact potency, due to the atmosphere being less tight. Carbon trioxide immediately evaporates, and H2O4 partially evaporates and becomes water. Liquid substance 939 was first officially discovered in Medieval times by the wizards, who tried to synthesize it and failed. Some entered the Wild West, but most of it came during our time. Then it stopped. Liquid Substance 940 was not discovered until midway through our own era, and was not put to mass use until the era of the future. Both of them come from the compact plants of Sandron, which double as pools of various sizes. When the planet naturally forms a new pool the old ones are shot into space and harden even more to become encapsulated asteroids with the remainder of their respective substances inside. Many of them landed on Earth because the rotations of the planets in their respective solar systems matched many of the times that Sandron had to make replacements and dispose of the rest. 940 went undiscovered for so long because of its not affecting those it hit, and turning into water upon entering our atmosphere. Conveniently no one who got their powers from 939 was ever hit, but rather the first powers to be taken and replaced were the result of an experiment. Eventually, Earth’s residents found a way to mass produce both substances and make them chemical weapons in the form of pellets and grenades, both of which are only effective on immediate contact, unless the users are in a compact area.


3. Dimensions and I.N.D.U.C.E.: Granted this is more relevant to the Meta Men continuity, but since it ultimately connects, here is the significance: there are in fact multiple dimensions. My comics and books merely scratch the surface, and possibly not the most potentially interesting parts of the surface. The various dimensions are literally whatever could be thought up. This makes for endless story possibilities, turning my initial universe, into a multiverse. When my own stories end, other writers can feel free to add to what I have or simply display another dimension, whether or not it connects to my own. The dimensions that I display are as follows: the Good Dimension, the Evil Dimension, the Powerless Dimension, the Lombraxion Dimension, the Powerful Dimension, the Light Dimension, the Dark Dimension, the Literal Dimension, the Teleportation Dimension, the Organic Dimension, and the Meta Dimension. There may be others, though I have not thought of them yet, but I do look forward to whatever other dimensions are created by those who follow after me! Anyway, I.N.D.U.C.E. is the acronym for Inter-Neural-Dimensional Under-Cover Elite. They are an organization made up of one man/woman per dimension that strives toward maintaining order in the multi-verse. They operate in the dimension between dimensions, and perform experiments that test the limits of key figures in the various dimensions. They make sure that the experiments are not remembered by making all those involved forget. Also, while the experiments are in session, the dimensions involved (whether they are aware of it or not) get their time paused. These people only experiment if directed to do so by God. The ultimate goal that God has for all of this in this story is to ensure that everyone has many chances to get to heaven. At the end of time, all of the dimensions will converge, and every version of every individual will gather into their own separate sessions with God, and He will judge whether they should go to heaven or hell, after having combined them into a single selves.


4. DNA Experiments and Divine Intervention: Some of my characters attain their abilities in other ways. Probably the most common, aside from the genes attained from birth, is having one’s DNA crossed with another creature, or synthetically modified with metals, etc. These are known simply as DNA experiments. Though these do take a few different forms, the most common is the Animatours. Similarly, there are the tree-men. Probably the most far-fetched experiments, as well as the rarest, are those that involve replacing the flesh entirely with synthetic material. In those cases, there is usually a higher power helping out. Speaking of which, some powers are attained through “divine intervention,” which in this case literally refers to God’s hands at work. Some beings are created with unique power, such and the angels and devils. There are some monstrous beasts created by some of the more powerful characters, including the demon’s spawns (vampires, werewolves, etc.) which are made as a result of abused divine intervention, something that the angels would never do, since it would be wrong to try and play God (in fact, demons primarily do this through tempted individuals, as will be seen below). However, at their Father’s request, they will grant some characters special abilities to overcome their challenges.


5. Glud: Finally, the one character, whose origin is so complex, he gets his own section in the …Science Behind It explanatory notes. As will be explained in the EmaGinE comics, Glud is the result of an accident at the first construction site to use glue enhanced with liquid substance 939. A man, toward the top of the building being worked on, falls into the mega-vat, from which the workers buckets are filled, after having fallen down several stories and ramming into several obstacles. At first when he emerges it looks as though a large pink and bright blue goo had suddenly attained life and was about to go on a rampage. Then they realized that he was inside whatever it was that came out of the vat. It began to take form and encapsulated his body with itself supporting its limp carcass. The thing, which had combined the blood of the worker with the glue and liquid substance 939, began trying to speak. At first it was just gibberish, but eventually it put the workers organs to use and began to speak for itself in a way that could be properly understood. Having considered its tragic origin, it named itself Glud. The remaining workers terrified at the monstrosity knew not what to do, for although there was a God, all belief had been abandoned centuries ago in this dimension, where the overbearing Lombraxians (a human-like shapeshifting race that overthrew the humans, until they brought themselves out of it, so they thought) had destroyed any former hope that they had. Of course, as a result they overlooked many miracles. In this case however, these workers were forced to notice, despite themselves that a higher power was at work, for low and behold the wounded worker was uncovered by the bizarre beast fully healed, though he had been near death but moments before. The creature fled, deeming itself misunderstood. For days the world searched for it, but it was nowhere to be found. This creature’s further story will be gladly told in the EmaGinE comic strip, planned to be a full 25 comics long.


6. Enhanced Substance 939: This diabolical mixture, designed by the scientists of Devaria, was intended to make all humans who wanted it supermen. At first it worked, but the abilities wore away after about three months leaving zombified individuals. Yes, in the Organic Dimension zombies are taking over. If allowed to spread, and not cured in time, the transformation would become permanent. After another three months, it makes those who dared to use it into intelligent zombies who plan on continuing their undead species, ironically. Three months beyond that, they receive the abilities originally intended for the human recipients of the drug-like substance. And that is it, super-powerful zombies with brains of their own. All of this because a few volunteers tried it, went to the bathroom, contaminated the water, and spread their abilities around to almost everyone. Do not try to modify liquid substance 939, it is not worth it.


7. Carbon-Trioxide Bi-Hydro-Qui-Oxide: This is the cure to the modified fluid 939. Basically it is a hyper-fusion of substances 939 and 940. That being said, it must be physically applied in person, since zombies in their fully evolved form especially, do not need to eat or drink. A scientist who nicknamed himself Squalch, injected the incredibly thick serum painfully into his blood stream, making him immune to the modified fluid and giving him strange abilities. He is not dissimilar from Glud, except he is human. Basically, he can make killer weapons from his red blood cells, and his white blood cells, cover himself in an armor-like form of both of them, and use his white blood cells (which cannot extend out as far as the red blood cells, which can often be used in the form of ropes and chains) to cure the infected that are not fully transformed. And I mean those who have not finished phase 1. Phase 1 and beyond transformations are beyond this particular scientists help. After that point, only the hard to make substance itself can cure the zombies.


8. Brod: Glud’s brother. Yes, formed by mistake in the same vat as Glud, it is the animal DNA that makes the workers paint shinier that mixed with the 939 fluid and the glue. His abilities vary a little from his brother’s, but he is still very powerful, and defaults in the colors of red-brown, and grey, but unlike his brother, can change his colors at will. His story will also be told in greater detail in the EmaGinE comics.


9. The Lombraxions: In the dimension named after them they are the rulers of the EmaGinE comics reality, at least at first. Essentially, they micro-evolved from humans in the harsher regions of Earth and have become shapeshifting yellow-orange and black striped, humanoid, and sentient beings that have two eyes with nine sockets apiece. This allows them to focus on more than one area at once, based upon the sockets that the individual eyes go too. Aside from the natural color of their skin and eyes they are basically human, but were initially treated as freaks, hunted, and otherwise mistreated by the humans. That is until they began to outnumber us. The Third World War was between us and our more evolved selves in this dimension. The result: our enslavement, considered divine justice based upon our past rash actions. Eventually, we are allowed to live relatively normal lives, but only as according to Lombraxion law. The Lombraxions in this set up are civilized and no longer out of fear, but for the sake of keeping us under their control, they disguise themselves as regular humans, so that we do not know who is who. They can tell the difference because of their scanners and added physical abilities. Occasionally, a Lombraxion will intermarry with us to begin wiping us out in a peaceful fashion. My father is a Lombraxion in this dimension, and my mother is a human. Dad is one of the few in a small sect who wants to restore order to our planet and properly unite the humans and Lombraxions until there is no longer a need due to micro-evolution. A half bred boy like me, can only activate his Lombraxion form in moments of intense emotion or crisis. Eventually I marry a Lombraxion woman, and our children can become Lombraxion by concentrating on it. It takes a considerable amount of time but peace is eventually restored to this dimension, and the Lombraxions no longer need to disguise themselves. By my grand-children’s generation, everyone is a Lombraxion, and those with human DNA from prior generations that are still alive, are for the most part at least part Lombraxion. Thus begins a new era of human existence, far more powerful than we had ever been before.

Further back, the Sandronians and Hazotians, which both make a return in this dimension, alongside both liquid substances (939 and 940), interbred to become the taller, stronger versions of the Lombraxions. The Hazotians had been the first to live, their planet being the oldest. Thus, they mastered technology long before either Sandron or Earth. Instead of invading Sandron, as in the Powerful Dimension, they come peaceably, acknowledging that Hazot had run out of resources, but they still had a purpose to fulfill. They were called to begin the merging of the three sentient species in this dimension. All merged individuals became known as Lombraxions (Hazotian for “of the flock”). The Sandronians, being in a similarly innocent state, accepted this merging, and the two gradually became one. And then came humanity. Earth was the last planet of the three to form, but the first to fall. The Lombraxions of Sandron observed us before the second merging. Recognizing the difficulties ahead, they sent a sample group of those considered most capable of defending themselves in difficult situations, especially against temptation. Part of the cargo the group brought was liquid substance 939, known to them as Shalot (shapeshifting nector). They needed it to become stronger and protect themselves from harm, by molding themselves into whatever was necessary in the given situation. Some of the substance found its way into human hands, and it was successfully replicated, and used in many products to fulfill different needs. In this dimension its default effect on humans was the ability to shapeshift, only the effects were permanent, and did not require replenishing. Upon discovering this, the Lombraxions of Sandron were given a new reason to interbreed. Now they would never have to worry about a Shalot shortage again. Hence, the final form of Lombraxion began to develop and spread around the globe. Their task complete, the small group signaled for their many fellows to come to Earth. Shortly after the others begin their journey, Sandron implodes, sending much of its equivalent to water (which happens to be Shalot) to earth. Countries not yet merged with got their hands on the substance, transforming their inhabitants in unintended ways. When the remainder of the Sandronian Lombraxians had arrived, the Third World War had already started, and they were caught in the crossfire. Looked at as monsters, for lack of Shalot to hide their identities, they were primary killed off, or kept in zoos, until they had all either died or been merged with the already living Earth Lombraxions. The period I focus on sees humanity losing hope, as they slowly exit the evolutionary circle and pave the path for the Lord’s intended united race, a state they resisted in their fallen nature, out of fear and confusion. On the day that all came together under one family, good and bad alike, was the day their Savior would reveal himself at last.


10. Vampires: In my Powerful Dimension, there is a race on earth known as vampires. These are highly influenced by many of the traditional interpretations of the classic horror monster, but with their own flare and added layers of detail. Initially, these beings were made by some ill-intending wizards in the Medieval Era, and meant to be in the service of demons. They accredit themselves as the children of devils, but being living beings existing on earth (made possible by God), they have a wider range of potential that they often ignore. There physiology is very manlike, but without reproductive, or digestive organs. As a result, though these being can where clothing, they tend not to. More often than not, they are serving dark purposes simply to survive. They must daily keep themselves filled with blood in order to continue their ongoing hunt for eternity. They are rational beings, but regularly indulge in animal tendencies as a part of this. On the top of a vampire’s mouth are two longer fangs that can suck fluids straight to its heart (which is located in the middle of the chest unlike humans), and other than that they have no blood vessels. Each creature has two smaller fangs on the bottom of their mouths that can pull oxygen (if there is any to be found) from any form of air or fluid, and send it straight to their lungs. Solids can be penetrated by these fangs, but as it is much more difficult to deconstruct a solid of its oxygen, they tend to avoid that entirely. These beings are tied to spiritual roots, and share all of the traditional weaknesses of the traditional vampire, when in there animalistic hunting state.

However, if a vampire were ever to learn about its alternative option in life, after weeks of pain from blood withdrawal, it could live off of sweetened liquids, strive towards civilized behavior, and even grow hair on their heads (something the processing of blood in their hearts does not allow for). In this state they are also mortal (have a given amount of time that they will live), with the bonus of shedding all of the weaknesses of their immortal brethren. This way they can retain a lessened arsenal of vampire powers, with only a time limit, that they can choose to use for good, if they will. Sadly, it is much easier for a vampire to re-enter their animalistic state and again lust for blood, so it takes a great deal of determination and confidence for them to maintain their civilized state. If they become able to control themselves sufficiently in either state, technically they can choose to work for good or evil either way, each is merely easier in the civilized and animalistic states respectively. Regardless of a vampires current lifestyle, it is incredibly hard for humans to trust them, since most of their shared history has had the two in great conflict with each other. Even the original vampire, Count Devaria (who inspired the rise of the Devarian nation, but sent his own people to Transylvania), was a grave concern, despite being more rational and knowledgeable than the majority of his brethren. Perhaps someday, at least a few of them will be accepted among the humans, and help them in their times of need.

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Katie. Z

How would the LS's (939 & 940) be weaponized or is this not even possible? And do the LS's and ES's have the same nativity? Also, what is the nature of your 'God ' figure?
BTW, is that you in the picture??


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