A One-Stop Automotive and Garage Equipment Shop in the UK


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A One-Stop Automotive and Garage Equipment Shop in the UK

V-Tech is a company in the United Kingdom that provides effective and efficient solutions for automotive workshop and garages in the United Kingdom. They ensure that every one of their clients is up to date with the latest equipment and technology in the automotive industry, one of the fastest evolving industry in the country. Since 2002, the company brings exceptional automotive workshop equipment for over 5,000 garages, international and locals alike. With over 14 years in the industry, V-Tech only offers high-quality European manufactured equipment from their exclusive partnership with well-known and well-reputed automotive suppliers. This is what made V-Tech a leading authority in Automotive Diagnostics and Service that has been acknowledged by their clients and competitors.


In fact, V-Tech covers everything, starting from planning assistance, CAD (Computer-Aided Design/Draft) workshop design to installation and maintenance of vehicle workshop equipment. The company has different divisions in charge of various experts in order to provide the best quality and up to standards equipment.

There is the Diagnostic Equipment where buyers can purchase top of the line diagnostic equipment in the United Kingdom. Buyers can choose from pro-range tools, speciality tools, diagnostic bundles, and software updates that garages looking for automotive workshop equipment can buy from in the country that is one of the most advanced tools in the automotive market.


Next is the Garage Equipment Division where various garages can search for commercial garage equipment UK in the country. V-Tech has many types of equipments that are specially maintained calibrated and repaired. There are the Automated Test Lanes (ATL) MOT Packages with the equipment having a warranty for up to 5 years. Next is the 2-post vehicle lift that’s European made that is essential workshop equipment for automotive mechanics since it allows the most access to cars. Another is the scissor lift, also called as table lift that is in demand among businesses, particularly in vehicle workshop equipment.


Another division is the MOT Bays that provides the best and ideal key elements in a MOT bay, which is support and service. The automotive company prides itself on giving the full solution and effectual services in providing MOT Bays for garages in the United Kingdom and other international countries. V-Tech’s other divisions include MOT Bays, ATL Bays, Commercial vehicles, and Brake Testers. Each division provides practicality, credibility, and effectivity for automotive garages worldwide that makes each and every one of them an authority from other vehicle garages in their area. What’s more, if a client is on a budget, the company ValueGE, which stands for Value Garage Equipment. It is an online automotive equipment shop for affordable garage equipment.


Now, V-Tech supplies only the top of the line and innovative equipment that is high quality, VOSA approved (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency), and European made for an effective commercial garage equipment UK and abroad. With V-Tech equipment, garages do not have to risk safety, efficiency, and reliability in their automotive workshops to provide the best vehicle services.

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