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"Dylan!" I hear my mom scream from the first floor.

"I'm coming!" I yell back to her. "Jesus."

I hate when she screams like that, is it really necessary? I'm not deaf or anything. I take one last look at myself in the mirror, I'm somehow different. My curly hair its all in box braids now and I look older, mature. Back at high school which was just some months ago I was getting tired of my appearance, I didn't want to cut my hair so I got the braids. They're beautiful and saved me a lot of time.

Today was an important day or at least it should be. I'm going to college so I'm officially a young woman with responsibilities now. Honestly I'm scared as fuck, I should be prepared for this but I'm not. Since my first year on high school all my grades had to be perfect, well, I tried the most times but that doesn't really matter. My father and mom raised me to be nothing but perfect and I can't ignore this annoying feeling that all I have done was disappoint them. Even now that I'm leaving to face the real life.

I can't wait to get out of here but at the same time I don't want to go, is this makes any sense? 

I make my way downstairs of our victorian house heading to the island in the kitchen where a bowl with corn flakes and milk is waiting for me. My favorite.

"No need to rush, we still have some time left." my mother says while she fills up a cup with black coffee. I love coffee but they never let me have it, so before I get to school I would always drink some because usually they leave for work before I'm awake. "Nervous?"

"I guess."

She's all dresses up in a black suit and suddenly I feel out of my place with my black ripped skinny jeans. My mom is beautiful, we have the same full, curly hair but her's is longer than mine. She's a feared lawyer at the court and everybody wants her to defend them. I hope I can be just as good as her, we're no that close but it's okay for me. I don't really give a fuck about it. Same with my father. I don't doubt they love me though and I love them too, I guess.

Is it weird that I've never told those three little words to anyone?

"Dylan, do you mind taking a cab to Columbia? I'm working on this case and Steven is a pain in the ass."

My mom is defending a woman accused of murdering her foster parents, all the proofs appoint to her as the murder and I don't know how my mom it's planning to win this but I know she will. Steven is a lawyer from the state who's trying to put her in jail.

"What about dad?" I ask.

"Sorry honey, I can't." he appears out of nowhere and gives me and my mom a good morning kiss. He's dressed in a suit as well. "Shit, I'm late. Good luck, Dylan!" and he left just like that.

"Thanks." I murmur while I finish my breakfast.

I have no idea of what my father does for living but he surely makes lots of money, I never asked and he never told me anything about it, not that I remember. All my childhood he would always gives me and mom expensive gifts even when it wasn't any special date to celebrate. At the age of 14 I had already traveled all South America and half Europe. I have to say I was a bit surprised when he denied me an apartment as soon as we knew about Columbia. I'm not spoiled or anything but I though it was worth it the try. I don't have problems with the dorms. I'm just scared, thats all.

The cab arrives and it's time to say goodbye to my mother. No hugs. I hate when people touch me, she gets disappointed when I refuse her touch but she never says anything and she never asked me why is that. Shit, not even I know. I just don't like it.

I put my headphones on and enter into the cab, my mom is weaving when I look her trough the window. It may be mean or sad but I don't think I will miss her. I give her a small smile as my final goodbye and the taxi driver starts driving.

Goodbye Long Island.
Hello Manhattan. 


Hi everyone, i hope you liked this! So, I'm writing this story mostly to improve my english since its not my first language so if I wrote something wrong or if my grammar isn't so good please don't be mean with the comments! This is a punk harry interracial fanfic, I don't think I ever saw one here so why not write one myself? Besides I'm kinda tired of this curvy black girl stereotype so... That's it, please comment and vote if you liked it! Maria xx

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