Haiku Moments


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Published in

  1.  Unitedhaikuandtankasociety.com/cattails, January, 2014
  2.  accents-publishing.com forLexington Poetry Day 2014,
  3.  High Coupe online journal,  kindofahurricanepress.com
  4.  Storm Cycle – 2013 Best Of Anthology, kindofahurricanepress.com


These poems are for Jennifer and Kalinda,

with special thanks to poets from the Greater

Cincinnati Writers League and Linton St.


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Chapter 1

spent blossoms


white petal snow


prolonged song

wind chimes

pushy breeze


April wears

pink and white flowered bonnets

yellow-freckled lawns


stilled robin on the road;

what happens to babies

in the nest?


April sun

two turtles

on the pond log


March tease

tempt to sprout

then freeze



on the trees overnight

petals like popcorn


monkey-faced pansies

bobble-headed by the wind

nod good afternoon  (3)


young tree leaves

breeze tickled

giggle  laugh  wiggle


birth announcement

three tiny goslings

mom herds around the pond


in the wind

grey-purple leaf shadows



day's end taps

owl calls

in the fading light


evening stroll;

on the sidewalk

broken robin's egg


the pond turtle

head butts her newborn

back under the bridge


white petals, night wind;

seeds of stars sprinkled in

moonlit silver gardens  (3)



squirrel leaps across

the lawn  (1)


mamma walks the sky

at night sowing moonbeams

seeds of poems  (4)


steps away

twelve geese don't see me

seated pond side


rain drops

tadpoles on panes

race to puddle


sun sparkles

on pond ripples - glittering

dancing like stars on speed


first morning light;

moon's tears on the grass



making figure eights


hungry hawks


in shade of

breeze-tossed summer trees

dark lace dancing  (2)


fluttering wings

hovering mystically

the Hummingbird sips (2)


a side-walked earthworm -

after the soak-er rain

it squiggles in s curves


curlicue twig

what its tree will do

to find the sun


on the asphalt

black and amber, coiled and still

beaded leather choker (2)


robin -beak full - streaks

across open sky; what radar

tracks which tree is home (3)


pink dusk

half moon

night light bright


young leaves quiver

like pond fountain ripples

gusting wind tickles


white butterflies

summer fairies in the garden

like dancing lace


art to be found;

on the bone-dry sidewalk

the Rorschach art of drizzle  (2)


fall-cool August

evoking father's fall leaf

burning ritual

(Senryu)  (1)


August dusk

last Hummingbird

at the feeder


among dropped red-gold leaves

dry curling into brown

one pale pink feather


rust and mustard mums

poke through mounded leaves

plunk!  Walnut smack


harvest time

trees still green drop

brown confetti


cloudless azure sky

rice paper afternoon moon

red leaves lay dying


like flying snowflakes

caramel-colored floaters

break dance in the wind


bare tree fingers

tickle the belly of sky;

it laughs so hard it cries


with a heavy hand

big brush and thick paint

this forest is white washed


branches in winter sun

crystal cover glistens;

in the wind...clink


forest branches

bald - a playground

for gymnastic squirrels  (3)


white flakes

dancing wildly in the wind;

teaser snow


thimble full of sun warmth

February's Fools Gold


bare branches

brush   clack   tangle;

brusque wind


wild, wet, naked joy;

oh to be five once again

dancing in the rain  (2)


mellow outside

still a girl on the inside

his glance lingering

(Senryu)  (1)


one ladies black spike heel

in a Walmart parking lot



ladies at lunch

one sits Indian style

in the restaurant booth


in the studio

creeps a wintered-over stink bug;

death by paint brush


blasting radio rap;

at the pump, dude refuels

groovin' to the beat



sign on the vet mobile

happy tails to you


in the doctor's waiting room

seniors peruse magazines

young bloods check messages  (2)


at the

teller window

the banker takes her cash;

no break in the depositor's cell

phone call

(Tanka)  (2)


the cat's tummy time

on my lap; I doze to a

purr-fect lullaby  (3)


my brain teaser

Alzheimer's keep-away play

write a poem a day (2)



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