When best friends fall in love!


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Chapter 1

Beep beep beep. God it's that annoying sound again. as I rolled over my bed to face the belling I felt slight drips of water on my face, when I opened my eyes to check what it was a whole bucket full feel on my face. At that I woke up instantly. I sat up looking around but couldn't see anyone until when I look to my right and I see a nose so close to my face. Oh my god Caleb.

"Morning sunshine!" he said to me so innocently 
"Are you out of your mind." I screamed back at him 
"But I just wanted my best friend to wake up so we can have the awesome adventure known as school together." he said to me all nice and sweet. I could almost choke him. I smiled my best devilish smile.

"Want to be with me right now, do you?" I said in the most intimidating voice I could. He nodded. 
"Yeah, babe." he said his voice deeper than the ocean.
"Alright, You can go on an adventure with me... TO HELL!!!!" I screamed, and started chasing him around my room. he ran not even fast but at an even speed, and then there is me running like a freaking snail. When I got next to my bed where there was just a small puddle of water I slipped, and what did you know Caleb came and caught me. After like a minute we broke our stare.
"Are you alright?" he said his voice so sexy. Oh my god did I just say that. What I'm I thinking. 
I nodded 
"Good, so now I can do this," he said smiling then dropping me on the floor. Ladies and gentlemen and the award for being the worst friend ever goes to Caleb Malloyn. He ran out of the room.
"I hate you know!" I screamed laughing.
"I love you too. Now hurry up before I leave you." he screamed back also laughing. So now begins the horror of finding something to wear.

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Teboho Kooma de Bie

Hey Sulaima, I just read the beginning of your story. It's good :-) Are you going to load more chapters?

Chapter 2

Do you ever just sit in the car and have your earphones in and its like a very depressing song and you look out the window and have a movie moment because you know that in movies when you have a bad time during the end of it, it gets all better. Well that’s what I’m having. I know you probably are thinking you’re just on your way to school and as crappy as it may be you can’t really over react to it. You don’t know my experience to it. The past 6 years of high school for me wasn’t exactly the best. You can say I wasn’t very popular, I kept my self to my self really. I was kind of hefty, one must say and my idea of a perfect date was to sit in my room with a bucket full of junk food and make out with my pillow seeing that’s the closest thing to a first kiss I’ve ever had. So I found school more like a prison than an education centre. So I called Caleb on the first week of summer and asked him to help me out a bit. We started to go to the gym together and I eat healthy and I did anything I could to make my self slimmer. And lets just say it worked; a lot.


The drive to school seemed eternal and when we got there I was kind of dreading it. I looked at the big building that stood in front of Caleb’s car and took probably the deepest breath I could inhale in this huge nose of mine.


“Ready?” he asked,

“As I’ll ever be,” I replied. I opened the car door and got out of it slowly, I don’t know why I was so nervous it’s not like anyone will care or notice my new change. But I was wrong. The first person that walked by me and stood in their step taking in my appearance was my very old best friend Cassandra.


Cassandra was my primary best friend; we did everything together along with Caleb and Natalie. She would have my back even if a fly tried to attack me. She was probably the best thing that happened to me since my mum died and I’m just glad that were still very close to her. She was on holiday in Turkey so that’s why she was really shocked with my transformation.


“Oh my god, Rose,” she squealed, I don’t know if she was exited to see me or she was really freaked.

“Hey Cassy,” I smiled as she pulled me in a hug.

“You go away for a month and a half and the things you miss.”

 “Forgot someone?” Caleb asked sounding hurt, I laughed.

“Caleb I didn’t even see you there,” she joked, Caleb clenching his chest pretending to be hurt broken.

“Ouch,” he laughed also being dragged into a hug.

“How did this happen, not to say you weren’t beautiful before but wow Rose you look amazing,” she complimented. I pointed at Caleb and I think she got the message and pulled Caleb into a much tighter hug.

“Try not to kill me,” the word barely escaped from his lips.

“Sorry,” she apologized.

“Shouldn’t we be getting to registration,” I asked. They both nodded and we started walking.


Caleb to my left and Cassandra to my right we started talking about what we did to me. We talked about Cassy holiday, more like me and Cassy talked, Caleb just walked next to us lost in his own thought, I looked at him from the side of my eyes and nudged him a little and smiled at him. He smiled back at me; there was something behind his smile that made calm down a little and the look he gave me made me feel like he was hiding something from me. Cassandra linked arms with me and she started going on about this really ‘good looking’ guy she met on holiday. I wasn’t really listening much I just concentrating on walking. I was pulled out of my though when I heard a scream from behind me. I turned around and found Natalie running toward us, I just caged my self in Caleb’s chest and I felt him tense up but then recovered and put his arms around me. When he touched me I felt something really strange go through me, it felt like relief or happiness I don’t know what.


“Try not to crash her,” he chuckled and I felt his voice vibrate in my face and it was a great thing for me, whoa hold up what’s wrong with me. I’ve never thought like this about Caleb. It’s scaring me.


“Move Kelly, try not to crash her, my ass, just let me hug her,” she teased he let go of me and I felt empty like I just lost a very important piece of me. Natty dragged me into a hug. “Wow girl, you look amazing, you too Cassy, nice tan by the way.” She said pulling her too.


“Seems like everyone is interested in seeing rose and they just forget me.” Caleb said breaking us from our hug.


“Maybe because you’re not as important as me,” I laughed.


“Maybe,” he said smiling at me, that smile god it’s so gorgeous. What is wrong with me today, this is so confusing. I smiled back.


“Okay, when you guys finishing flirting can we get to class already.” Cassy said raising an eyebrow at me. I looked away from Caleb and stared back at Cassy.


“We weren’t flirting,” I whispered to her.


“If you say so,” she said smiling linking arms with me. I just laughed.

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chapter 3


“Oh my god, Rose you look amazing,” everyone seems to notice me now and I don’t think I like the attention much. I’m getting all these comments that are not needed; I’ve only dropped a couple of dress sizes not got major plastic surgery. I still smiled at them.


After registration I walked my way to the library seeing as my timetable told me I had a free period so I decided to go ‘study’ more like look at a book while I tried to regain some sleep. I kind of miss the empty halls, and being able to wonder around and the lower class are in there core classes, it makes me feel special enough to have a free lesson. I was lost in deep thought when I accidently bumped into someone. I looked up and apologized then I realised who exactly I bumped in to. My palms started getting sweaty and my hurt was racing, I’ve never had this affect when seeing him before why start now.


“Hey look who’s wondering around not in lesson.” He chuckled.


“For your information I have a free period, so I decided I’d go to the library for a little shut eye,” I said to him.


“Good I shall join you my dear friend as I to have a free period,”


“Why are you talking like that?”

“I don’t know you might have a great affect on me Rose Ashman,” I blushed as he put his arms around me and pulled me a little closer. I took a whiff of his aftershave and it smelt like heaven. Never in my life that I have known Caleb for have had I thought I would say this about him.


 We got to the library and there were only about 3 other people in there so I didn’t mind much. We got to a clear table and he sat opposite me and put him bag down. I sat myself down and got out my text books and my fashion design book and I was looking through it slowly taking in every detail that was thrown my way. I could see he was staring at me as I concentrated. He had this smug look on his face.


“Find anything you like?” I questioned him my eyes not leaving the page.  


“Yeah, I mean yeah that design is really good you should give it a go.” He said clearing his throat and pointing to a drawing of a pencil. I laughed.


“You do realise that that’s just a drawing of my pencil right.” That’s when I looked up at his green eyes and he smiled laughing a little then nodded.


“I was just checking if you really looking at the page or if you were dosing off.”


“If you say so.” Pulling back my hair to put it in a ponytail, he grabbed my hand to stop me.


“It looks better down,” he gently moved my hand down to the table and put a bit of my hair behind my ear and I just looked at him. We looked at each other for a while when he broke the silent.


“You’re very beautiful you know Rose,” I looked at him not saying anything. “You make me laugh when I don’t want to; you’re always there for me, and most importantly you make me feel special.” He smiled at me, and I just looked at him not knowing what to say.


“Not so bad yourself,” I replied that came out weird my voice cracked up and it was all shaky.


“Always know how to kill a mood don’t you,” he laughed at my comment.


“There wasn’t a mood to kill,” I replied lying to myself and to him. This smile disappeared and there was a look of hurt in his eyes like he wanted this to go differently, but quickly recovered and smiled at me.


 “Get back to your book now I came here to study not to have a social session,” he quickly said. And I got back to my book. Every now and then I would lift up my head and look at me but put my head bad down when his about to lift his, and sometimes, just sometimes I’d catch him looking back at me.


After about 45 minutes the bell rang and I knew it was time for the real learning to begin.

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